No, Project Fi will not destroy your Google Voice account (update: that was then, this is now)

This article was updated in February, 2017 with new information about both Project Fi and Google Voice.

In January 2017, Google Voice was given the big update many of us using it had been waiting for. A rich user interface with things like threaded messaging and MMS for everyone, as well as a new web interface all worked to make using Google Voice easier. But for some, namely Project Fi users, it put an end to being able to use the app the way we had been using it. And to add a little salt to the wound, we've all been hearing about how Hangouts — the only option for Fi subscribers to use more than one phone — is moving away to become some strange corporate enterprise thing.

If Hangouts morphs into something else, what happens to Fi users who need Google Voice features?

A Project Fi subscriber can no longer have a traditional Google Voice account. Both systems share the same infrastructure, so tying more than one number to the same account isn't possible. Your Project Fi phone number is your Google Voice number and vice versa. Before the update, users with a Project Fi-issued phone number were able to install the Google Voice app on a different phone or a tablet so sending and receiving SMS was available using the Fi number and calls would come in or could be made using the Fi number.

This update takes that option away, leaving Hangouts as the only method to use one number across different devices. And Hangouts is going away, at least as we know it today.

We reached out to Project Fi and heard the same well-intentioned line everyone eventually received; nothing to announce, Google understands the situation, pair of aces in the wrong places and all that. But there is light at the end of the tunnel when we veer away from the official word and look to the unconfirmed but reliable sources.

Google is said to be adding the functionality Project Fi users currently have via Hangouts into the new Google Voice. That could mean a merging of Fi and Google Voice, additional features in the Project Fi app for devices with a different SIM card and phone number, or a fix for Google accounts associated with a Fi account so that they can access the Google Voice app and its features using a Fi number.

Google's messaging strategy is an unknown and can be confusing. Still, we expect they have some plan in mind for folks paying them to use Project Fi. Google Voice has been a favorite for many since it was Grand Central and is still a great way to have a second number or use the same number everywhere. We hope it stays that way.

The original text of the article follows below.

News that Google was finally pushing Project Fi invites to a handful of people led to a whole lot of users asking those lucky enough to get in on the action what the experience was like. In doing so, a screenshot appeared that suggested using Project Fi meant destroying your Google Voice account. The dialogue box from the screenshot explains you can either bring your Google Voice number over to Project Fi, or you can use a different number with a caveat explaining your current Voice number will be released if you go with a different number.

If all you know about Project Fi and Google Voice comes from that one screenshot, there'd be plenty of reason to be concerned. Fortunately, after a quick chat with the folks at Google, we know things aren't nearly as dire as they seem.

Project Fi uses the same infrastructure as Google Voice, and all of those features follow with you from Google Voice to Project Fi.

The first thing you need to know about Project Fi is how the system is built to function. Fi operates on a special hybrid network that allows users to move seamlessly between Wifi, T-Mobile, and Sprint networks, with unique pricing that lets you pay for what you use and not a penny more. The service also lets you use your Fi number on devices that aren't connected to the Fi network. You can use your Fi number to make calls, send SMS, and access call forwarding and voicemail transcripts on anything running Google Hangouts, including your desktop.

Sound familiar? That's because Project Fi uses the same infrastructure as Google Voice, and all of those features follow with you from Google Voice to Project Fi.

Project Fi

Google Voice isn't being destroyed by this new service, it's growing up and becoming Project Fi. You have the same features that work the same way, with the added bonus of being able to use the Project Fi mobile carrier service if you choose. Remember, Project Fi is month to month, so you can jump on and off the service as you please. More importantly, Google has confirmed users who stop using Fi will be able to continue using the Google Voice features in Hangouts, only now it'll be called Project Fi when setting it up on new devices. If you want access to your old Google Voice information, like call history and old voicemail, there's a button to do exactly that inside the Project Fi web interface.

So relax, Google isn't taking Voice from you. If anything, Google is doing what folks have been begging them to do for well over a year now by bringing Voice into the modern era and tacking new features onto it. If you're only casually interested in Fi and don't want to move your Voice account over, you can use another Gmail account and get a fresh number generated. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Russell is a Contributing Editor at Android Central. He's a former server admin who has been using Android since the HTC G1, and quite literally wrote the book on Android tablets. You can usually find him chasing the next tech trend, much to the pain of his wallet. Find him on Facebook and Twitter

  • Good update! thanks.
  • In the US you can take your number with you.
  • Yes you can, but all your phones won't ring anymore.
    Just the one phone connected to Fi will ring.
    I'll keep my carrier # and use Hangouts like I've been doing.
    I have multiple phones at any given time.
    Being unreachable because I left my "Google Voice Phone" in the car or office is unthinkable. Rooted LG G2 Rooted GSIII
    Stock Galaxy Note 4
    (The Sprint Lover)
  • Untrue. Fi can be set up so that an incoming call rings your phone and all devices where you are signed in to your Google account and have Hangouts running. And you can answer from any of those devices. It's one of the reasons I'm looking forward to Fi.
  • "Untrue. Fi can be set up so that an incoming call rings your phone and all devices where you are signed in to your Google account and have Hangouts running." You're missing a significant functionality of Google Voice. Google Voice can also ring non-mobile phones, such as your home phone or your work phone. These standard phones are not mobile devices and cannot run apps. So, anyone who relies on this functionality would lose this functionality if their Google Voice account were "upgraded" to Google Fi which will only ring devices that can run apps.
  • Can a call to a Fi # ring an OBi device which is currently able to answer GV VOIP calls?
  • Lol, I came to read just for the title! ;)
  • At last a journalist who actually did some research. i am impressed. all the other tech sites just regurgitated the same old.
  • Plenty of times when android central also published articles without happens with every site unfortunately.
  • I suppose to be fair to Min Mansell, he didn't say Android Central, he said, "journalist," referring specifically to Russell Holly.
  • Russell, did you intend to display the cell phone number in that screen shot? Posted via the Android Central App
  • "Hello, this is so-an-so with Visa\Mastercard\"your bank". we would like to speak with you regarding your account, card ending ****. Can you please provide your address and the security code on the back of the card to verify we are speaking with Mr. Holly?" Moral of the story: some people suck, might want to remove ANY account information.
  • Guys its not Russell's credit card info. Look at the name... Posted on my Moto X that is prob being charged as we speak...
  • Sounds a lot like GV integration with Sprint. My GV number is my Sprint number. Limits me to using Hangouts for SMS and notbeing able to initiate group messages from Hangouts.
  • Finally some accurate info on this Google voice issue!
  • Moral of the story is port your number to Google Voice and grow up! You don't need 2 numbers even if you are a business... Posted on my Moto X that is prob being charged as we speak...
  • Well the problem is you can't have two numbers without also using two Google Accounts, which in itself creates issues. So people were worried that if they tried out Fi they would loose their Google Voice number and not be able to go back. Turns out that the issue is way overblown, but it was a serious worry for some.
  • I think Angry is talking about ppl like me with at&t who now has two and gv. With FI, we can ditch at&t though I am not going to do that... Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4
  • Yep! Posted on my Moto X that is prob being charged as we speak...
  • I'm like you I give my at&t to everyone but my gv is only for close friends and family so they can always reach me since I'm always connected to one of my android devices. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I am opposite of you, I give my GV to everyone because I like to switch carriers and not have to port anything. Plus GV lets me assign different messages depending on who is calling. (Or auto voicemail people I don't want to talk with.)
  • Andrew, I tried to send you this privately, but you don't accept PMs. Please look up loose & lose.
  • 1 personal, 1 business. Or multiple numbers depending on role (1 for billing, 1 for tech support, etc). There are plenty of scenarios were having different numbers would be desirable.
  • But those numbers are not all google voice numbers? If they are you are doing this wrong. Posted on my Moto X that is prob being charged as we speak...
  • Spoken like a true fanboy...
  • I've been trying to port my 509 are code number for about 5 years now.. but I get the following message:
    Porting your mobile number to Google Voice is unavailable
    Your mobile number can not be ported at this time.
    - This number appears to be from an area we don't currently support for porting.
  • I think the lede got buried here. If I'm reading this correctly, then if someone a) has a Google Voice number, b) signs up for Fi, and 3) doesn't want to use that Google Voice number for Fi, then that Google Voice number will indeed be lost to that user. Is that correct? If it is, then the headline is a bit misleading.
  • But the point is that there's no real downside to just making the transition to Fi from Voice, because you retain the same features.
  • With FI you can't (it would seem) maintain your Google Voice number separately from your "carrier" number. For some folks, that is going to be a real downside. Not for everybody, but for more than nobody.
  • Google voice = Fi is your carrier now Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4
  • Right.
  • The downside is I would no longer have two numbers. I use my carrier number for personal calls, and my GV number for business. (Also I like being able to text myself from Hangouts to try out different SMS apps.) If I went with Fi, it seems like I would have to give all of my business contacts my carrier number and lose my GV number, or give all of my personal contacts my GV number and lose my carrier number. Neither of those options are appealing.
  • I suppose you could move that to another google voice account and have it forward to FI.
  • Google Voice will not allow you to forward calls to another Google Voice number. I can not confirm this is the same with Fi.
  • He isn't talking about forwarding. He's talking about transferring the number to another Google account. This is entirely possible. I should know, I've done it myself.
  • Can I continue to use Obihai after migrating to Fi ?
  • No, they explicitly say that Fi doesn't work with Obi devices.
  • Many of the features, but not the same. Google Fi won't route to physical land line numbers like Google Voice will.
  • Sadly, moving from GV to Fi will break my Obi200 device that I have at set up for a home phone :( Which they state in the fine print.
  • I wouldn't think that functionality of devices like the Obi phones will be around too much longer anyway, honestly.
  • That might surprise you. I see your line of thinking since you'll have a $20 wifi +carrier phone going with Fi. People still rock the home phone for various reasons and Obi is a completely free solution (one time purchase).
  • I think the issue is "Will Google drop support for these devices entirely?".
  • I'm thinking more from the standpoint of Google closing up the system so devices like the Obi no longer work (or aren't as appealing due to limitations of the system).
  • I don't want to lose my Obi functionality either. So to remedy that, I made another GMail account and got another number through GV, unlocked the GV number for 3 bucks, ported it to Ringto and now have my Obi set up with Ringto which is a free VOIP service by Bandwidth - same company that owns Republic Wireless.
  • Wow, nothing like being a fanboy and sounding like a commercial - "I use Ringto...brought to you by Bandwidth...makers of Republic Wireless." And which misguided-Ambassador or OCD-poster to their forums are you? Do tell...
  • still confused, if I have a google voice number and i have a t-mobile # and I port my t-mobile # to project fi on my nexus 6, do i lose my google voice #? i only use my google voice # to forward to my t-mo phone number and give it out as a spam phone #.
  • As soon as you sign up for Fi with the same Google Account that has a Google Voice number, you will lose that Voice number if you don't choose to use it as a Fi number.
  • awesome, thanks for the quick response and confirming what i thought.
  • Once again Android Central is the truth! Once again Android Central puts in the work and clarifies the situation! Great job Android Central! This is why I come here first! Google+ All Day Everyday
  • Unfortunately this article is the opposite of what the Project Fi rep just told me. I received an invite and called to get some clarification. According to the Fi rep, signing up for Project Fi will basically make your GV number just like any other number. You will lose most of the current GV functionality. It's almost the same as having your GV number ported to your carrier and setting up Hangouts to handle your SMS. The biggest difference is that with another carrier you have the option of using Google Voice, and with Google's Project Fi, you do not.
  • So does this mean we'll be able to send international text with Google Voice now?
  • Well, technically, as soon as you turn your Google Voice number into a Project Fi number. But we don't know how those two will share features going forward. Particularly once you stop paying for Fi and how that affects international texts and calls.
  • This is easily the best part about GV...forget to - or can't afford to - pay your bill right away?? Just connect to wifi and you get calls, messages, etc again. Try that with dumb-name and watch what happens!!
  • thanks for actually contacting the subjects for a comment rather than click-bating a article that has a negative tone towards a non apple product like did.
  • Leave it to Google to make something confusing...
  • Yeah that's a big issue. Though this honestly isn't as big an issue as others because of how few people are in the unique situation of having Google Voice and considering the move to Fi. This is part of why it's "Project" Fi right now — figuring out these kinds of things.
  • No, it DOES replace GV. you can no longer use your number with hangouts to make vouce calls for free. So yes....googbye GV if you sign up for dumb-name. FU, Google....for the first time in my life I want to watch something of yours crash and burn so hard it hurts.
  • "You can use your Fi number to make calls, send SMS, and access call forwarding and voicemail transcripts on anything running Google Hangouts, including your desktop."
  • If this is the case why the need for a Nexus 6 to activate service?? Wouldn't it make far more sense to just put a disclaimer if you activate any other model device saying you won't be able to utilize seamless carrier handoff?? I mean I use nothing but mobile data...I have literally never used even one voice minute on my tmobile plan since hangouts and voice integrated. I'm a prime candidate for this service on a non Nexus 6 device. I couldn't give less of a rat's ass about all that nonsense. All I need is hangouts and they wouldn't let me use that even if I could manage to activate an account!! The whole way they are doing this is just plain damn retarded. It's got a lot of potential, but everywhere I look Google has made stupid choices to wall users into exactly how they want the service used, which goes against everything android stands for.
  • It's a hardware thing. Only the Nexus 6 supports all of the LTE, GSM and CDMA bands that let it use the full spectrum of service provided by both T-Mobile and Sprint. There is nothing stopping future phones from any manufacturer from doing this in the future but as of now the N6 is the only device with the necessary bands. Besides, this isn't designed as a commercial service. It would be great if you saved money, but the big thing is that this is a technology showcase and , at least at first, taking the phone manufacturer and model out of the picture will allow the engineers to concentrate on diagnosing bugs and improving the software. I think you'll see a different picturei in six months.
  • Is Verizon going to give lollipop update moto g xt1028 also how do you unlock boot loader if you have code
  • I'd check the forums out. You'll get help much quicker. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What's not clear is if you still retain all:
    - call blocking
    - call screening
    - multiple greetings
    - specific call routing/forwarding to multiple phones by contact groups
    - message transcription If you don't retain the current Google Voice web interface then you might not have everything in Fi. That sample Settings interface shown above looks pretty simplified.
  • Call blocking was the only feature I'm concerned about. Now I'm a little concerned about the Hangout's VOIP calls too. Even though I hardly use it, I was able to make a call to a landline using the Hangout's dialer. I'm assuming that's because I have Google Voice. I'm guessing VOIP and Video Calling would still work Hangouts to Hangouts, even if I decide to drop Fi at some point, because that uses your Google account and not Google Voice. I think some people (and definitely the media) may be overreacting about some of these things. But there are a couple points that I'm really going to need to consider if I'm going to go the Fi route.
  • I just talked to a Project FI rep. You lose all of that. It's essentially the same as if you stopped using GV, had your GV number ported to your carrier, and set up Hangouts to handle your SMS. The biggest difference is that with another carrier, you can set up and use GV, and with Project Fi, you can't.
  • Yes it will destroy your Google Voice account!!! Read for yourself what you won't be able to do if you use Google Voice a lot:
  • What happens if I try Fi on my T-Mobile number (thereby sacrificing my GV number) but decide not to keep it? I guess I've lost my GV number and would have to pick a new one? If so, I won't be trying Fi. I don't want to try it on another Google account, and I don't want to lose my GV number. Oh well. Posted via the Android Central App
  • From Project Fi FAQ: Features not supported at this time Sending and receiving group messages Forget that! Posted via the Android Central App
  • You mean the thing that has never, ever been supported in Google Voice?
  • If you get an invite do you have to immediately jump on the opportunity ie is there an expiration date to sign up if you get an invite?
  • I've been looking around for the answer to this too, and I have not found anyone who has been denied after receiving an invitation, despite waiting for awhile. Though it's all still so new. I'm also not aware of any other Google invitations which have expired. (Gmail, Voice, Wave - remember that one?)
  • This is probably the most MISINFORMATIVE article I've ever seen on AC. Even the headline makes it sound like there's no risk or downside to switching from GV to Fi. Before any GV users pull the trigger, I strongly recommend they read Google's long laundry list of GV features that will be LOST FOREVER if they move to Project Fi:
  • Absolutely agree. This article is complete white washing of an important issue/concern for some. It is irresponsibly written and typical of the Google shill mentality pervasive among the "editors" here. People take heed: Google Fi may work for some, but there are important considerations to be made before jumping on the bandwagon. And this article does absolutely NOTHING to help anyone make an informed decision. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Absolutely true. The title of the article is not really correct. Although it's not really entirely wrong either. and there are certainly important considerations other than those mentioned in the article itself. Thank God for comments on this one!
  • They are not "LOST FOREVER~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" they are under development under Fi. And they tell you this UP FRONT and in BIG FONT when you sign up. If you can't read when signing up that's on you.
  • My issue is that if I use Project Fi, I want to use my Google Voice number, but I also am keeping a Verizon line as well and want to use my Google Voice number. It doesn't sound like I can, unless I transfer my Google Voice number to a 2nd GMail account, independent of the one I am using with FI
  • Sounds much like what I did, but I don't know what you mean exactly by keeping a Verizon line. I described my workaround in the main thread, maybe it will help you. So far, all is well.
  • I thought all the online angst around losing Google Voice was from people who, for some reason, are still using the Google Voice app as a dialer.
  • I am using GV to call international numbers
  • It's probably from people who use Google Voice to route calls to landlines (like their home phone or their work phone).
  • I might have been in that boat but as it never worked with extensions it doesn't matter to me or to most people's work phones.
  • I have been using it for receiving calls mainly, which will ring my cell, my work phone, and any other landline I want to set up. More information is in my comment in the main thread.
  • Okay... here's a specialty question that I haven't seen answered anywhere :)
    I have GV integration with Sprint and my GV number is my Sprint number. So what's going to happen when I want to move to Fi? I am a huge GV nerd ( using since 2009) and don't want to loose anything! Thanks for any info!
  • Not sure, I don't have that setup, but my comment on the main thread may help you. Or totally not apply, I have no idea.
  • Not really related, but what is the yellow app in the header?(looks like a ship shooting lasers or something)
  • its called A.D.D , which is Attention Deficit Disorder. They make medicine for that. ; )
  • Sky force.
  • I don't want to be *that* person but... Yeah yeah it's all great and awesome, Google. When are we getting ANY kind of service in Canada? The original company they bought to make Google Voice (GrandCentral) was in Canada and had Canadian numbers. I get that the mobile carrier option is much harder to implement, but can you really tell me Google can't figure out how to give me voice service over here in Canada? Come on.
  • The title of the article is terribly misleading. Also the article glosses over the genuine concerns of porting GV numbers to Fi. The article does not address two critical questions:
    Let's say i port my GV to Project Fi, and after a few months decide to leave Fi and move to a new carrier (like Verizon). Will I retail my GV even after i switch to the new carrier? One of the great novelties of a GV number was its independence from carriers. That independence will now be lost if GVs are tied to Fi (the carrier). Alternatively, if i don't port my GV number and decide to get a new GV number (with a new gmail address), can I make my GV number to ring when my Fi number is called? Is it possible to link the two?
  • Kinda. See my comment below.
  • So what if I were to transfer over my google voice number to fi, try it out for a few months and say this isn't the right service for me. When I cancel does my google voice number get cancelled entirely?
  • You do lose features of GV, like marking a caller as a spammer, recording calls, etc.. I've confirmed this with the Fi support team already. Good thing my invite is still 12 weeks away so I can figure out if I really want to make the switch. I'm also hearing people say that speeds are nowhere as fast as using native TMobile (my current carrier).
  • There's a way around that groups issue. See my comment on the main thread for details.
  • 1. You can use (already have or create fresh) a second voice account with no number, and then transfer your Voice number from old account to new account. At that point, then port your cell number to Fi upon activation. That's what I did. 2. Your Google Voice number CANNOT forward to a Fi number (nor any other Google Voice number) but it will ring your Fi phone via Hangouts if you're signed in to that account. (Hangouts must be enabled in the Phones tab in Voice, and/or enabled for that contact our that contact's group, and of course you gotta have a data connection.) 3. You will want to export your contacts from old Voice account to new. In Google Contacts that is. You might have to configure groups manually in Voice after that. At least I did, but that maybe is because my 'new' is at my own domain via Google Apps. So maybe it's different from a account to another account.
  • I want to keep my Google Voice number as is though, it really has nothing to do with what I want to use Project Fi for... But Google thinks it knows better than I do... So now I have to pass on Project Fi... This is Google+ all over again.
  • So arfyness - If I have a GV# on a Gapps account (not supported on FI) and choose to port my cell # to my GV gmail account, I can't forward my Gapps # to my gmail number however it will ring me thru Hangouts if I am signed into it with my Gapps account? Also, say I want to port my current Gapps # from my apps account to a gmail account and then want to port my actual cell number to my apps account, is that possible? I like having 2 numbers and definitely don't want to lose that but I am just trying to figure out the best way to do it. Otherwise I guess I have to purchase the 6p outright and bring to T-Mobile.
  • SO a completely new Question, albeit 5 months past due from this article. Is GV heading to oblivion, google's annual scrap heap? Is Project Fi the future of Voice Communications for Google/Android. Honestly GV/GCentral is just too complicated and hard for most to understand. I think that is a big question worth getting more focus on? I am moving to P.Fi from GV out of self preservation and simplicity sake. This GV effort has Never worked easily, NEVER. KISS, yes that makes me 'stupid'
  • A lot of this is old now but I thought I would give my experience so far. Yesterday I moved over to Project Fi and ported my previous cell phone number. So I did not sacrifice my Google Voice number I moved it to a new gmail account I created just for that reason. (More on that later) So far I have noticed that my Obi200 VoIP adapter is still ringing (although I am using my actual cell phone number instead of the Google number) as is Hangouts on my desktop. When the call comes in it shows as "Incomming Project Fi call" now instead of from Google Voice or whatever it said prior. Project Fi IS Google Voice, it replaces everything. I still have call forwarding options to ring multiple phones as I had before. Currently I see no downside to this. Before I was very concerned as I liked keeping a seperate phone number for random things and I've now lost that to some extent. I may roll my old Voice number to Ring.To. After thinking about it though, what is the point? If I forward all the Voice calls to my real number anyway, what do I gain? Still thinking on that one... In the end since Project Fi (and my Nexus 5x) fully support WiFi calling I really no longer have the need for my Obi setup. I only got it because of having poor cell reception in my house and I did not have any other reliable means of making a voice call. I'll more than likely get rid of it all along with my "other" Google Voice line.
  • To update - On the OBI I had to remove my google account that is attached to Google Fi. While it does ring with that phone number, calls do not connect properly. It tries, but they've got it disabled I suppose.
  • Jwn,
    Very late and I hope this question finds you. I am looking to bring my cell number to Fi and keep my old GV number. My GV number is on my main Gmail account and I don't want to loose it. I should be able to setup Fi on one of my secondary Gmail accounts and keep both numbers?
    How have the most recent GV update work out on the phone and with project Fi?
  • This article bothers me because its title is incredibly misleading, and 5 months after it was published it still comes up on the first page of a lot of searches I do on how to prevent/fix issues with Voice/Fi. Bottom line, if you're currently a Google Voice user, switching to Fi will absolutely break things. Voice will no longer forward to your phone, and even installing the Voice app becomes a bit of a pain. If you don't use two separate Google accounts, you'll lose one of your two phone numbers. That sure sounds like destroying things. I'm still pretty new to Fi, and I'm still working things out, but Google Voice isn't "growing up," it's being strangled.
  • The answer to us Project Fi users is simple, They would need to add some important features to Google Allo Add SMS / Desktop integration / etc...
  • I don't know how to post.
  • Duplicate
  • Fi also works great on US Cellular, which in much of the Midwest has much better LTE than Sprint or T-Mobile. It's the same seamless, grab the best connection and go process.
  • Aquila, if I were to transfer my GV number over to fi when I sign up and then two months down the road do not want to keep service with Fi...will my GV number just be cancelled or do I get that number back?
  • It gives you the option to transfer the number to Google Voice, give up the number or port it to another carrier.
  • Okay so it basically gives the same options when you cancel service. If I gave up the GV number, can I easily get a new one with that same email? I believe it will cost me though. I want to test the fi service out for a couple of months and figure transferring my GV number will be fine, just don't want to lose it if I were to cancel Fi and then have to pay to get a new GV number.
  • Yes, while you're going through the process to cancel Fi it gives you those options. You should be good to go, I think the only time I've had an issue was when I involved Verizon in the process to move a phone number around, and I think that was $25.
  • I still get confused by the purpose of google voice, it has a lot of features. I mainly used it as another phone number to text/call people that I didn't want to give my carrier cell number to for security purposes. So I think I will transfer it to Fi, and forward my carrier line to it. Sounds like a plan? lol
  • Too confusing. Is Hangouts really leaving? They should just focus on one product. Make Hangouts the one stop shop for all of this.
  • FYI: 1GB/Month for $20, 2GB/Month for $30, 4GB/Month for $45. Republic Wireless operates similar to PF in that it uses the other carriers and makes the phone WiFi first if available, if not it uses Cellular. I've used both and they function equally well but Republic costs less. Also unlimited Calls and Text. No contract, bigger selection of usable phones then PF.
  • Allo, Duo, Fi, Voice, HangOuts, Talk,etc. - Google needs less diversification and more simplification.....YESTERYEAR !
  • ..Tes
    Allo, Duo, Fi, Voice, HangOuts, Talk,etc. - Google needs less diversification and more simplification.....YESTERYEAR !
  • I lost my old GV number when I switched to Fi. Something strange happened and no one could fix it. I used my GV number to become my Fi number instead of creating a different Google account. My number couldn't receive texts first, then calls, but data still worked so I could send email or Hangouts. Then those became erratic. So the only thing they could do was kill my old number and issue me a new one. Been with Fi through it all, but haven't been back to GV because I am not switching carriers or devices like I was. Plus am not using multiple phones. Only saying this because I hope what they are doing on the back end with GV and Fi service doesn't create the same monster again. Probably won't, but as no one had answers the last time it makes me a bit nervous.
  • I never used Google Voice before. I've been with Fi for about 1.5 years now and I like it, but it still feels experimental. The most disappointing thing through this whole ordeal has been the lack of updates to my Nexus 6. I don't use my data away from wifi so I really like the low bill through Fi, it's going to be hard to go to any other carrier after this.
  • you can now activate fi service and use it on non-google approved devices. I found this company that does secure activation can be done at activatefi------>dot---->com