Oprah gives away a bunch of mid-level Motorola Defy Android smartphones

Motorola and T-Mobile teased that the new Motorola Defy would be featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show today, and sure enough, she gave one of the new mid-level smartphones to everyone in her audience (in addition to a trip to Australia). This isn't the first time she's one-upped the professional smartphone nerds; she also got the Sprint Evo 4G before everybody else. It's good to be Oprah.

No word if she's picking up the contract, too. (Yeah, we're downers like that.) Watch the video after the break, if you dare. Thanks to Android Armature.

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  • You get a motorola defy! You get a motorola defy! You get a motorola defy!
  • You all get a Motorola Defy!
  • ha ha ha
  • Must be nice to be a 40 something housewife. That horrid screaming made me grind my teeth.
  • I love the smell of estrogen in the morning.
  • Urgh. I can't stand tv shows because of audiences like that. Way too much wooping and cheering. I have to say the american shows are the main culprits though.
  • lets hope they were just as excited about the trip to australia as they were about the phone...cripes
  • Krikey, that was worse than that barb I took in the chest from the stingray. And THAT killed me...
  • What we have here is the giant North American hippo, this one's a female and belive you me mate she can eat you, me the phone and the audience.
  • I think they misunderstood Oprah and thought they were getting a new car...
  • Its better than an iPhone, that's for sure
  • I don't think so...especially not for that demographic.
  • Some of that demographic can barely operate a normal flip/candy bar phone LOL
  • Damn, I know someone that was in that audience. Poor guy, no trip could be worth that.
  • What the hell is that in her mouth?
  • The load circle of the video. Or, a fish hook.
  • Kinda looks like a tongue ring. I find it funny that she didn't mention that it is an Android phone. She's probably cluless about tech stuff.
  • ...not just tech stuff.
  • wait it's waterproof? I should've gotten that to replace my wife's Cliq that ended up in the kiddie pool..Dammit oh well, she's got a MyTouch Slide now..
  • At least Oprah is helping the Android industry grow by attracting a large number of people in that audience PLUS millions of viewers at home. So long, Apple iPhone.
  • Might not be great, but still tons better than the Microsoft Fascinate Galaxy S.
  • Um...Microsoft? Did I miss something here? {{o_0}}
  • I wish i were there!