Rumor puts official Froyo update for the Sprint Epic 4G on Feb. 21

Could this finally be the official Froyo build for Sprint's Epic 4G?  A source tells us yes, and to expect it on Feb. 21.  We can't share everything we've heard, but apparently some folks from Samsung are sporting build EA17, and it's ready to go.  And no, we can't get a leak -- trust me, I tried :)

The whole Froyo debacle for US Galaxy S phones seems to be coming to an end, and while it made for a lot of news, we will be glad to see it put to rest.  If it happens that is.  All we can do is wait and see, and hope the Feb 21 date doesn't turn out like the Dec. 26 date from last year did.  We were all told it would be coming "ASAP" a few weeks back, so our fingers are crossed.  Thanks to our anonymous tipster!

(Oh, and for you folks on the Fascinate? You might wanna keep your calendars clear on or about Feb. 22. Just sayin'.)

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • That would be awsome for them to release froyo finaly so they can get started on gingerbread. Another year down the road of course.
  • Christ when is AT&T going to get their butts in gear here??????
  • And the Captivate????????
  • Froyo for Fascinate in Feb.? Will it be? Yes it will. Maybe just by holding still. OK, I'll hold still but I won't hold my breath.
  • Wow, that means Froyo will only be 9 months old by the time Samsung gets this baby pushed out (pun intended). Still Samsung, that's pathetic and inexcusable.
  • Wholly fv(k. I thought I would never see the day. Maybe I won't....this is a rumor of course.
  • I want to believe......
  • in Santa Claus, and just like in St Nick you will be disappointed yet again. It is Samsung after all.
  • Just because 1 Galaxy S phone gets the Froyo update it doesn't mean the debacle is over. This is absolutely unacceptable Samsung/US carriers!!
  • Big yawn.....I'll believe it when I see it.
  • This would be great. My girlfriend's Epic REALLY needs it.
  • I don't even have a Samsung phone, and I feel for u guys. Thats the only reason I'm gonna stick with HTC. I love the phones but it takes way too long for an update.
  • Given the projected release dates and other rumors I remember hearing about for an Epic Froyo release, none of which ended up being correct, I'll believe this when I see it. I would definitely like it to be true, since I think we've been waiting way too long for this update. But AFAIK official outlets for Sprint and Samsung are still not saying anything or committing to a date. For example, GalaxySsupport on Twitter told me today: "We still don't have any new information about Froyo. We'll be tweeting the moment we do." Unless something's changed and the appropriate representatives haven't been told yet, I'm not sure this rumor is true either. I'd love to get a confirmation or denial quickly, so we don't get our hopes up unnecessarily. Edit: Asked on Twitter and just got a tweet from @sprintcare: "@Dronak @SamsungMobile @GalaxySsupport @Sprint There isn't an official press release about the Android 2.2 update for the Epic". I asked for a confirmation or denial of the Feb. 21 date, and I don't think this is really either, so maybe there's still a chance that we'll see an update in two weeks.
  • The Epic with 2.2 DK28 is much better than the EVO. I love my Epic for its camcorder abilities.
  • Is it just me, or is my BS detector going off the scale??
  • What the Epic doesn't have Froyo? Now that's epic news to me
  • What about the Captivate?! I love my super amoled screen, but next time I'm going with Motorola.
  • This comes after the rumor that there is a Gingerbread build ready to go for the Droid X.
  • What Ever!!!! Even if it is real. When I am allowed an upgrade in june I'm getting rid of my epic and never buying a samsung phone every again.
  • Let's hope this time it sticks.
  • i hope so...i'm still very new to the android market and i like 2.1 (like i said i'm new and i guess i dont know what i'm missing in 2.2 lol) but reading around the forums and 2.2 seems to be all the rage so i'm looking forward to what 2.2 is gonna bring.
  • Rumor is that Sprint instituted their new upgrade policy (not getting a new phone every year) just because they knew everyone with an Epic would dump it as soon as their year was up...Samsung paid them off. Like all rumors, this one (in the article) is taken completely with a grain of salt -- how many Epic rumors is this now that A|C has posted for Froyo on the Epic?
  • 2.2.... *drool
    And why do we Fascinate owners get three sentences at the end of a post? How come Epic owners get their own post!? Just 'cause they have a friggin' keyboard?!
    ...that aside, Froyo IS long overdue. It makes me very annoyed that the LG Ally got an upgrade to 2.2 before any Galaxy S phones did. Wasn't that thing running 1.6 at some time?!
  • Having played with a Froyo custom rom for a few weeks and gone back to stock, I can comfortable say I'm not losing sleep over this. Froyo would be nice, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it makes or breaks the Epic. Flash and Skype are nice, but I can live without them if I have to. It'll be good to finally see the update, but I don't think going up in arms over it will make the update any better.
  • dskwerl- Thanks for your post, I was beginning to think that I was the only one out here that wasn't having a major heart attack because Froyo hasn't been released for the Epic yet. It amazes me how much emphasis people place on new releases and features when their phones already have an incredible functionality. My wife and two of my kids have the EVO but I don't think that their user experience is any greater than mine is with the EPIC. Trashing Samsung and Sprint seems to be the norm here but I personally think that Samsung has put out some pretty amazing technology over the last 20 years and I refuse to bad mouth them because they are struggling to release a software upgrade on an incredible device. Sprint also provides me with the best rates by far for five phones so I'm not ready to trash them either. I guess people have come to expect a lot but having rolled out many hardware and software projects over the last 25 years, I understand that things don't always go according to plan. I'm looking forward to the update, but I am enjoying what I have at this time. My thanks to Samsung and Sprint....
  • Thanks for the response. I agree with pretty much everything you said. I have a few Samsung products that I couldn't be happier with, the Epic included. Sprint's service has served me well for several years (though I do have to admit that it didn't always, and they reimbursed me a lot of money as a result, and it's gotten a lot better since). I don't really have much to complain about, in regards to my cell phone products and services. Sure, I don't have Froyo, but all I am missing is Flash Player and Skype. I don't use either one all that extensively, so it's not a great loss to me. I'd love to have the software update, but I'm quite content with the features and functionality of what I have. I'm not losing sleep while waiting for the update. It wasn't too long ago that no one could have predicted the functionality of our handheld devices today. If you had told me 10 years ago that a phone was being made that could simultaneously surf the web,run a stopwatch, and talk on the phone, I probably would have thrown a fit over what the need for all of that was. But here we are, and we can do it, effortlessly. So I'm impressed with the technology, and all of the new stuff they are working on. What's the big deal if a software update is taking its time come through the pipe?
  • I think more than anything I like the ability to move the apps to SD card. I will be happy when they release this because it should only make froyo better than the DK28 based release, which for me runs pretty damn good.
  • Yes, I can live without Flash, but apps to SD will be very useful. I could do this on my old Palm Centro, which I had for a few years, and never had internal memory problems. I've had my Epic for less than 3 months and gotten low memory warnings at least three times that I can remember, one of which caused loss of an incoming text message. I really want to be able to move some of my apps, especially larger ones, to the SD card so I can free up internal memory and only keep the stuff I really use a lot on the device's RAM. I've heard Froyo does bring more than just Flash and apps to SD, but those were the two main things I'm looking forward to.
  • As aforementioned many times, I'll believe it when I see it. Love my fascinate ( it gets rightfully bashed because of the ridiculous delay with 2.2) but its a great piece of hardware. Just inexcusable its not being used to its full potential.
  • I want to believe that this is true, but as others have said...I will believe it when I see it.
  • And thus the reason why I went EVO over epic. On paper the Epic is better. In reality the support for the EVO is rock solid. Hell its possible that 2.3 may be officially out for the EVO before the epic gets 2.2. Epic fail indeed.
  • I just hope they fix the gps problem from dk28 in this build
  • Way to wait till the last possible minute Sprint/Samsung. With all the new phones coming out on other carriers maybe they are wising up and trying to keep the customers happy. If I hadn't recently bought some accessories for my Epic and my contract isn't up till next month I'd seriously look at that Tmobile free phone deal this weekend. But I know soon as I leave Sprint they'll come out with some industry first dual screen smart phone......oh...wait.
  • So sad. Such a beautiful phone, stuck on 2.1. Personally I think its the best out, minus the OS.
  • love the epic but glad i am rooted and have been enjoying froyo! can't wait for rooted gingerbread!!
  • Froyo late February 2011 (probably not. ill see it when i believe it), Gingerbread 2012 (if samsung even decides to support the Epic past Froyo)
  • Im still calling B.S. on this. no offence but too little too late for me. We have been hearing this since August when i purchased my phone (it will be released in a couple of weeks), and it was all lies then and i expect this to just same, a RUMOR. I wish i could believe.
  • I don`t believe it for one second until it i see, we should all remember what happened to the moment, never recieve any update, even though they did promised us it`ll be there an update for it,and here anther joke from Samsung again, on FEB 21 it`ll be one more big promise from Samasung again... But all we hope they`ll come through and it`ll be true, just be patient and wait.
  • I said it once, I said it 2wice, and ill say it again, Ill believe it when I see it...........
  • I am like saint thomas, and the pope will have to deliver it to my house other than that, I am part of the club first and last samsung phone.
  • The Epic is the only phone out that does what i want it to do [I was hoping that Sprint announced a new slider phone at the Sprint Event 02/07/11 but that turned out to be a bust :(]. So if they come with the Froyo update for the Epic, I'm getting it :) -- My wife has an EVO and I'm due for a new phone, I love my Touch Pro but mobile software developers are completely dropping support for Windows mobile 6.1 - It's time for a change.
    Who knows? if it does really release on the 21 Is going to be one heck of a birthday present to me!
    im gonna be like "HOLY SKEEET!"
  • EPIC gets FROYO 2.2.1 = 2/21
    FASCINATE gets FROYO 2.2.2 = 2/22
  • looks true. it's so gay.
  • Wow, what a way to think outside the box on that one!
  • SamSprint has lost a lot of ground on this one, but they could recoup if they can push Gingerbread out before the Evo gets it. Not likely--just wishful thinking here.
    For those who say the phone is great, why the fuss, yes, it's great, but here's why I want 2.2:
    -voice commands to Vlingo through my bluetooth car kit
    -audio out of my desktop dock
    -apps to SD
    -hoping for faster GPS fixes
    -JIT compiler speed
  • This is so funny. I have an epic from sprint and I am still in my 30 day return window. I called them an hour ago and asked
    them flat out. Are you going to update the epics? If not,send me an evo. This was sprints exact words "we are not planning to update your epic at this time or in the future" I get my evo tomorrow.
  • do a smartbenchmark on the Evo...u'll b VERY DISAPPOINTED!
  • 99.999% of people EVEN ON HERE won't be able to tell the difference in performance between an evo and an epic EVEN IF the benchmark shows otherwise. Don't buy a phone because of a benchmark? Really?
    Support and dependability come to mind LONG before a useless benchmark score when I choose a new phone. I have an Evo and an Epic, so I'm not just hating on one. Benchmarks are just so useless as far as the actual experience goes.
  • Dskwerl, Azdansmith, and Ameritk: I'm glad that Samsung let's you guys have an extra 3 hours for lunch to post fake comments on bulletin boards instead of making you get off your lazy behinds and actually do some work. Anybody who REALLY upgraded from 2.1 on their Samsungs to 2.2 (I had to via a rooted ROM... such BS!) knows that there was DEFINITELY a huge difference on the Galaxy S phones. GPS actually works. My phone doesn't freeze opening email. How would you feel if Dell told you that you won't be able to install Windows 7 on your computer until they come up with their own customized version of it. And if you try to install a generic version of Windows you are officially voiding your warranty. It's total crap. Samsung is korean for "sucker". Don't tell me that it's ok to fall behind because you've determined that the OS update is not necessary--despite preloading it on your upcoming phones. Talking out of both sides of their faces is what it is.
  • I will believe this when I see my phone say update available you guys have cried wolf way too much on this one
  • ....and why are the people constantly complaining about Sprint? Sprint is not at fault with the delay of all Samsung Galaxy S's roll out of Froyo. If you all are going to bash and point fingers at a company, it should be the one who can do something about it. The only company to get Froyo is T-Mobile, but they had to get it from Samsung, not the other way around. Why are people constantly bashing Sprint for their or others issues? I will admit that back in the day (several years ago and earlier), Sprint did had horrible customer service. I have heard the stories about people being ripped off by Sprint on their cell phone bills and that the other companies don't do that. Guess again! I know dozens of people over the years who say they've been screwed over by Sprint or other companies by adding extra charges. It turns out after getting the full story that the people actually incurred those charges because of going over their plans minutes, text messages, purchasing ringtones, games, etc. or even incurring late charges because they didn’t pay their bill on time. *****If you would pay attention to your bills due date as well as the overall usage of your plan, you would not incur extra charges that make you say “Sprint screwed me over” to everyone at Sprint and all of your friends and family.******* My first cell phone purchased was back in December 2001 when cell phones didn't even have color. Remember the prices we paid for our minutes. I was doing my "WAY" overdue spring-cleaning a couple of months ago and I found a pamphlet showing the plans Sprint offered. At the time, I had 3000 minutes total. That was 200 anytime and 2800 night and weekend. Nights and weekend started at 9pm. My plan included 500 mobile-to-mobile minutes. All this for $39.99. This did not include texting or internet. Sprint has come a long way. My Epic which is 14,000,000,000,000 (yeah, looks close enough to what our national debt is today) time better than the Audiovox 9000 I had back in 2001. Today my bill is $86.99 (before taxes and my 10% credit union member discount) which includes all of the following:
    • Unlimited any mobile anytime
    • 450 daytime minutes (which of course I don't use even half that)
    • Unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7pm
    • Unlimited text messaging
    • Unlimited picture mail
    • Unlimited data (non-4G)
    • Navigation
    • $10 for 4G Data (This is the only thing I am upset at Sprint about seeing as I live in the Phoenix Metro Area and don't have 4G officially launched. There is no date, but there is two very small areas compared to the rest of the Valley that have 4G coverage)
    • $7 for phone insurance
    • Anything else I am forgetting????? Compare that to the others:
    • Can any other company give you all this for under $87 a month before.
    • No one else offers Unlimited Minutes to any cell phone on all carriers. Other carriers may offer Unlimited Minutes to any cell phone on all carriers….the catch is that you have to choose who you want on that list. Alltel paved for their “My Circle” which was by far the best marketing ever! Verizon and AT&T (formally Cingular) followed suit, but only allowed up to five numbers. Spring answered back and upped the ante adding Unlimited to ALL cell phones on all carriers. I don’t know about you, but the vast majority of my calls are to cell phones now a days.
    • Data Plans…..New and renewing contract customers of AT&T don’t have the option for unlimited data plans.
    • Yes, Sprint is starting to charge all new and renewing contract customers who purchase a smartphone $10 a month for data, but these people are apt to using more data/bandwidth than non-smartphone people use. This is an incentive for smartphone folk to switch to a 4G phone seeing, as they would be charged $10 per month for 4G data use.
    • Sprint is still the only one to offer minutes starting at 7pm free. They also offer roaming talk/internet free. My closing argument and knockout punch!!!!
    If you were that unhappy with Sprint, I would be the first to say, "Why don't you pay the cancellation fee and switch to another national carrier?" I will say that Sprint may not be the best, but all the carriers have their flaws. One of Sprints flaws is that they don't have the best coverage when it comes to being way out in the wilderness. There are a few areas here in Arizona where I do roam, but I know that when I do roam...I will not incur added charges for that roaming including data charges. I will admit that I should do the same when it comes to being unhappy with Samsung that I should switch to another phone. However, I’m unhappy enough with Samsung to pay the amount it would cost to get an EVO or EVO Shift. I would like to have the App2SD and Flash Player, but that is not enough to offset the cost to buy either of the HTC phones. I will however most likely think twice when I am eligible for the Premier Upgrade I am entitled to after the end of December 2011. So, take what you will from this. You are also entitled to your own opinions, but this is how I feel and I am expressing my opinion as well.
  • I will be happy to finally have Froyo but would be even happier if they gave us a bonus for putting up with all of this jerking around and gave us Gingerbread, instead. NOW, THAT WOULD BE AN APPROPRIATE RESPONSE FOR ALL OF THESE DELAYS!!!