NVIDIA's Tegra is something that got kind of swept under the radar here at Android Central. We weren't too familiar with the details of this ridiculously powerful "mobile computer on a chip" because it wasn't yet tooled for Android. Well, we should all get ready for Tegra because it will be coming to Android.

Why, now? Because NVIDIA sees Android surpassing Windows Mobile sales in 2012 and they want to be ready for the Android onslaught. The NVIDIA Tegra 2600 is going to be developed for Android OEM development and should release in Q2 this year.

To tell you guys more about Tegra, take a look at these specs:

  • The Tegra line will be all-in-one, integrated systems on a chip, containing an 800MHz ARM CPU, GeForce GPU, image processor, HD video processor, and controllers for all other aspects of core operations (memory, USB ports, communication) -- in a package about the size of a dime.
  • The chipset is 1/10th the size of Intel's Atom and is ultra-low power. A single charge can allow the user to run audio for 130 hours or HD video for up to 30 hours.

Basically, Tegra is going to pack a ton of power and be a media powerhorse. Can Android catch up to the specs? We'll soon see.