The Orbit B-hyve smart sprinkler controller on sale for $64 could save you even more in the long run

Orbit Bhyve Hero
Orbit Bhyve Hero (Image credit: Orbit Online)

The Orbit B-hyve 8-zone smart indoor sprinkler controller is down to $63.50 on Amazon. This 8-zone controller was selling for as high as $80 in September and was selling for around $75 for most of October. This is only the second time all year we have seen the controller drop this low. Today's deal seems to be a remnant of the Black Friday shopping weekend so it may not last long at all. If you're looking to do your sprinklers in a smarter way, you might want to act fast and save some money.

Connects via Wi-Fi and is fully functional with Android, iOS, and its own app that allows for easy programming. Gets live weather feeds and decides when water is needed. Operates with or without Wi-Fi. Also has Bluetooth connectivity.

Smart sprinkler controllers can change how you water your yard. This is an 8-zone controller, which gives you a lot more options compared to the 4-zone version. And today it's only $4 more for twice the zone control. That's significant.

The B-hyve is Wi-Fi capable. That alone opens up a ton of options for you. For one thing, it's fully functional with multiple platforms. Connect to Android smartphones, iOS mobile devices, or even Orbit's own free app. Use it when you need it because those controls are always just a button push or two away. Plus, the app makes it all super easy to program.

And when Wi-Fi isn't readily available, connect via Bluetooth. Pair the B-hyve with your phone easily and still get the same level of control. The B-hyve will still operate even when it's not connected. It stores the app's settings on the timer.

The WeatherSense technology built into the B-hyve helps it make intelligent decisions for you. It gets real-time weather updates and can detect site conditions like slope, soil type, sun and shade, and more. The B-hyve will then decide for itself whether watering is necessary, and even if it's scheduled may decide not to water. This is really how the device saves you money and possibly saves your garden from over watering.

Safety features for the sprinkler controller include fault detection and surge protection.

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