Our favorite anti-slip car mats for your phone

There's no arguing that car mounts are a sound investment for anyone who drives a lot and wants to keep an eye on their phone, but they have some drawbacks.

They can be tricky to install in the proper place for optimal operation, they can block some sight lines to the road, and not all car mounts can accommodate different-sized phones, making them hard to share between family members.

If you've encountered some of these problems with car mounts in the past, you should take a look at an alternative option. Maybe your problems will be solved with an anti-slip car mat.

What's an anti-slip car mat?

A small pad — usually made out of a gel — that you can put on your dash to hold small items in place by using minimal adhesive. It mostly uses the power of static electricity to hold things in place.

They can be installed on any dash, and you can slap your phone on them to keep it in place while you drive. Unlike a car mount, they won't block any vision through your windshield, meaning you can drive with the full confidence that you're as safe as possible.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite anti-slip car mats for your phone.

SlipToGrip Cell Pad

For about $6, you can get two anti-slip car mats, so you have double the sticky space.

Each pad is 5 3/4 inches by 3 1/2 inches, and it comes with an alcohol swab to clean your dash before you install the mats, ensuring they stick to the dash properly.

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Easy Life Care silicone pad

For people who need a larger mat, Easy Life Care offers a 7-inch by 5-inch silicone pad, meaning even the largest phones can hang on.

You can clean the pad use warm water without losing any of its adhesive power, which means you can keep the pad as clean as you keep your car.

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Cautionary tales

If you look at the Amazon review for any of these car mats, you'll notice some horror stories that usually involve melted gel all over an angry customer's dash. It's probably best to avoid leaving a gel pad on your dash in hot sunlight for hours on end.

Needless to say, the reviews are pretty polarizing, and if you'd rather stick with a universal car mount, you can check out our top picks!

Do you have any personal experience with car mats?

Horror stories or enthusiastic praise I want to hear it all! Let me know if you've used a car mat before in the comments down below.

  • My wife used one for awhile, and while it never melted on her dash, in the summer the "minimally adhesive" became "adhesive" with no minimal about it, Oh, "and not all car mounts can different sized phones" seems like you meant to verb this up or something? ;)
  • I tried one and had the same experience. It was way too sticky. Hard to get the phone off.
  • We put a friction phone mount on top of an anti-slip mat, since it keeps the mount from flying when doing hard turns. Don't want a more permanent mount for the phone. There are more options than "universal mounts" and anti-slip mats, including ones that attached to air conditioning vents.
  • Maybe find one that is guaranteed not to melt in a hot car? My two mats I found at Marshalls we labeled this way. Together they were less than $5
  • Just get a magnetic vent mount that includes a metal plate you put on the back of your phone or inside the case. I have used these for a few years now and don't worry about something melting to the dashboard on hot days. You lose a little bit of a vent but there are others in your car that work just as well.
  • I always worry about the hot air from my vents blasting on my phone for hours. Summer time.. no problem, but winter my 2016 F-150 has CRAZY heat coming from the vents and worry about the phone getting that hot for extended periods of time. I can't turn the vent off with the mount in there either. Great product and I have one, but don't use it when the heat is blaring.
  • I see where that would be a concern. I don't like hot air blasting me in the face so I don't have the heat come through those vents, only the windshield and foot vents. The summer with the AC is no concern at all, my phone is always nicely chilled when I remove it from the magnet.
  • Its kind of feels wonkie depending on how loose your vents are
  • I got a pretty decent setup with a cheap spring loaded, suction cup mount attached to an old GPS sandbag i found at Goodwill for $3. Hasn't fallen off yet. been about 2.5 years.
  • It's gonna be a nightmare in a crash.
  • Sees an article about car mats, on an ANDROID new site. Comes to comment just realizing it's a waste of time and should just go read actual news at Android Police, Droid Life, or others. Still comments anyways, for the last time most likely. After years of following you guys, all these changes makes this website feel like BuzzFeed more than AC. Sad to finally see me admit this. Don't bother replying, I won't see it anyways. Best of luck to you and all AC readers.