5,000 OnePlus One invites up for grabs in the 'Blizzard of Invites' giveaway

OnePlus One
OnePlus One (Image credit: Android Central)

The OnePlus team have announced another batch of invites (5,000 in total) will be handed out for the flagship killer that is the OnePlus One. The Android smartphone has had an unconventional launch with invites being sent out to those who wish to purchase a unit. If you're still waiting for your lucky golden ticket, be sure to check out the 'Blizzard of Invites' to cool you off during this summer. This batch of invites is also to celebrate the announcement of the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover.

Entering your name is easy, simply login with an email or through everyone's favorite social network, Facebook. You're then able to be awarded an invite per task you complete. Four tasks are available, including liking OnePlus on Facebook, following the team on Twitter and Instagram, as well as writing up posts on the official community forum. While OnPlus is giving away 5,000 invites, 10 of the lucky winners will also receive a free Bamboo StyleSwap Cover to go with their OnePlus One purchase (once the cases are available).

You have until July 23 (9:15PM CST/3:15PM CET/9:15AM EDT/6:15AM PDT) to enter, so be sure to head on over and get an invite!

Source: One Plus

Rich Edmonds