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OnePlus 6 supposedly leaks with iPhone X notch and glass back

The OnePlus 5T is still a relatively new phone at just four months old, but the mobile industry stops for no one. Two images of a OnePlus 6 recently popped up on our radar, and if they're to be believed, OnePlus will be the next company to jump on board the infamous notch train.

As you can see, the OnePlus 6 will come equipped with very slim bezels. This isn't surprising considering we saw a similar design with the OnePlus 5T, but what is different is the notch at the top of the screen. This is very clearly a direct copy of what Apple did with the iPhone X, but unlike that phone, you won't find any special face-tracking sensors – just a speaker for phone calls and the front-facing camera.

A glass back could mean OnePlus finally adopts wireless charging.

Moving to the back of the phone, the OnePlus 6 could be the first OnePlus phone to adopt a glass back. This would allow for wireless charging, but it's also a stark departure from the unique Lava Red and Sandstone White designs we saw with the 5T.

Also on the back of the OnePlus 6 are dual rear cameras in the center and a fingerprint sensor below them – both with updated looks compared to the 5T.

As exciting (or terrifying) as these pictures may be, it's important to take them with a giant grain of salt. Even if these photos are legit, it's possible this is just one of the many prototypes OnePlus is working on and not necessarily representative of what the final product will look like.

With that disclaimer out of the way, what are your impressions of the OnePlus 6? Are you a fan of the new look, or do you just wish the notch would die already?

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  • The notch is smaller than the one on the iPhone and appears to be about twice the size of the notch on the Essential Phone. Looks like this may be a new trend hence the addition of this 'feature' with Android P.
  • Gotta love and also hate Apple for the trends it starts, lol!
  • In all honesty I agree, prices sky rocket, hardware designs influenced by Apple, no one is original anymore. Even the Asus 5 has the notch. You can have anyone of these phones with a notch and everyone believes you have the X lol, but that's just my take on things
  • You have to give it to Apple, they have made the iPhone a reference for all other phone manufacturers because they sell gangbusters. Most celebrities and influential people use it and it didn't ever hurt to look like you have one too.
  • If im not wrong, essential was first to be announced and launched with the notch, not apple
  • Doing something first vs. starting a trend. Different things.
  • Yes, you are correct. But, if you havent noticed the design /shape of theses notches are similar to the X's notch shape not that of the circular notch from the Essential.
  • They did have somewhat of a notch.... Many called it a cyclops eye, lol! Honestly tho... No one cared about Essential's phone cuz no one really bought it, lol!
  • The problem with Apple's notch is that - I assume because of their 'face unlock' sensors - they had to make room for more front-facing stuff than other notched phones. The Essential's notch is 'worth it'. So is this one. of course, at $600 or $700, I don't know that either of these are worth it ;-) Essential remains a bargain, now that the price has dropped. But I'm sure the Essential 2, like the OP6 will creep their prices back up out of the 'worth it' level.
  • I really like the full screen designs that keep the phone smaller and don't care if it has a notch. Although I'm quickly growing tired of the word 'notch'.
  • Personally I would hope that someone like Samsung makes the Note 9 with a full screen like the Vizio concept and have a small back screen like the Meizu Pro 7 for a selfie camera. That way, one camera would only be needed. I don't mind the notch but after seeing the Vizio concept, that's the way a full screen needs to be moving forward.
  • Ehh. Welcome to the world where all phones look exactly the same. As much as I hate Apple, I have to give that to them: their new design has again become the desired form factor, just like in 2011.
  • Not by me... I really dislike this notch thing and any phone having it won't get into my pocket. The age of exciting phones is past us IMHO... Who looked up to what manufacturers brought at MWC? nothing exciting for me really...
  • So you'd prefer a phone with bezels or a full screen phone with a small notch
  • All flip phones looked almost exactly the same, all early androids looked semi-similar. It's nothing new.
  • Ooh, looks like I might not be getting a Oneplus phone this year! Hmm... Maybe get a Pixel 3? ... probably stick it with my Oneplus 5...
  • Haha...are you sure the Pixel 3 won’t have a notch ?
  • It won't. Actually all respectable players are still doing well with originality. Samsung, Sony and LG. None introduced a notch.
  • Yet. How do you judge respectability?
  • Don't forget Nokia
  • LG is going to have a notch. I fully expect Google Pixel 3 to have one as well.
  • So you'd prefer a phone with bezels or a full screen phone with a small notch? The notch is an essential part of a full display phone. unless you don't want a selfie camera and proximity sensor and ear piece.
  • Yea... About that LG comment....
  • No, but if they do I just won't buy it! Probably won't anyway, don't like Google's version of Android.
  • What? Off with yer head! 😜
  • Take it. Never use the damned thing anyway.
  • As much as Google is mimicking Apple in any way they can, I would gamble that the Pixel 3 does indeed have a notch.
  • This is what you get when you all asked for bezel less design. Now that you're served y'all complain. Smh
  • Yeah, I'm sure the two groups are made up of the same people... I for one have never said I want a "bezelless" phone. SMH.
  • It's the tech press that fetishizes odd style elements.
  • I don't mean you in particular, but the majority of people complained about too much bezels. Remember when HTC was being batched and insulted for that? I personally have nothing against the notch, but everyone now imitating the iPhone is simply ridiculous. They can all have their own style and design while keeping a beautiful design.
  • One has nothing to do with the other. You can do small bezels without a stupid notch. LG did it and Samsung followed suit by doing it even better. There's no need for a notch. Your argument makes zero sense.
  • First Asus, now this. Copy and paste. SMH.
  • Horrible! Chinese phone companies do nothing but copy apples
  • No CDMA, No care.
  • Boo hoo, CDMA is garbage. And you pay double for it just for a bit more coverage and "no dropped calls".
  • What is with this notch madness. One or two phones, ok, but come on people. There must be another way. Vivo made a full screen phone without adhering to Apple's new trend, other OEMs need do the same. Think outside the "notch". Be leaders not another flock that follows the hype. Ugh. If this is leak is legitimate, I'm am truly disappointed.
  • Yeah but the front facing camera on the bottom? NO THANK YOU.
  • I think you are confusing the Vivo Apex with the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The Vivo has a pop up module for the front facing camera. It is only a concept device at this time, anyway.
  • Looks awesome
  • I don't like the assumption that only glass can be used, with wireless charging. C'mon phone companies, look at the gorgeous colours and designs of the Lumia 920 and 1020. My 920 is still in one piece, and the kids use it as a toy. No broken screen, not a fingerprint magnet. Just a solid, capable device with seemingly more features than most flagships. My 920 is nearly 6yrs old.
  • Ah, the Lumia 920. What a beaut!
  • The L920 didn't catch on for a reason and it wasn't just Windows Phone. No one picked up that phone in the store and thought it was as nice as the Galaxy plastics let alone the iPhone of those times. That phone was a
    tuird and sales suffered as a result.
  • 😥
  • Notch, u say? Won't consider any phone with the fugly notch
  • Yay, another notch...
    Here I thought that coding for it in Android P might be silly but it seems like that will not be the case.
  • Oh jeez. Another frickin notch. There guys seriously lack imagination. Stupid feature, but still gets copied.
  • I love the notch. Hopefully all phones have it soon
  • Only pricey phones will have a notch. Bargain phones won't.
  • When will the Mfg copying end!!?
  • As it always has been, so shall it always be.
  • What's next? ....a butt crack slot on the back bottom of the phone for the sim card?
  • That's a great idea!
  • Disgraceful plagiarism at its worst. Death to all you followers that have allowed phone companies to do this to us. Gimme my BlackBerry KEYᵒⁿᵉ please.
  • 🤢
  • Was thinking it might be time to upgrade my 3T, but it won't be to this if the rumor is true. The notch just looks terrible to me... give me a bezel.
  • They may leak my CC again, so maybe Not
  • Notch = I won't buy
  • Please add a notch! It looks very good and had a nice iPhone vibe
  • Nobody but Sony is making Compact phones... not even Apple. OnePlus would *kill* if they released a flagship-quality OnePlus X2.
  • If they did that, I would deal with a notch.
  • Really don't care one way or another. Don't mind bezels don't mind notches.
    My phone is a tool to be used and nether hinder it doing its job.
  • Looks like OnePlus is giving me another reason not to buy their phones with the stupid notch, thanks Apple for starting another stupid design trend, anyway as much as I like OnePlus software, it's not true Android as I'm a Google and stock Android lover and will only use stock Android, I despise Apple and their products now, I don't know why people use their products still when Android is so far ahead of iOS it's embarrassing, I have no regrets switching back to Android from Apple once and for all, but please Google if you use the notch in he Pixel 3, make it at least as small as the one on the Essential phone so it's at least bearable, curse you Apple, 1 day, Apple, 1 day, your day of reckoning will come and people will finally wake up to their BS, it's only because your marketing is so good that the dumb ass celebrities and other illiterates use their basic, restrictive and locked down and buggy products, anyway, Apple's already lost the war to Android and is only of relevance in the US, and the likes of Huawei and OnePlus want to crack the US market, that's the only possible explanation why they're copying yet another stupid Apple design choice with the ugly "notch" well good luck with that.
  • The notch is a compromise.
  • Makes the Samsung S9 and new Sony devices all that much more elegant to me. The notch looks like an afterthought in design and functionality. I'll bet anything the next Apple does not have one to the extent the X does.
  • I'll take that bet. What would you like to wager?
  • Thank god for samsung
  • Please have wireless charging! 🤞
  • At least they did the notch right and didn't have other bezels. This looks good.
  • But will it have band 71 ( 600MHz ) for T-Mobile?
  • Don't know, but the v30 does.
  • Gotta hate on the ph-1 & Apple. The notorious notch. Look what you started, for your viewing pleasure the notch. All I can say is go notch yourself! Holy notch'0's Batman! A new trend a notch for your crotch, oh boy, really!
  • No thanks. I'm not going to use a phone that steals my data and looks like garbage. nice notch Apple.
  • I think this phone looks way better than anything else they've put out. I like the iPhone x so that explains it. Lol
  • The iPhone X sucks and so will the OnePlus 6, especially with that garbage ugly notch and along with OnePlus BS they've given me more reason to go with the Pixel 2 XL.
  • Well your phone probably sucks too lol.
  • It could also be that One+ is looking to offer a "premium" version of the 6 with wireless charging for a higher price and still keep the metal frame for those who want a lower cost option. If One+ is looking for carrier support in North America this might be the way to do so. But as far as how that one looks, it's nothing spectacular but it's clean and modern.
  • Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • Big questio is: is it worth updating if you've got a 5T?
    I *could* think about that if there was a massive improvement in the screen resolution.
    Other than that, I can't see anything else that the 6 could be better at than the 5T.
    Plus, I do not really like the glass back. :)
  • I was looking forward to buying the OP6 to replace my 3T. If it has that notch, it's a no-go. I'm just not looking at that unsightly mess for the next two years. If I wanted an iPhone, I'd have one by now
  • that's is why we need blackberry in the business. Most of these companies make the same type of phones, blackberry use to make all types of phones. They had a great OS that came late. Now we are stuck with android and ios. Most companies make the same type of phones. I hope keytwo comes with snapdragon 845 and 5 inch bezel less screen that would be cool
  • Although I'm not a fan of the notch, I think the OnePlus 6 looks nice, like all of the other fragile glass phones.
  • The notch isn't going to die until you can maximize screen area without it, which will require being able to get the camera and speaker below the screen. Also, Apple did it and unlike Android writers, Android OEMs know it's smart to mimic Apple design. Plus, every iPhone X review I've read, even from Android fans, has said they got used to the notch quickly after using it for a few days.
  • I feel your pain for having the X with that ugly notch. Apple had to cut the production by half because of weak demand.
  • Oh, so OnePlus plans to keep "innovating" by copying Apple every year?
  • I was starting to hate Oxygen OS. I thought "hey, if I don't like OxygenOS, the next time I buy a OnePlus phone I'll flash a custom rom on day one." .........….Can't exactly flash the Notch away. guess I'll just not buy it.
  • This could very well be a protype OP5 or 5T with the latest OxygenOS build - it's not like the iPhone was the first phone with a notch (Essential Phone, anyone?)
  • Chinese copycat crap, beuuuuuurk!!!!!
  • I'm interested in this phone. As much as I wish companies would stop doing the notch for the reason they get called copy cats I don't mind it. Wireless charging would be really nice and overall design looks good. I need a new phone soon, my Note 4 is 3.5 years old, hopefully it will hold out another few months and a phone I want comes out!