OnePlus is working on new Bullets earbuds, but they're not truly wireless

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z
Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z (Image credit: Evan Blass)

What you need to know

  • The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z will not be truly wireless, after all.
  • Leaked images of the earbuds show they're connected by a cable.
  • OnePlus is expanding color choices, though, with green, blue, black, and white variants.

While the internet has recently been abuzz with rumors that OnePlus will finally be jumping onto the truly wireless bandwagon with the latest generation of its Bullets Wireless earbuds, prepare to be disappointed when the company's April 14 launch of the OnePlus 8/8 Pro and OnePlus Z comes around.

Images of the earbuds leaked by Evan Blass (via 9to5Google), who has a spectacular record when it comes to airing tech companies' secrets, show that the Bullets Wireless Z are also connected by a cable, much like their predecessors.

In our review of the Bullets Wireless 2, we found the earphones to be an excellent buy, but in a year when almost everyone major player in the tech world is releasing truly wireless earbuds, the Bullets Wireless Z will certainly seem dated, at least in appearance, with their cabled design.

The good news, though, is that they will at least be available in more colors than before. Blass' leaks show that the earbuds will be available in a choice of green, blue, black, or white. What other changes this revamp will bring, especially in terms of specs, we don't know yet. We won't have to wait long to find out, though, as they're slated for launch later this month on April 14.

  • Why would anyone buy these? It was one thing in q couple of years ago but at this point why even bother releasing them?
  • I much prefer connected ear buds. But I get that people want true wireless ear buds. Maybe they will make both? Seems like a good thing to do, and after all the added new things to their top phone coming out that people have wanted.
  • Makes no sense when the OnePlus phones don't have a headphone jack. Then, they don't even include a dongle. You'd think they'd want to be less like Apple & Samsung. Their motto is "never settle", after all.
  • I'm not sure what you're getting at. These will be wireless, they do not require being plugged into the phone, so headphone jack and/or dingle dont factor. This is saying the wireless earbuds will be connected to each other by a cord
  • I LOVE my Bullet Wireless 2's, I had the original version also. By far the best bluetooth headset on the market. The newer version gets outstanding battery life, and background/wind noise on the caller side is almost non existent. I've tried the truly wireless headphones from Apple and Jabra, and they both couldn't compete. I'll deal with a cable in between the buds. From 9am to 7pm/5 days a week my Bullets are always on and being used on, never on standby. I will be purchasing these if they are enough of an upgrade.