Official: Amazon MP3 Store Preloaded On T-Mobile G1

Anything you can do, I can do better. That can very well be the motto for Android and the T-Mobile G1 towards the iPhone. You have a single, closed, make-it-yourself phone? We'll have hundreds of phones and our OS is open. An app store that requires a screening process? We have a market where anyone can sell. iTunes Wi-Fi Store? Well, we'll just partner up with the Amazon MP3 Store to offer our users DRM-Free Music directly from their T-Mobile G1 [Via Engadget].

Including an over-the-air option to download music is a key bullet point to hit with consumers. Choosing Amazon MP3, which we at AndroidCentral believe is a great music portal on par with the iTunes Store, makes it even better. 6 million DRM-free songs will be available to you once you get your T-Mobile G1. Songs are $0.89 and albums range $5.99-$9.99 and it will require Wi-Fi.

If good news like this is coming in today, we won't be able to contain ourselves.

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Casey Chan