OnePlus' 'Which way Nord' interactive treasure hunt offers fast finishers a fun prize

Which way Nord website
Which way Nord website (Image credit: OnePlus Nord)

What you need to know

  • OnePlus Nord has launched a new treasure hunt.
  • The promotion is called Why way Nord, and you can follow along on your mobile phone.
  • You can scan a QR code from the promotional website to begin your hunt.

Ever the innovative marketers, our friends at OnePlus have just announced a new online, mobile-based treasure hunt for its upstart Nord brand. The Which way Nord campaign encourages OnePlus fans and those who are curious to "find their true Nord" by scanning a QR code from the campaign website and playing along on their smartphones.

Once you scan the code, you'll need to either log in with your OnePlus account or create a new one. After you've signed in, you're taken through a series of prompts before beginning your quest. At the end of the treasure hunt — for some lucky finishers at least — is a limited-edition OnePlus Nord Collector Box. We don't quite know what this Collector Box will look like or what goodies might be featured inside it, but we're sure eager to try to find out!

When we reviewed the original OnePlus Nord last year, we gave it four and a half stars because it was a beautiful phone at a very affordable price point, with a lot of flagship features that many of the best Android phones had to offer. Unfortunately, the phone wasn't made available in many parts of the world like the U.S. OnePlus promised to bring additional devices from the Nord line to new markets, and it delivered on this promise late last fall with the Nord N10 5G and N100 devices. We're hopeful to see even more new Nord phones over the coming year — perhaps an update of last year's original Nord, or even a reboot of the beloved OnePlus X phone.

We think this looks like a lot of fun and are definitely going to participate. What about you — are you going to join in the hunt?

Jeramy Johnson

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