Rumor puts official Froyo update for the Sprint Epic 4G on Feb. 21

Could this finally be the official Froyo build for Sprint's Epic 4G?  A source tells us yes, and to expect it on Feb. 21.  We can't share everything we've heard, but apparently some folks from Samsung are sporting build EA17, and it's ready to go.  And no, we can't get a leak -- trust me, I tried :)

The whole Froyo debacle for US Galaxy S phones seems to be coming to an end, and while it made for a lot of news, we will be glad to see it put to rest.  If it happens that is.  All we can do is wait and see, and hope the Feb 21 date doesn't turn out like the Dec. 26 date from last year did.  We were all told it would be coming "ASAP" a few weeks back, so our fingers are crossed.  Thanks to our anonymous tipster!

(Oh, and for you folks on the Fascinate? You might wanna keep your calendars clear on or about Feb. 22. Just sayin'.)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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