Oculus, the Facebook-owned company that powers the software inside Samsung's virtual reality ambitions (as well as the Oculus Rift headset, sold separately), has disabled its app from working with the Galaxy Note 7 after a number of replacement phones reportedly caught fire over the weekend.

Image from Reddit user Panda_Turtle

As first reported on Reddit, and confirmed by Android Central, Oculus has issued a forced update to its mobile app that, when paired with a Galaxy Note 7 inside a new Gear VR headset, shows the following message:

Customer safety is Oculus' top priority. Oculus is removing support for all Note7 devices on the Oculus platform. Until further notice, Note7 devices will not be compatible with the Gear VR. For more information regarding the Note7, please contact Samsung directly.

While the move has annoyed current Note 7 owners, many of whom don't see the immediate danger of owning a device that Samsung explicitly says should no longer be turned on, we applaud the company's move, even though it probably should have happened the moment the phone was first recalled in early September. Facial burns probably wouldn't be a good PR association for the up-and-coming VR giant.

The software update doesn't appear to affect any other compatible Galaxy devices, like the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, which have not been affected by the battery debacle.

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