Logitech's in-car phone mount originally launched as the ZeroTouch now has a second version dubbed the "SmartCar" mount and is being stocked by the Google Store. The new version aligns with its change to being designed for Android Auto's standalone phone mode, as the mount will auto-launch the Android Auto app instead of Logitech's own ZeroTouch app.

Logitech ZeroTouch

The SmartCar mount comes in two different designs, one for mounting on your dashboard/windshield and another for clipping onto an air vent, but in both cases is extremely simple with no additional levers or contraptions to hold your phone in place. Instead, you have to (semi-permanently) install a metal tab on the back of your phone (or case) that helps it attach to the mount and also communicate to the phone that the connection has been made. Placing your phone on the mount auto-launches Android Auto, and when you remove it the app closes — that's slick.

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At $80 the Logitech SmartCar dashboard mount is well beyond what most people are willing to spend on this sort of thing, and the $60 price tag for an extremely simple vent clip is almost laughable. Some of the best-selling and capable car mounts, like the ones from iOttie are less than $30. But if you want that super-slick look and added one-touch functionality of launching Android Auto, maybe you'll be willing to splash the cash on one of these from Logitech.

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