Nexus S now available for pre-order from Carphone Warehouse

Samsung's Nexus S is now available for pre-order for UK customers from The Carphone Warehouse. The device was officially announced on Monday alongside the new version of Android: Gingerbread. 

The Carphone Warehouse says that those who pre-order the phone will be able to receive it by the end of December. 

Customers have quite a few options should they decide to order the phone. To buy it outright without a contract will cost £549.95 with a variety of month-to-month deals available. 

If you don't wish to pay all the money upfront, you can receive the Nexus S for free with a contract. 

Good news for UK customers who are planning to buy the Nexus S; you can now pre-order it through Carphone Warehouse. [Carphone Warehouse via Pocket-Lint]

Sean Brunett