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Nexus One drops to $279 for many current T-Mobile customers, refunds coming

The saga of the Nexus One continues. As we reported earlier tonight, new pricing is here. T-MoNews has learned that T-Mobile customers who are eligible to upgrade to the Nexus One can do so for $279, and that anyone who bought one at the $379 price will be refunded $100 (and will receive it within 14 business days). The same upgrade rules apply, and the refund's coming from Google. And, so, here's the new breakdown, straight from the horse's mouth:

You can't take back all of the administrative problems we've seen with the launch of the Nexus One, but this should help ease the pain a little bit. Now if we could just get those 3G problems taken care of ...

(Thanks, David and Don!)

  • Any word on getting it subsidized with a family plan?
  • Yea fo-real, it don't matter, I'll wait til there's a better deal or til something better comes out...
  • Your headline is blatantly inaccurate and offensive to me as a TMobile subscriber. ANY TMobile customer? Really? Tell that to the individuals without an upgrade available. The content of the article is much better with the accuracy. The headline flat out lies!
  • Erm, yeah. That should have read "many." Sorry 'bout that. Glad you took the time to read the story, though.
  • family plan is a must!
    also i hope this deal carries over to verizon in a couple weeks/months
  • I read the headline and got excited.. Epic fail. If your not eligible for an upgrade its still $529.
  • Hope more improvement will be carried out soon. Life is more easier more better.
  • When will companies realize that charging eligible CURRENT customers more than NEW customers is a HUGE mistake? That system fails to reward customer loyatly and incentivizes people to jump companies in order to get the better deals. Just plain stupid.
  • All these price drops within a month. What do they mean for those who paid a full unsubsidized price?. Do they get $100 back from Google as well?. See that's the problem with the G right now, nothing is set in stone and buying it full price is just a waste of money and then trying to get onto T-mo plans is a hassel. Get your act together.I wonder if they sat down and thought about all these options before they leaked out the phone Frustrated
  • Well this sux, I paid full price for it because i did not want to have my number changed and am on a family plan. I am so dissapointed with the G. They now seem like a regular car dealership where if you buy your car and drive it out the lot it drops in value like a tonne of bricks. Not only that, there is the problem with the 3G signal fluctuating to Edge. I have an unlocked Treo with all 3G Bars full from the same spot with the same Sim card. AND silly me i got caught up with all the hype and got my phone engraved and now i cant return it, lol (sucker me). I think we at least deserve something since the value of the phone went down. Well at least i say to those who are on the fence,..wait for kinks to be resolved with:
    Plan Pricing
    Service (barely any 3G)
    Customer Service
    Price of the phone
    Features (Euro version has multi-touch) AARGGHHHHHH
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