No headphone jack: dealbreaker or no big deal?

The headphone jack — or lack thereof — has become a point of contention for many people since Motorola removed it from its flagship Moto Z in mid-2016. The conversation got even louder when Apple did the same later in the year, and now we have devices like the HTC U11, arguably one of the best phones of the year, and the Moto Z2 Force, that maintain the trend.

While there are plenty of avenues to overcome the lack of a headphone jack — Bluetooth headphones, USB-C headphones, or an adapter that brings back the 3.5mm jack, many people prefer to seek out devices that just keep things simple and seek out a phone with the port built in. It helps that the most popular Android phone this year, the Galaxy S8, has kept the jack despite supporting next-gen wireless technologies like Bluetooth 5 that promise to increase sound quality, but the writing does appear to be on the wall: the 3.5mm headphone jack is not long for this world.

In our forums, dpham00 wondered the same thing, noting the port's absence on the new Moto Z2 Force:

There's no 3.5mm headphone jack like the z force droid, will this be a deal breaker for you? Personally, I haven't used 3.5mm headphones in years so it doesn't bother me, but i can see it as a downer for those that do. There is an usb c to headphone jack in the box but that seems very easy to lose, IMO.


The responses are fairly uniform, including this one from shadowsjc:

Deal breaker for me. I have a Motorola g4 plus and have been tracking the z2 force eagerly for some time. I can't believe they reduced the battery and took off the headphone jack. I use Bluetooth headphones during my work commute, but sometimes its not practical to fire up the headset (like if I want to listen to something at work, I want the option to plug in my earbuds without some stupid...


Others, like PowrDroid, just require an adapter to be in the box, and he's good to go:

If it comes with the adapter, not a deal breaker. But it's an unnecessary hassle to need an adapter. Just another detraction from this phone.


What do you think? Is the lack of a headphone jack a dealbreaker for you when deciding on a new phone, or is it no big deal?

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  • Not a big deal to me, i always use Bluetooth headphones anyways.
  • Same to me. I didn't spend all that money on MDR1000x's to not use Bluetooth.
  • Ditto, get over it.
  • No one cares, those things only make national news or headlines when it's done by Apple. Which is why we got headlines like "Removing the headphone jack on the iPhone is user hostile." A few on this site and forum will be upset, but it will never rise to the level of attention it got when Apple did it. That's the way this world works.
  • That's because Apple outsells every other OEM (with the exception of Samsung in some quarters). More sales = more people hurt by the decision.
  • That is actually a cop-out. Android has an 85% marketshares iOS only has about 15% market shares worldwide that's a number a lot of folks here likes to throw out to diminish Apple's influence in the smartphone world. Apple does not even sell cheap or even offer any devices in the mid-tier market. But according to you their action will hurt more folks, I know I was not a math major in during my 4 years at Rutgers, but this makes no sense to me.
  • Not really a copout.
    Android in total, has the OS on more unit. Apple outSELLS every OTHER OEM....
    So just because you have Android on more items, you have to add in HTC, Samsung, LG, Moto etc...
    Each on their own don't beat Apple.... The LG G6 isn't beating the Apple s7 or whatever its at now. So if Apple, on ONE of their new units, takes off the headphone jack, then that affects more people than say the LG G6. So if we are talking about Android, the OS, you are correct, to an extent, but many people are on older Android versions and will never see a feature or removal of a feature to the extent of an Apple product.
  • You're comparing two different things. A third of that 85% of Android's marketshare is Samsung, followed by Huawei and Oppo. Motorola, HTC and other smaller players are all lumped into the "others" category with less than 5% marketshare each. So, even combining Moto and HTC into 10% worldwide marketshare (being optimistic), that combined number is still less than Apple's marketshare. Apple sells a lot more phones than HTC and Moto combined, and more than any other Android OEM except Samsung. Because more people use Apple phones than HTC or Moto phones, people care more when Apple does something. Source for marketshare numbers:
  • It's just like with having two models the regular model and the plus model. Now almost everyone is releasing like that with the same naming convention including samsung with their s8 and s8 +. Whether you like it or not Apple sets the trends. Once Apple releases a new feature, new design or improves on an existing one everyone starts to follow. Some do it not so obvious way and put effort in it and others do it in such an obvious way (samsung).
  • Hmm. haven't seen Apple really create anything. Copy? yes. Create? no.
  • Not really a dealbreaker for me, the only time I use the headphone jack is if I'm driving and the radio doesn't have BT.
  • Deal breaker: I carry a backup wired headset in my gym bag for whenever my BT headset runs out of battery unexpectedly. Would hate to be stuck without that option if I lost the adapter plus the occasional need to charge and listen at the same time (think while being in bed listening to audio books or something) requiring a Y adapter. What a pain! And for what, it's not like the headphones jack is expensive or takes a huge amount of space.
  • I do the same, and have 2 BT headsets. One as a backup when my primary set dies during a workout. Don't need anything fancy. I think I paid $20 for my backup pair. Also could just get a USB to 3.5mm adapter.
  • You need better headsets unless you work out for hours at a time
  • Wrong. I just charge them once a week or so. Having a backup in your bag is a better solution than setting them to charge every day IMO.
  • Dealbreaker I need my headphone jack and hate using an adapter.
    Just leave it there it just works
  • Dealbreaker - I use my headset almost exclusively when i'm travelling - bluetooth battery life don't cut it
  • The carriers love no jacks. This way they don't have to enable FM. I have a few BT headphones and earpieces but came back to the jack. Sound is better and no latency. I realize the jack is on the way out but can we atleast get cheaper (under 50 bucks and yet good quality) noise cancelling BT units first.
  • I can't remember ever having a phone with the FM radio enabled, even unlocked devices like the Nexus 6P.
  • Verizon user?
  • I was in 2011 and 2012. Had an iPhone 4, then a Samsung Stratosphere. Neither had the FM radio enabled.
  • The 6p does not have a FM chipset in it to activate. Might be a logical reason you never used it. Mac
  • I agree with your assessment why the carriers want to do away with the headphone jack.. Just another thing that they can make our lives miserable with... Mac
  • I honestly miss having an FM Radio. What I liked about my Lumia 640 was that it HAD a quality, yet simple, FM Radio, that you could offline, without any ads, but Microsoft had to remove it, citing the inferiority of the radio apps in the Microsoft App Store as a reason why, most of which you needed to have internet to use, and were blasted by ads.
  • FM has been dead for the most part on devices for years
  • FM barely exists in my car. Certainly don't want it on my phone.
  • It would be a deal breaker for me if the bluetooth streaming isn't 100% solid. On my Pixel XL I get "stutters" or "blips" while listening to music over bluetooth. This is unacceptable if I had no other wired option to listen to music to.
  • Bluetooth issues are going to be fixed in android O. They rewrote how Bluetooth works so it'll be much better.
  • I'm glad you have this problem too! I thought it was my nice Bluetooth earbuds
  • It's no biggie to me as I have nice Bluetooth buds however I also like using the Pressy button.
    That said not having a headphone jack won't keep me from getting my target fall release phone nor will it weigh heavily on my decision on which I get.
    My choices are LG V30, NOTE 8 or Pixel 2XL...
  • Yeah, this is actually something that's making me consider switching back to Android from an iPhone (I'm a weirdo and seem to switch back a forth every/every other year or so). I typically have a blue-tooth headset I use, but there's just enough times that not having a headphone jack is really frustrating. So it's now close to it for me and my use.
  • Nope, no BFD at all. My old ears are fine with the bluetooth. Front-facing stereo speakers, on the other hand. That's my kind of dealbreaker.
  • Deal breaker: LG uses a damn good DAC in their V series phones, and I have owned both, and I plan on upgrading to the V30. Audiophiles unite!
  • I'm on the HTC 10, which has its own killer DAC, so I hear you. Bluetooth will NEVER get the job done, and there are multiple reasons not to trust in adapters. No 3.5mm jack, no sale. Just as a couple OEMs start to really invest in audio quality, this nonsensical no-jack trend started. I have no idea whom they believe they're benefiting.
  • I had the HTC 10 and upgraded to the U11. The included usb c headphones are really good for day to day use and my PSB noise cancellation headphones have the 3.5 adapter attached and I won't take it off so not a big deal for me. Android auto in car playing flac files. At home I use my stereo so all areas covered.
  • Until HiFiMan or Etymotic Research comes out with Bluetooth IEM's, it's a dealbreaker.
  • Total deal breaker for me! Bluetooth headphones and usb c headphones are so much more expensive. I use a simple pair of $5 JVC Gummy headphones which actually pull off decent sound quality and last long enough. Cheap to replace if they break. Additionally, I charge my phone while listening to music a lot of the time and without the headphone jack, that's not possible with wired headphones unless they start releasing phones with dual USB-C ports. You can't just remove something that essential without an equivalent replacement.
  • Just picked the first one.
  • Deal breaker. So is non removable battery, glass front and back, late or no os and security updates, outrageously high handset cost...... Looks like I won't be replacing my Note 4 anytime soon.
  • I'm with you on the glass backed phones. I'm a person who doesn't use cases and the fear of dropping my phone exponentially increased by a 100. My next phone will either be metal or plastic.
  • A removable battery isn't gonna happen anytime soon.
  • I missed it when I was on the Z for a short time. I like having the option.
  • It's not the end of the world to me, but if there are two phones I am interested in and seem mostly equal, the one with the headphone jack get's my money.
  • I haven't plugged my phone into a headphone jack in a long time. Bluetooth in my car and Bluetooth headphones and speakers at home removed the need for it. It wouldn't at all be a deal breaker to not have it.
  • i don't care if new phones have it or not. i'm looking to move to wireless audio within this year. if there's an emergency, i'll either have my adapter in my backpack or just not be able to use earbuds. a good solution is a backup pair of usb-c earbuds, but the problem is that there aren't a good amount of them out currently.
  • Deal breaker
  • Dealbreaker. No headphone jack no sale. Bluetooth headphones sound like crap compared to wired. And I'm not about that dongle life either. If I lose my headphones, now I gotta buy a stupid dongle too. There isn't a single benefit of removing the jack. You want to use your bluetooth headphones? Fine, but please let me have the option of a headphone jack too. This isn't a either or situation. You can have both.
  • Not a deal breaker for me. Bought the U11 and love the headphones that are included.
  • Looks like I have no choice if Pixel 2 doesn't come with one. Must adapt I guess. I am sure as hell not buying Samsung because they have one.
  • You could always get a Oneplus 5 lol.
  • Forgot about those guys
  • I splurged and bought an Audioquest Dragonfly Black DAC and Amp, and use it with a USB-C to USB-A adapter. So for music, I'm covered. But I can't transmit my voice through that, so for phone calls I'd need a different adapter.
  • It's nice to have the flexibility. I still use it at my parents place and at some of my friends places. I do have Bluetooth headphones, but I don't think we should be getting rid of the jack for another year or 2.
  • Big deal breaker for me. Forget about the fact I like to hear details in my music and have more than mp3's on my device, and think about how expensive these devices have gotten and they want to remove features and charge more. Time and Time again it's been proven there is more than enough space in these phones for headphone jack. (Bull$hit excuse don't even use it) Let's save a couple of dollars by not including a decent audio amp section and force a dongle on you. This isn't a damn laptop that sits on a desk and you can have hubs to connect things to. (Bluetooth audio sucks and not even a valid option) Removal of the headphone jack means I won't buy your crap. Oh and stop making these damn things thinner and freaking add some thicker batteries along with the jack.
  • Try a pair of usb c headphones and I think you'll see why the change to usb c headphones is happening. All the HTC U 11 reviews love the included headphones because they can do more than a standard 3.5mm headphone jack can. The U11 headphones have microphones in them that send sound through your ear canal and listens to the bounce back and calibrates them for your ears. That is something a 3.5 mm jack can't do. If everyone got on board the sound quality on usb c can be so much better than 3.5 mm headphones.
  • I 100% agree, here here!!!
  • I've been using blue-tooth headphones since before they were were being added to phones, so I don't really care. Funny enough the reason I opted for blue-tooth was precisely because there was no 3.5mm jack years ago and I didn't wanna bother with proprietary headphones, then I simply got to used to the freedom and convenience of Blue-tooth.
  • We all set priorities when buying a device. Many care what a phone looks like, many care about the Brand Logo, some need a headphone jack, and some want a small phone. I want smooth operating, good call quality, acceptable camera and battery, and enough available storage. A missing headphone jack is easily overcome.
  • Nah. I use Bluetooth
  • deal breaker...its done only to get more money from consumers with accessories. Everyone owns headphones and it's nothing like just simply plugging your headphones in. I use bluetooth but if power goes out or I forget them at work, I can always pop them in.
  • I would trade it for stereo speakers.
  • Its a big deal for me. I have super nice 3.5 mm jack headphones. I am not looking to replace them they sound amazing and do not need to be replaced. Plus Bluetooth headphones just don't sound as good and have to constantly be charged. If they want to switch over to USB 3.0 for headphones there should put 2 usb 3.0 jacks on the phone.
  • Not a deal breaker for me, but it is a bit of an annoyance and the justifications for it are appeal-to-novelty fallacies.
  • Deal breaker.... No reason to remove the jack
  • Deal breaker. Why not have it? There's room for it. The U11 is a big ass phone with no head phone jack just for the check of it. Makes no sense.
  • Deal breaker! Even if all 2018 or 2019 phones have no headphone jacks, I would go back to an older year model that did. Horrible idea to remove them. Samsung has proven they can still get a good sized battery, huge internals, and a jack..aaaaand still be waterproof.
  • No big deal. The future is wireless.
  • Deal breaker
  • I wouldn't prefer it, as I don't have any BT headphones. Depends on the phone. If the phone is great and that is all it lacks, I might consider it still. If it doesn't have one, it better come with headphones.
  • I have many phones assigned for certain so apple not having SD cards and no earphone Jacks didn't bother me but an Android not having one does. Especially if I'm using it as my center of media output.
  • Mine is plugged up to keep debris out, I primarily use Bluetooth. But I still like having the option.
  • Not a deal breaker, but a tie-breaker if all else is equal. Sometimes it's the little things.
  • I use a wired headset and would prefer that. While the power usage of BT is getting better, its still sucking power, and I still need to charge it. I'd rather have a wired set so I can only be limited in the battery life of the phone, without BT usage. Now I DO want a set of BT headphones for when I mow the grass. As it stands, I have to put the wired one under my shirt so I don't yank it out by accident. A BT set would be easier for the shortened period of time I'm mowing.
  • No real issue here at all. I use Bluetooth headsets.
  • I've made the switch to LG tones several years ago and now own the Tone Platinums, and couldn't be happier. Headphone jack or not I will be using bluetooth headphones.
  • There is no good reason to remove it. I am not going to inconvenience myself so that a company can save 5 cents. There are enough options that it is super easy to exclude the phones without it from my interest.
  • Doesn't bother me. HTC's headphones are an upgrade from what I was using, but still I really just don't use them that often as my car has BT. At least they included an adapter.
  • bluetooth all the way. I would go extra steps to get a phone with no headphone jack!
    I don't want cables getting tangled in everything, and I really don't want holes in my phone for nothing else than to get filled with pocket lint.
    Just get rid of the headphone jack - it's obsolete
  • Here's the thing. Phones with headphone jacks have bluetooth as well. It shouldn't be a either/or scenario. There is no reason for removing it.
  • Dealbreaker. Just having wired headphones is the reason headphone jacks are still important. I don't know why some people are so willing to downplay this (probably only to justify their own purchasing choices). FM radio is another thing that should be appreciated more. Especially, during emergencies.
  • Agreed. I can't believe Google doesn't even enable it on their phones. It's all due to greedy investors. No FM radio means more likely Google music subscription.
  • Deal-breaker,I like having the feature for emergencies.
  • Not a dealbreaker. I use the adapter when I'm running with my Moto Z, and use BT headphones at other times.
  • Couldn't care less about the headphone jack or double cameras.
  • It's conditional.
    No standard jack and no headphones = deal breaker.
    No standard jack and no headphones, and an adapter that's worse = deal breaker.
    No standard jack and only wireless headphones that are worse than hardwired = deal breaker.
    No standard jack, but with wired headphones that are BETTER than standard headphones? Yes, I could live with that. In order to justify the removal of a standard jack, a company would need to do two things:
    Provide something dramatically better than a standard jack, AND Include an adapter with it's own DAC that's as good as most built-in headphone jacks. The only company I have seen do this is HTC. And I have to state that, after intensive (and skeptical) listening tests, the cream of the crop are not in the same league as the U11. Not even close. Now, I've been in recording studios and laid down tracks on multi-million dollar consoles, with monitoring systems that give every detail. You can hear the difference between someone swinging their hands or not when they snap their fingers during a song. You can listen in the studio and tell the thickness of the pick the guitar player used, or how close to the edge the drummer struck the cymbal. These details are mostly lost to the general public, because it's relatively impossible to experience the details and distinctions you get in a full-sized studio out in the real world. HTC USonic changes that. I can listen to a jazz piece (Norman Brown's Just Chillin for example), and hear that the bass drum has the rear skin removed, a linear foot pedal, and a felt hammer with what sounds like a worn flat spot on the face. I've had songs I've listened to for years, and never heard some of the details I've heard in the last two weeks with the U11. Even if you are not into details (and that's fine), the sound stage imaging would hook you.
  • For most people who have never heard good music they don't understand just how good the u11 really sounds with the supplied headphones.. Mac
  • Yes and no really. The problem is that as of right now it needs the jack to get a signal for the FM radio by doing away with it allows them not to put it in. If they get USB - c capable of using the wires for the antenna then I can live with out it as long as it sounds as good as my HTC u11.. Mac
  • Not worried about the headphone jack cause my s8 plus has one . And I have both wired and wireless headphones but I do love the option . As little room that it takes up why remove it
  • Not a deal breaker, but a factor in my decision.
  • I don't use them on my phone - only on my laptop when I travel - and even then I like Bluetooth less wires to tangle constriction etc. But I can respect people who just love being plugged up so it's important for them
  • Not a deal breaker for me. Now a huge slab of glass with a curved display, that is a deal breaker.
  • On the topic of headphones, I have a problem with the headphones/headphone jack on my HTC M8S. The headphones that came with the phone refuse to work with the phone. However, the same headphones work in my Lenovo P2, Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2; they do not work in my Moto E. Other headphones that I own, do work with the HTC M8S. I have tried resetting the phone to factory defaults, and checking the headphone socket for fluff etc. Nothing seems to get the headphones working with the phone. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Sounds like your headphone jack is damaged. Does an icon show up in the notification bar when you plug them in, or when you plug any headphones in?
  • Yeah I still get the headphone symbol. Can't understand why it works with other headphones.
  • no big deal
  • It's not a deal-breaker per se, but I still don't understand the "need" to do away with it. Samsung seems to have figured out how to do IP68 ("waterproof") phones without doing away with the headphone jack so that's not it. It may be that the jack is a physical/mechanical connection which can become faulty.
    The thing that makes me want to keep the jack is that wired headphones require no additional power. I don't have to think about whether they're charged or whether they'll cut out right in the middle of an important call.
  • deal breaker for me. too many good pairs of headphones in 3.5mm, carrying a dongle/adapter everywhere seems like a solution to a problem that shouldn't exist.
  • Perfectly stated!
  • As said, perfectly stated +1
  • Deal breaker for me. My car doesn't have Bluetooth but I do have the option to use the aux cord plugged into the headphone jack. I know I can use an adapter to play music through the aux cord but there are times when I want to be charging my phone and listening to music at the same time.
  • No big deal for me, I haven't missed it at all with my Moto Z. I usually only use my headphones with my phone while I'm mowing the lawn, anyway, so I just keep the adapter attached to them unless I'm using them on my PC.
  • Glad I am not the only person who listens to his phone whilst mowing the lawn. This is whom I usually listen to the AC podcast.
  • Deal breaker at the moment for me, as for the future tho in a year or two I don't think I'll have a choice as I reckon all phones in the few years will get rid of the headphone jack.
  • I get why USB C is replacing the headphone jack, but I have such bad luck with bluetooth. Using my nexus 6p
    1. I have multiple bluetooth speakers and it is often hard to connect to them
    2. For some reason I only get about 10 feet of range
    3. If my body comes between the two devices it breaks up
    4. I dont have bluetooth in my car so how am I going to charge and listen to music everyday (motorola makes a splitter but it sounds like it only works for the one phone)
    5. I have used cars with bluetooth in the past and it was a nightmare much worse than some speakers I have used. If the Pixel 2 doesn't have a headphone jack it sounds like I will be in for a handful of new headaches and a lot of dongles.
  • My 2011 Honda Pilot doesn't support bluetooth other then for phone calls. If I want to use maps or music I have to use the 3.5 jack. Now it is great I can get an adapter, but how do I keep the phone charged on a long trip. I looked into having an aftermarket bluetooth module installed that is only around $1000.00, the other alternative is buy a new car. I just don't see that as an option to use a phone. I am on a fixed income, but make things work a new car wouldn't be in the budget. Everyone talks about the headphones, but they are really the smaller issue
  • Samsung got it right. Apple and others got it wrong. High end corded phones have better fidelity, and they won't quit on you in the middle of a run or gym routine. And an adapter, Noool! Half life an adapter is about 30 minutes before it gets lost.
  • Apple and Moto got it wrong indeed, but did you know the U11 sounds better than the S8? As a matter of fact, HTC used a Galaxy S8 with the AKG headphones to demonstrate the difference during the U11 launch event. But you are right about the adapter if you choose to use it instead of the USonic ones... it's just asking to be lost!
  • Deal breaker, given a choice I always will chose to have the option of a headphone jack. I have a very good Anker bluetooth headphone that I use, but i find it creates more troubles than the one it solves.
  • Absolute dealbreaker. My phone is plugged in at my desk and connected to an audio switch that shunts between it and my workstation PC. I don't have Bluetooth audio in my car. A headphone jack is an absolute must for me.
  • I honestly cannot remember the last time I tried to use the headphone jack on any of my phones.
  • Deal breaker for sure. The last thing that I need to worry about is keeping something else powered up just so that I can listen to music. I don't see why the manufacturers can't just keep it simple and include the jack.
  • Doesn't make a difference to me right now as I use bluetooth speakers when I need to. Just easier not having wires.
  • Deal breaker ! Love the B&O HIFI DAC AMP in my V20. And with ( wired, of course ) B&O Headsets.. WoW , no other device out there can compete with the V20 - still KING
  • One of the kings, definitely, but only for passive headphones ;)
  • Adding that my v20 has an fm radio, I absolutely cannot live without these features in my future phones (adding the ir blaster is a HUGE BONUS). Even with a wired headset, it's worth the inconvenience of wires... if companies insist on removing the headphone jack, then they need to include 2 USB C ports and add fm radio functionality.
  • Deal breaker. I sell merchandise and I need the jack for my square.
  • Dealbreaker for me. I have 3 sets of expensive headphones, plus my car requires an aux-in, and I'm not going to replace everything just to use a phone when there are alternatives around that still have the jack. I'm also not buying 17 dongles to keep everywhere.
  • The lack of a headphone jack is NOT good! Thankfully, I'm not gullible enough to have these manufacturers tell me foolishness about it being good, or futuristic. Futuristic my foot.
  • Dealbreaker. No reason to get rid of it and dongles are way too easy to lose.
  • No biggie, I enjoy my Moto Z Force with BT headphones all the time. I never even unwrapped the dongle.
  • It's a definite deal-breaker. The U11 is the only exception I would make to it.
  • I don't mind it but I think it's really silly nonetheless.
  • Dealbreaker. I use my Bluetooth at work to listen to music and it will die. Then I have to resort to the 3.5 jack until lunch time when I can charge the bluetooth. So until bluetooth battery life increases substantially, I'll pass on phones that are without 3.5 jacks.
  • Dealbreaker, apple uses keep losing their Bluetooth ear piece and can't charge with the adapter. Do we really need thinner phones
  • Are you allowed to use bluetooth headphones on planes? If not, are there adapters that still allow you to charge your phone? Otherwise longhaul flights are going to suck.
  • Deal-breaker. I use my Nexus 6p in the car to provide navigation and entertainment. The headphone jack provides the audio and the usb keeps it charged. I'm not going to change my car just because I bought a new phone
  • Dealbreaker. I don't have Bluetooth in the car so I need the headphone jack for music.
  • If they remove the headphone jack, I won't purchase the phone. Now, in 2 or 3 years once Bluetooth 5.0 is actually main stream, then it won't matter as much. But as of today, Bluetooth tech just isn't good enough to do away with headphone jacks. And as long as companies like crappy apple are doing it, unfortunately, others will follow. Sad really... especially since apple is famous for copying and stealing everyone else's GREAT ideas. Now if other companies would just NOT steal crappy apples BAD ideas...
    Bluetooth has come a long way, but I have yet to hear about a quality Bluetooth 5.0 headset that will take advantage of Samsung's Bluetooth 5.0 S8. Or even a high end UBS C headset For that matter. For now, I will be staying with companies that have consumers in mind and not apples money grabbing tactics.
  • Deal breaker
  • Its a dealbreaker for me since I owned a few good quality headphones and earphones and definitely would like to continue using them. Not to fond of the dongle too, some advice is just leave them attach on your headphones but since I use them on my laptop and desktop its a no go for me. I'm willing to embrace the future of bluetooth and usb-c audio but its still not the time for me to retire the 3.5mm jack maybe a couple more years when usb-c and bluetooth cans had scratch a few more bits of 3.5mm headphone's quality and more bang for buck cans to choose from then I'll make the switch. But hey, this is one of the benefits of choosing Android, there will always be other devices that will offer a 3.5mm jack, at least for a few more years.
  • Deal breaker. No A2DP in my car or work vehicles and trying to remember to keep a dongle with me is just another thing to lose. No sense in removing it for such a small amount of size difference.
  • The lack of a headphone jack is what finally drove me from iOS till Android. I just got my LG V20 today.
  • Without being a proponent for either side, I wonder why a lot of people do not mention the battery drain that is BT. On my average day (8hr work +1-2 hrs commute/run), the battery reduction from BT alone is an extra 20-30%. That means a difference of getting back home with 40-50%battery or dropping below 20%. That is a major drawback for me, until the new BT protocols come into force( BT 5 and onwards).
  • Given that wired headphones draw power from the phone as well, wouldn't there be a drain there? All of the links on a Google search seem to be for older comparisons, which may or may not be applicable to today's technology. Also, phones can be charged while listening to Bluetooth (wired headphones & wired charging can potentially cause line noise). Ironically, I flip-flop between wired & wireless headphones, especially since the AKG set I have can do either.
  • Mostly a deal breaker for me. Hate carrying adapters
  • Deal-breaker for me. I would charge and listen alot of times.
  • Deal breaker until they start including 2 USB ports or wireless charging. Need some way to charge the phone while listening to music on occasion.
  • Deal breaker for me.
  • Yeah, count me out too. I have multiple sets of cheap earbuds: one in my car, several at home, one in the backpack I take to work. That way there's always some handy, and I don't have to remember to carry them around with me. When USB-C earbuds are commonly available and just as cheap, then it won't matter. But for now, I need a proper audio jack. And I'm not interested in Bluetooth headphones. Yet another device I have to remember to charge? No thanks.
  • DEAL..... wait for it...... BREAKER
  • It's unfriendly to those who want to listen to live/local FM radio from their phone.
  • Dealbreaker until there is a universal USB-C adapter that works on all Android phones that delete it.
  • My car's Bluetooth only does phone calls, not stereo. Will a dongle let me charge the phone and listen to music at the same time? If not, no then no Bluetooth only phone for me.
  • Deal breaker. If you can't hear a difference you're deaf and shouldn't be commenting here. End of story.
  • And an assumption that someone different to you is "deaf" is ignorant, and so you should not be posting here.
    People who aren't you are just that, not you.
    I am not seeing some mass exodus away the 3.5mm or 6.35mm jacks on audio equipment elsewhere.
  • Deal breaker for the next couple of years at least. Interesting that this morning I forgot my jaybird Bluetooth headphones before heading to the airport but I was able to buy a cheap $15 pair at the airport to last me a couple of days. Also guy in the window seat was talking about how he's paranoid about radiation and cancer and refuses to put airpods, so hasn't upgraded his iPhone for that reason.
  • Like everyone else, it's not a deal breaker to me. I used phones with and without. I don't feel using super hi-fi $1,000 + headphones with your mobile is such an amazing experience over my $75 AKG. In our house, we use Bluetooth for everything.
  • Absolutely 100% a deal breaker for me. I'm a blind person, i use talkback on android to read my phone's screen. I use headphones constantly. There's 3 reasons why for me no headphone jack is a deal breaker 1. You can't charge and listen at the same time. Yes, i need to do this often. Need to get a uber after metal show and phone is at 10% battery put charger in phone, headphones in so creepy person 3 feet away doesn't hear my address. 2. Bluetooth is not there yet for screenreader users. If you just listening to music bluetooth is fine but for blind person like me who relies on the audio feedback from a screenreader the lag of bluetooth audio using a screenreader is insanity inducing. Seriously, hearing what i'm doing 3 seconds later is not fun. 3. Those adapters are tiny and easily lost. Have so many ios using blind friends who ran out to get the iphone 7 who quickly lost the adapter. I don't need that headache.