Nextbit is a startup founded in October 2012, headed by former Worldwide Head of Business Development and Partnerships for Android at Google Tom Moss, Android software engineer Mike Chan, and SVP of Design and User Experience at HTC, Scott Coyle.

Nextbit started out by launching their online backup solution, and has since moved onto hardware. Its first (and eventually only) project was a phone, the Robin — an Android device that has an almost retro design and also offers a unique storage solution. Nextbit devices store unused apps in the cloud to save space on the device, calling them down when you need them again.

Less than a year after launching the Robin to the public in mid-2016, Nextbit announced in early 2017 that it was acquired by the gaming company Razer. In mid-2017 it announced it was ending support for the Robin, effective on August 1.

Rumor has it that Nextbit continues to operate inside of Razer to eventually develop and launch a Razer-branded phone, coming as early as late 2017.