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One of these EVO 3Ds is not like the other

Whoopsie. Reader Nelson passes along the following story about his EVO 3D:

I just bought these phones last night at a Nebraska Furniture Mart and one of them came with the camera plate upside down. I went back to the store to exchange it, but they said that is just cosmetic and if i change it will use my one-time store exchange. I just think that is not fair.

We're inclined to agree. Now we're not exactly up on our Nebraska Furniture Mart trainee's manual, but we're willing to bet that if we started using ʇɹɐɯ ǝɹnʇıuɹnɟ ɐʞsɐɹqǝu everywhere we went, they'd call it more than just cosmetic. If a store gives you a hassle over something like this, you might want to hit up the manufacturer, too. Couldn't hurt.

  • That's why you don't buy high priced electronics at Nebraska Furniture Mart.
  • A furniture Mart sells phones?
  • Yes, Nebraska Furniture Mart does sell phones. They are a big Omaha based furniture and electronics retailer. Their main Omaha location is basically a furniture store with a Best Buy attached to it.
  • Hate to say this, but as a former corporate and current ASC technician, the furniture mart is right. That is policy for the dealers, cosmetic is not grounds for an exchange. Corporate has some leeway, but on a hot new phone, probably would do the same.
  • Stupid policy.
  • Your one time exchange... are you at a retail store or a flea market?
  • the question is, does the phone still work? if it does then what you have is a rare collecters edition! lol that s how they do money and coins and baseball cards and stuff. id say its a rare collecters edition... go with it bro....
  • once again if the phone works then i would keep it. just to be dif. hell make up a back story about it being exclusive. (kinda hard for that one though since its published here) but feel unique about it if the pphone works.
  • Looks to me to be a build issue from factory, but still should exchanged by business regardless
  • Agreed... What else did HTC goof on?
  • That's ridiculous.
  • Dont hate on Nebraska Furniture Mart! Iv bought several products there including phones with no issues. They pretty much guarantee the cheapest prices on everything.
  • blupit30 may have a point. This could become a collectors item - lol!
    You may not even know what you have. If your heart is set on returning, I would think even Sprint would make the exchange for you. Good luck!
  • i dont see big issue...arent you going to buy a case to protect the phone??
  • I thought it was a chinese rip off. Htc logo is bigger one or the cameras is not the same.
  • Use your one time exchange and don't go back there again. Drive to Lincoln or Omaha if you have to, to find a Best Buy.
  • There site says "Free Returns - Your Satisfaction Guaranteed"
  • Their, not "there". Yeesh.
  • Get a life Troll, and uh....please show me Yeesh in the dictionary!!!! Didn't think so!
  • Go to school!
  • I'll go if, you're sitting next to me!!!
  • maybe HTC sold them to store as "scratch and flip" lol, someone somewhere got over
  • Hell, now I know why he went to ʇɹɐɯ ǝɹnʇıuɹnɟ ɐʞsɐɹqǝu, they are giving the phone away free with a new account!!!! DANG!!!!
  • This is just another reason to check out your phone before paying for it.
  • HTC customer service blows goats, that is all.
  • I'm surprised its not on eBay being sold as a "limited edition" evo 3d. :)
  • Samsung sucks!!! Damn plasticky phones!!! HTC feels so nice in the hand.................wait a minute
  • i havent seen one of these phones up close yet, but is this something a new battery door would fix? I bet HTC would send you one free if you asked.
  • No it's etched onto the camera's glass.
  • I'd keep it.
  • Ahh only in my home state of Nebraska lol :-) glad I'm no longer a resident.
  • No its not a big deal, but would you buy a new car if one of the doors was upside down? These big companies have to learn that if you charge an arm and leg that we're going to demand some sort of quality.
  • This is not even close to having an upside down door. This would be like if if the VIN number below the windshield was upside down, or if the Jaguar on the hood of a Jag was upside down. It has absolutely no bearing on the functionality of the vehicle, only on the look of it. I can't believe this is honestly a big deal.
  • Laughing my butt off. So your telling be if you bought a Jag it would be ok if the Jaguar emblem was upside down? I doubt it. Lets maybe add a ding in the hood for the hell of it. After all it has no bearing on the functionality of the vehicle. Sheesh. Lets not expect quality (functional or not) and customer satisfaction. I might have took the phone as it was. But as a customer he should not have to.
  • First, on your phone's home screen, I'd go to menu > settings > About Phone > Hardware Information ... Check the hardware version. If its 002 then, it might be an OK phone. If its 001, I would take it back and explain that you got a pre-release hardware version that wasn't meant to be sold. If its 003, then you have a new hardware build that the rest of us aren't privy to. In that case, I'd definitely keep it. If the hardware version checks out, and the phone works correctly in landscape mode (with top of phone facing left and bottom of phone facing right) for 2D and 3D pictures, then keep it. You may have a rare collectors item, if not a higher hardware version. If the phone does not function correctly, call HTC and tell them. If worse comes to worse, just use your 1 time exchange to get another one and never shop with them again....
  • Manufacturers will never send you a new phone. You send in your brand new phone and they will send you some crappy refurbished phone in exchange. The only way to exchange your brand new device for another brand new device is at the store from which you purchased it. And no, Sprint will NOT exchange your brand new phone that you purchased elsewhere for another one of their brand new phones. They will only do a brand new exchange if you purchased the phone from them initially and you're still within your 30 days of initial purchase. The only thing Sprint will help you do if you didn't purchase the phone from them is order a refurbished phone if you have the insurance. Been there done that.
  • im sorry, this has a 0% impact on the functionality of the phone. 10+ years ago when a manufacturer would make a mistake like this (shoes, trading cards, etc), it became an instant collectors item. i dont think NFM needs to be tarred and feathered for this. again. in no way shape or form is your phone any worse because of it. id say suck it up and enjoy the phone for what it is
  • i was thinking the same thing...unless the entire camera is in backwards, which may cause it to take backwards pictures...i think he's just upset he got suckered into buying a gimmicky 3D phone
  • And as a customer you could have. As a customer he should not have to if he does not want to. And computers are not collectors items. In a year or two it will be worth nothing. I agree NFM does not need tarred and feathered. They did trade it.
  • Have you taken a 3D picture with it yet? It's quite possible that the whole camera set up is inverted. With a 3D camera you'd get inverted 3D pictures because of it. Boom...not cosmetic.
  • I know most phones come with a free 1year warranty and that phone just came out so if you do hurry and do a warranty you will prob get a brand new one vs a referb and if not reverse your upgrade then go to a company owned store and buy one !
  • I sent message to customer service about their store getting world wide attention here. Lets see if they respond.
  • Two things, 1) I am sending an email to the company as well.
    2) With all of the issues that seem to follow a new phone, why not look at it before you buy it?
  • Keep it, sell it on eBay in 20 years, could be worth something like those Hot Wheels put in a box wrongly.
  • as a tech I would just open it and flip the whole lens so its the right way
  • And perhaps totally void your warranty.
  • Am I the only one that inspects my 500+ dollar electronics before I even leave the store... I recently bought an ASUS gaming laptop and I took it out of the packaging before I left to make sure it was working... had a bad experience online ordering a laptop that didn't boot out of the box... and low and behold the back-lighting on the keyboard didn't work. Yes the store should help him out, but it's the responsibility of the consumer to protect themselves. Then again I kinda like roberts0o0 idea of just crackin it open... total geek move. +1
  • And would you REALLY notice it was upside-down unless you compared it DIRECTLY to another phone?
  • Just so we are clear here. For those of you living around the edges. NFM is owned by Warren Buffet. So it is a large, well established Company. It sure got his attention. Having said that, this would bother me. I'm OCD like that. : - ) I would find something else wrong with the phone, before trading it in, as to not use my 'one' exchange. Like a jammed Micro-sd slot? ; - )
  • Wow, that kinda sucks. I'm really OCD about stuff, so this would really bother me. I would tell them that if they can't give you a product without a defect (and yes, even though this is only cosmetic, it is still a defect), then you will just return both phones and buy somewhere else.
  • How is that not a manufacturing defect? And is NFM so tech savvy with this to know that nothing was inverted under the hood? The people who say it's no big deal - I think if you're spending a few hundred dollars on something, that you should have a product that functions and looks like what you were represented. Poor QC.
  • Jeez, 50 replies to argue about a phone? I agree its screwed up, but something's gotta give here. It's 4th of July weekend. Go Outside and blow some crap up!
  • FML, but fireworks are ban in my state (Hawaii) :P
  • Talk to their manager and threaten to report them to a consumer action group or something like that if they won't exchange it.
  • Does that mean that if you buy a sofa from them and one of the cushions is a different color, does that mean you only get to exchange it in store once and hope that they don't give you one with the same problem? xD
  • The plate is not upside down, that's the Left Handed version, the one that most people have seen is the Right Handed version. You probably checked the Left Handed box when you were filling out the paperwork by accident? The difference on the phone is that it's a little more obvious then say a left handed screwdriver or a left handed hammer. :)