Nexus One Sold Only 20,000 Units In The First Week ?

Ruh Roh. According to data gathered by Flurry, which provides mobile analytics, the hotly anticipated and insanely hyped Nexus One may have only sold 20,000 units in the first week. Translation: that's not a lot. In fact, that's a heck of a lot less than what the Droid did (250,000 in its first week) and certainly leaves a lot of ground to catch up on given that analysts have estimated that the Nexus One would sell 5-6 million units for this year.

Obviously, since there hasn't been much traditional advertising of the Nexus One (unlike the Droid) and you can only buy the Nexus One from, perhaps Google is handcuffing the potential earnings of this phone. After all, it is the best Android available, it should absolutely be successful. Or maybe sales will be mediocre until it hits Verizon and then we can compare apples to apples--sort of.

Would you consider 20,000 Nexus Ones sold in the first week to be a success or a failure? Or is it way too early to tell? Let us know!

[via gizmodo]

  • We have to consider the fact that the N1 is not available everywhere. It's even not available in Canada so...
  • Hate to use this term..but it is an Epic Fail. They haven't only hampered the phone by WHERE you can buy it, but also HOW you can buy it. I can't put it on a family plan AND get the sub'd price? No thanks. I have to pay a $350 ETF to Google, plus $179 for the phone, and THEN $200 to Tmobile to cancel? NO THANKS! At that rate these are selling they will be $99 on the Tmobile site soon...I'll be waiting for a $49 (or FREE) sub'd price from Verizon :)
  • I think you really need to fact check yourself. If you compare the plan price over two years + the cost of the phone for the subsidized price you'll notice that it is _cheaper_ to buy the phone outright (unsubsidized) and either continue using your cheaper plan, or switch to the no contract Everything Plus plans. The only reason the phone costs less subsidized is because you pay for it over time with the extra cost to your plan. That's _also_ why you have to switch to the special Google plan to get the phone subsidized. Before you start yelling "no other phones do this!" yes... they do. Every phone you get at a discount with a required plan is subsidized with some money from your plan. There's no such thing as a free lunch, you pay for it eventually, and if you lock yourself into a plan you usually drastically over pay.
  • I think you need to check the facts about unsubsidized phones. How many of us here really keep a phone for 2 years? Are you kidding me? It's not gonna work out to better savings if you are going to sell the phone for the next latest and greatest. Subsidized is like leasing, and i want a new car every two years or less!
  • I have to agree... any phone starting ONLY on T-Mobile - or Sprint and even ATT will not have the success as any phone going on Verizon. Everyone I know is on Verizon, and anyone that isnt - wants to be. If this phone was on Verizon - It would do great...but again - I like the Droid -Moto, over this, and mostly everyone I ask, I get the same answer. This phone will not come close to 5-6 million in sales, espically being on a Crippled provider such as Tmobile... do they even have 5 million customers??? :)
  • Sounds like you have stock in Verizon... Verizon is what it is because they have all the teenager "cool" phones. Verizon isn't as big as it is because they are that wonderful. Sprint has lost customers (the phone buying customers, teenagers) because they don't have a single phone worth getting. The best phone they have is the Pre which is full of broken promises.
    If Sprint got a phone like the Nexus One or the Droid, it also could become as large as Verizon. They are by far a more superior network to AT&T and TMobile. Verizon and Sprint Quality are very much the same.
    The only reason AT&T is the giant that it is, is also simply because of the phones they offer (iPhone).
    My point... Hardware makes a big difference! It can make or brake a phone company. Not to say service doesn't, because that is why I don't have an iPhone on AT&T or a Nexus One on TMobile. They just simply do not have the quality service that a phone needs to have.
  • Broken promises? Palm is executing like no one else in the business. Their phone OS is out less than a year and is already arguably the best, but unarguably the most polished and beautiful out there. All they lack are applications, and with the PDK, those are coming. WebOS is what Android should have been. Android is just another Windows Mobile. Powerful, but fragmented, hard to use, and unattractive. That is not to say that it doesn't have a lot of great stuff about it right now or that it won't continue to get better in the future. It has a lot of potential, but the Pre is certainly not a broken promise. It is the most fulfilled, polished, and useful brand-spankin' new device since the original iPhone -- in fact, I'd say it's better.
  • Let's get real. Verizon is a horrid carrier and not everyone desire to be on it. It is the most expensive, least responsive to customers needs and lock phones up tight. The phone has not sold well because you can't get it anywhere but Google. It is that simple.
  • Please, your such the Verizon fanboy. Verizon's network is not all that great. There are plenty of complaints about Verizon's network. From you're writing style it seems like you pestered the parents into getting one of those cool texting phones? T-Mobile is a crippled network? Lets see, T-Mobile allows outside stores, music store, and other things, Verizon forces you to use their sad services.
  • It is only available on T-Mobile (4th of the big boys)and they have had the G1, myTouch, Cliq, and Behold to cool their subscribers on the android. The Moto Droid was the first android on Verizon and got a lot of hype. Also... can you already get it with the 2 year upgrade price (if not then the price tag alone stopped the sales). It is not on the T-Mobile website at all so that lack of advertising also would cut sales. If T-Mobile doesn't promote it, who does? just Google? I think 20,000 from word of mouth from geek to geek is pretty damn good.
  • The droid sold so much because of the advertising on TV as well as internet. Google really doesn't advertise to much besides under the search bar...
  • Was not marketed well at all...except to us nerds on the internet who keep up with this stuff
  • Wait until it hits Europe, where its normal to buy the phone unlocked and choose your carrier. Remember HTC magic when it entered Europe on Vodafone, Tim etc. Be patient.
  • Tmobile could only sell 20,000. Verizon will do better. Google needs to drop the stupid supplemental ETF. DROID is a much better product with all things considered (network, keyboard, single ETF, doesn't drop 3g) The software is a tie, as droid is getting 2.1. The only edge that nexus has is the faster processor, and hopefully a better camera.
  • I don't see this as a huge fail... the high price of the unbranded/unlocked/no-contract version scares some away... and the T-Mobile carrier option isn't for everyone (a lot of people would switch but probably locked into their AT&T/VZW/Sprint contracts...) Besides articles online, in magazines and newspapers, the Nexus One has really not had much marketing... That's the Google way... I think it's going just fine... Many countries can't even order a Nexus yet... Be patient... the numbers will grow... As usual these days... people's EXPECTATIONS are WAY too high... that leads to nothing but dissappointment...
  • Gonna have to say failure!! Come on they are Google, they know how important advertisement is! Why would they leave it up to tech blogs/sites to do it for them. I know people who don't even know of the nexus one, which is sad but hey...... but you mention the Droid and its positive feed back. Verizon putting up a couple million in ads and commercials for the Droid have and will pay off. I dont think verizon will even Market the nexus when it hits. Give Verizon 3 weeks before their Nexus launch and they will shove more than enough Sexy Nexy our way!..... but hey it wont just sayin..
  • I see this as pretty good. Like other people are saying, this is the fact that without adverts, and being able to buy it from a real store. Also, I think a ton of people are waiting on a few things. We have one camp still eagerly comparing it to the DROID, I'm sure.
    Others may be wondering if it's 3G issues are carrier specific. Will the 3G be jumping in and out on other networks, or just T-Mobile.
    While still others, myself included, are simply waiting to be able to check the Verizon bubble, and use it on the nations largest network. Because let's be honest, Verizon covers a large amount of the map, and T-Mobile pretty much has state sized holes in it's coverage.
  • I'm on the fence with this one. I'm a big Google fan/user but I'm not so sure this was a good idea. Maybe in Europe but (IMO) not here in the states. Other then "techs/geeks" like us, the average consumer heavily relies on advertising, being able to walk into a store and touch/experience the phone (hands on) not to mention.... actually talking to a live person about issues/questions......not sending an email to Google and waiting 24-48 hours for a response. As a tech and consumer, I still wouldn't purchase a phone (online) without having some time to fool around with it. That's what I did with my G1, BlackBerry and now my Cliq. A friend of mine manages a TMO store. He has been getting lots of customers asking for the N1 and after telling them they can only get it through Google......he's watching them leave the store and walk across the street to Verizon and pick up a Droid or Eris. It's been so bad that he now has his employees keep a log of all the customers that are leaving his store and going over to VZ if its related to the N1. As for customer service, I'm not sure Google was truly ready for this part of the business and all the crap the retail stores normally go through. Now, in regards to T-Mobile, I'm considering Verizon more and more as each day goes by. Ever since that big outage last fall, I'm constantly experiencing dropped calls and it seems most people that I know (on TMO) are experiencing the same issues. Not to mention that VZ is getting the "better" phones. I'm willing to pay a little more $$ a month for better/wider coverage.
  • It's been on national news - "Google launches iPhone killer". The Droid never got that. It's simply not a very well made device. Looks great on paper, but the reality is somewhat different. Apart from so-called tech sites drooling over it, the bulk of the on-line feedback from people who actually paid for one has been mostly negative. It doesn't deserve to be a success. If Google partner up with Motorola for the hinted at Enterprise version they'll probably have more luck.
  • Compare national news share to stupid shows like Idol and Biggest Loser, and you'll understand why a cameo on the news doesn't translate into sales. You may be right about not being well made, but that's not what's keeping people from buying it, because almmost no one has actually seen or touched one. And the typical consumer isn't reading the tech sites. I'd bet awareness of the N1 isn't but 10-15% of what it is for the Droid. Even the Pre gets more advertising than this thing.
  • The bulk of the online feedback is negative because almost all of the online feedback is being taken from their support forums... those people who are happily using the phone aren't talking about it... they're just using it. Where do people go when they have a problem? The support forums. Where do people _not_ go when they _don't_ have a problem? The support forums. Obviously that source is going to be a little heavy on the problem side.
  • Also it failed to sell so much because they choose crappy TMOBILE for their service provider, and with an unlocked phone what choices you have besides ATT?> Who wants a good phone on a shit network? Exactly... Well 20k people do lol, but if this phone would of went with Verizon, they would of sold more. Maybe they avoided Verizon because of the Droid just being released not to long ago and not wanting to steal the thunder chose TMO.
  • Well you still have to cancel the plan you're on. Maybe everyone got a Droid, and are locked in. It's expensive to get away from Big Red. Besides if they hold out till the N1 comes to Verizon there will be 'less' of a penalty.
  • ...well that and who wants to go to a network that works less?
  • You say vzw will do better I say nope when vzw gets it it will be sold just like the current nexus. Why I say this. Vzw allready turned the nexus down once like the iphone back in nov. And choose the motorola droid over the nexus. And the motorola droid just stomps the nexus in the ground.
  • Blogs are the only ones to blame for the massive hype. I was sick of hearing about Nexus after the first week. Everyone who wants an Android phone is better off with Droid: keyboard, more storage, lower price, and duh...Verizon 3G.
  • Worst coverage cell phone company.
    Forced to pay $530 for any plans except one.
    Insanely high ETF costing $200 more than the unsubsidized phone.
    Can't see the phone in any retail location.
    No support, no in person support, no phone support. 1-2 day email support only.
    3G doesn't stay connected. No one owns the problem.
    Mass pass the buck on support issues between HTC, T-Mobile and Google. Google amazingly arrogant to think they can sell a phone under these conditions.
    And they've damaged their image by using their search real estate to push the phone too hard making people wonder if Google will turn into yet another pushy ad ridden sales site. Not surprised they've sold so few. Hard to predict between how hard Google is pushing it vs. how unappealing it actually is to get one.
  • What's your problem with the $530? It's cheaper to buy the phone outright than to get the existing plan. Lets do the math. The Google plan is 79.99 a month for 500 minutes, unlimited text and data. Google Plan:
    That's 1919.76 a year + 179.00 for the phone. That means you're paying 2098.76 total for two years, AND you're locked into a contract with an early termination fee. Unsubsidized Plan:
    500 Everything Plus (500 minutes unlimited text/data) = 59.99
    Phone = 529.00
    Note: There is no early termination fee, and no contract That's 1439.76/yr + 529.00 phone = 1968.76 for two years. By paying 529 for the phone you're SAVING almost $130! Now about the early termination fee. The early termination fee is NOT 200 dollars more expensive than the phone. There are two fees which you agree to. One, you agree that over time you will pay for the phone through the plan. If you cancel before that is over you pay the extra amount you haven't yet payed for the phone. On top of that you pay the early termination fee from T-Mobile (which is pretty expensive). This all happens because people are too stupid to do the math themselves. If they think they might not like the phone and want to cancel their contract they should buy the phone outright, buy the _cheaper_ no contract plan, and if they don't like it, return the phone and cancel the plan. Bam, no early termination fee. Also, I think they haven't sold many because T-Mobile is not a big name carrier. I believe the numbers will expand once it hits Verizon, but probably not as much as the Droid (sales will compete with Verizon customers who just bought the Droid.) The bottom line is it's a new distribution method which separates the phone from the plan. Turns out if you do the math it's actually cheaper, but people are either too dumb, or too lazy to figure that out. Unfortunately, this "new distribution method" will only take off if people are willing to realize that by buying phones from the carriers they're being taken for a ride.
  • A phone that has not had any advertising on TV, and is only available for sale online, did pretty good. 20,000 phones is a lot, when you take everything into consideration.
  • I don't see this as such a huge deal... it was a rather quiet launch on a tiny U.S. carrier. The real test is when it launches on Verizon, and I'm pretty sure we'll see the picture change at that point. Still, one has to wonder, because even the Palm Pre sold 50,000 units in the first weekend on Sprint.
  • pre is a piece of crap though. Sprint sucks too btw. So that explains everything. The keyboard on the pre looks like it was made for a 5 year old.
  • LOL, nice "comeback."
  • It is way to earfly to tell , and those of you who think otherwise are sadly mistaken , this is by far the best Android phone out there , and it will just take a little longer for it to get rolling do to the way it was introduced . a month or so from now will be a whole different story . I just love this phone !!!
  • Phones don't need to be blockbusters from day one. In fact, Google probably needs to ramp this up slowly anyway, given that they don't have the customer support capacity.
  • Isn't success or failure dependent on the expectation of those involved? Sure, 20,000 units doesn't seem like a huge blip on the radar to bloggers, but to google, they may be quite happy with those numbers. This was a small launch, with almost no advertising, on a carrier that's way under the radar unless you are in the sidekick crowd. I don't think it's a failure at this point.
  • I don't know how people can say the droid is better then the nexus 1 or the nexus 1 is better then the droid. When they both have 2.1, they will practically be the same phone, just one doesn't have a real keyboard. Personally I hate the droid keyboard and that is the only thing that makes me unhappy with this phone. I would rather have the nexus 1 though so I don't have to carry an extra 10lbs around with me just to have a physical keyboard(over exaggerated)
  • I don't understand how some people on this board protect Google like its their dads company. Lets just tell it like it is. Google has not sold many phones because Google screwed up. Google controls how and where to buy, plus the double cancellation fee. For what? the phone is not that much different than the cliq or mytouch. Before you tech geeks get technical about the difference I know the spec differences and i know the nexus one is better, but not better in a wow this is different way, like what the iphone did. I'll just stick to my G1 until Google resolves this.
  • The only reason for this is that most people are cattle and the TV didn't tell them what phone to buy, like it did for the Droid. I got the N1 the day after launch (ordered it on launch day) and it by far blows away any other device I've owned... that includes the iPhone (1st gen, 3g and 3gs), Palm Pre, Hero and MT3g. The Droid is nice and all, it's just a bit slower and I personally don't like the form factor of it.. little too "bricky" for me.
  • its a low rate it would of been more if google would let people who have family plans be able to get the phone, since its only letting costumers from t-mobile qualify if you have individual plan. it doesnt make sence at all. there rate would increase if they let that happend.
  • Two problems. 1) It's on T-Mobile, a carrier whose demographic is teenagers, poor people and cheapskates. Out of the four major networks, T-Mobile is the smallest and has the smallest coverage for voice and data and 3G. People leave T-Mobile to go to Verizon (I know I did) and AT&T. 2) It's only available ONLINE Solution. PUT IT ON VERIZON!
  • Just because we are on Tmo does not mean we are poor, or cheapskates, does it? Maybe, just maybe, we don't like to be controlled by Verizon, because we can switch phones all day long without having to call Tmo every time, because all we need to do is switch the sim card. Or, maybe, 3G, or even EDGE coverage in our city is better for Tmo than it is for Verizon. Then again, maybe we are with Tmo because were with another company that was bought by Tmo in late nineties.
  • Yeah it does, enjoy your spotty coverage. But let me rephrase that, T-Mobile TARGET demographic is, teenagers, poor people and cheapskates.
  • I bought a Nexus One and have been thrilled with it. I had a G1 previously and had gotten so tired of it's performance, they simpley did not put enough memory on that phone. As for all the 3G problems some are having I really don't think it's the phone. I live in Dallas and I have excellent coverage on my Nexus One. I travel a lot and get great 3G service everywhere I go, of course I mainly travel to major cities so not sure what it's like for people in smaller places. For me T Mobile has great coverage in all the IMPORTANT places so I am fine with them, plus they are a lot cheaper than both AT&T and Verizon, plus I really like having a GSM phone, it's what the rest of civilization uses!
  • I highly doubt that there are any problems with coverage. I can bet anything that people who are complaining don't even have Nexus One, but are probably iPhone fanboys, or jealous Droid users, and are just making this shi* up...
  • i really hope when they eventually offer the verizon version, verizon has enough sense to force google to allow them to sell it in stores. i don't like to not have a proper customer support channel with something i use as much as a cell phone when/if there are problems.
  • i think google kind of shot themselves in the foot with their advertising approach, which was pretty much nil compared to the droid. i mean really, who else would know about the phone other than the tech blog writers and the people like us who read the tech blogs. over generalization, i know, but you get my point (i hope)
  • Any smart phone launched on T-mobile, might as well not be launched at all. Horrible service, not a lot of people on the network, or wanting to be on the network. Plus the launch right after the Droid, wasn't the best move. You want to fight VZW advertising giant with small ads, and barely anything to offer better than the Droid, oh foolish Nexus 1, your days are number....the Droid will eat yo
  • if those #'s r true or anywhere close to being true i believe it !! since the first was first released the website has been busy !!! sinec the first day i still cant get my order in, and i seriously doubt that alot of people are spending the 500 + bucks to buy this phone. Tmobile or google screwed up with not having a server or site whatever, to handle the large amount of activity the ordering site will be hit with. Fexone
  • The N1 won't ever sell that many on T-Mobile. You'll have to wait for it to go on sale at Verizon and Vodaphone to see the true sales potential. Duh... :-)
  • I for one am happy to see this. I'm sure Google is disappointed if that is the true number of sales. If the trend continues this way then Google will have to eventually change how they are selling the N1. That means lowering prices, expanding carrier access, and getting units into retail locations where people can actually lay their hands on one before buying. I want this phone, but will not buy at this price ... especially if I haven't been able to play with it to make sure I like it enough to drop the coin.
  • um.. yeah.. has anyone here heard of a soft launch how many ads did we see for the droid remember... "droid is coming" what about all the mytouch commercials, and umm there's an app for that?
  • This sounds off to me. There've been literally hundreds of commenters on forums and the Google support pages, all owners of a Nexus One. Only a tiny, tiny percentage of owners of any phone - even the geek-marketed N1, will ever go online to talk about their phone. Hundreds out of 20,000 would be a huge fraction of them. There have got to have been a lot more than 20,000 sold - what's the reputation/methodology of this source?
  • I think the sales will go higher once its available for verizon. I work for a lrg shipping comp and i off load. I can tell you that the amount of verizon boxes we get versus all the other cell phone providers is nutz !!!! verizon shipments are much heavier in volume then n e other. Although im down with T Mobile, Fck verizon toooo much $$$$$$$$4
  • Impossible to compare apples to apples, there is no recent smartphone that has sold this way.
  • No one could really expect the Nexus to sell close to the Droid given the number of outlets that Verizion had. Only place to get the Nexus was from Google itself.
  • It doesn't look to me like Goolge WANTED to sell big at launch: - Smallest carrier.
    - Internet purchase only.
    - Pricing plan really geared to new users. And the subsequent issues with cutomer service in the days immediately following launch might give some insight as to why.
  • BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Google own soooo much advertising space! The Nexus One is everywhere anyone who wants a smartphone goes daily (i.e. the internet). Google is going to have to try harder if they want to make a successful product. They're going to have to make Android, the foundation of the phone, better. Just because it's Google doesn't mean it's going to be successful.
  • I'm a berry user n u guys make me laugh haha n lmao at the verizon fan boys
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  • I cant buy this phone off the damn site - it wont let me. Have a ported number from Verizon - my other family plan phones dont work on the site - which is bs and i understand it doesnt work anyway. There is no number to call. Cant get it from frakin Tmobile ( which i think is great ) . didnt get a response from nexus 1 support . not paying 500 bucks for a 100 dollar phone the pisser is i was waiting for this phone for a while and i have to settle or wait more i know boo hoo but wtgdf no one in their right mind would make this so difficult esp. being a huge google fan. " and that all i have to say about thayt...!
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