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The best 4th of July sales 2022: the hottest tech deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more

See today's hottest 4th of July sales all in one place

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
(Image: © Samsung)

The 4th of July sales are live and mark one of the best opportunities of the summer to grab a big discount on some of the coolest tech around. We're all set to bring you highlights of the very best offers too with our live report.

We're on the lookout for deals on 4K TVs, mobile phones, smart home devices, cheap headphones, and more today. With Prime Day coming along next week too, July is looking all sorts of tasty and might be the last of the big sales seasons for a while until the Black Friday beast rolls into town in November.

If you're hedging your bets until the Amazon sale next week, be sure to keep an eye on our roundups of the best Prime Day smartwatch deals and Prime Day phone deals especially as we'll be packing them with all the hottest genuine discounts for the phones and wearables we've enjoyed testing in recent times. 

Anyway, back to today's 4th of July sales. Unlike Prime Day, they aren't limited to just Amazon and you won't need to be a paid subscriber to take advantage of most of the discounts either. Directly below we've linked to sale sections that have caught our eye so far and below those, we'll be dropping in select spotlight deal highlights on particular items with the best prices to be found online today.

We've already seen a Chromebook drop to $79, there are $1000 trade-in discounts on Samsung phones, cheaper than ever Beats earbuds, and more!


LG OLED C1 Series TV in living room

(Image credit: LG)

As big movie and gaming fans, the LG C1 is one of the first things we always look for in big sales events and today hasn't disappointed. You can now get this prestigious, multi-award-winning OLED TV for well under $1000. The 48-inch model is now just $796.99 at Amazon, saving you a huge $703 off the MSRP.

The 120Hz refresh rate is fantastic for PS5 and Series X gaming and VRR support is becoming increasingly important now the consoles are unlocking the feature. The deep blacks and bright colors provided by LG's fantastic display are wonderful for movies too.

Black Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with S Pen out of the holster

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

If you've seen our Galaxy S22 Ultra review, you'll know it's one of the hottest phones around right now, but hot damn it's expensive. Well, if you're looking to upgrade, this is a great time to jump in as Samsung is running its promotion where you'll get $100 Samsung credit and can knock off up to $1000 from the price by trading in an older device. That means you could get the incredible S22 Ultra for just $199.99 today. Check out the trade-in options over at Samsung's site.


(Image credit: Asus)

You can save 50% on this neat little Chromebook today and get a great device for basic working from home/study tasks all for just $149 at Best Buy. That's a stunning price for a laptop and this 14-inch model is a great way to save a lot of money if you're cutting back right now. 

4GB of RAM will mean you'll have to take it easy as far as multitasking goes, but we have far more confidence in these specs on a Chromebook than we would a Windows laptop which always struggles with a 4GB RAM/ 32GB storage combo. But with a light and breezy operating system and most media being streamable now, this Chromebook will see you right. If you like the idea of ditching those clunky/over-complicated Windows laptops and want to see some other picks, be sure to take a look at our best Chromebook guide - you'll struggle to find one this affordable though. There might be some more options to choose from next week in our Prime Day Chromebook deals roundup too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bands

(Image credit: Samsung)

You can save $30 today on both the 40mm and 44mm versions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 at Best Buy and pick them up for $220/$250 respectively. This iteration doesn't feature the rotating bezel of the much more expensive 'Classic' model, but given you're getting all the other same great features, we'll take the savings thank you very much. 

In addition to finally creating an operating system that works in sync with Google's Play Store apps the Watch 4 has excellent fitness and health features like heartbeat and blood oxygen monitoring and in-depth sleep measurements that are incredibly accurate. The newly-supported Google Maps is a little fiddly, and you'll certainly want the larger 44mm model for it, but when it all clicks it's fantastic for exploring a new city and leaving your phone in your pocket.

Check out our full Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review to find out why we put it at the very top of our best Android smartwatch guide. 

Fitbit Charge 5 in Lunar White

(Image credit: Fitbit)

If you'd prefer your fitness tracker to stay a bit more focused and not be a smartwatch too like the Watch 4 deal we highlighted earlier, then one of the best options around right now is the Fitbit Charge 5 which is priced from $123.49 (down from $150) at Amazon. The built-in GPS means you won't have to take your phone out with you when you go for a run too. You'll also get six months of Fitbit Premium thrown in for free with this deal.

Find out why the tracker sits at the number one slot on our guide to the best fitness trackers by checking out Jeramy's full Fitbit Charge 5 review. Want to wait and see if any of the other models get discounted. There's a good chance of that next week in our Prime Day Fitbit deals roundup.

surface laptop go

(Image credit: Windows Central)

Best Buy has this decent-specced version of the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go down to $549 from $699. You're getting a touchscreen, 10th-gen i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of SSD storage. You can get a version with half the RAM and storage for $299, but I certainly wouldn't go that way given my personal experience with these laptops as I'm using an 8GB one right now.

8GB is decent for some modest multitasking with plenty of browser tabs open while also running Spotify and a few spreadsheets and other MS office features. Get too greedy with Chrome tabs though and you'll hear those fans kick in and things can slow down. So expect a real performance drop on the 4GB version. The battery life is listed at up to 13 hours, but if you run a similar set of apps like mentioned above you're not going to get anywhere near that in all honesty, so be sure to take your charger if you're using this away from home. 

This is a really nice and stylish piece of kit though and the narrow bezels on the display add a touch of class to the device and it's very sharp if not a little small (I'd support it with an external monitor for sure). The keyboard has just the right amount of travel and is very responsive as is the trackpad. At just 2.45 pounds I regularly have to check it's actually in my backpack when I leave the house too! 

Want to know more? Our colleagues over at Windows Central have a full Surface Laptop Go 2 review for you.

Google Nest Mini speaker on a blue backdrop

(Image credit: Android Central)

A fine smart speaker alternative to Amazon's popular Echo Dot and very affordable at just $29 today down from $50. And given it's running Google Assistant with the search power of Google behind it, we find query results are much more reliable compared to Alexa. The sound quality is generally better too. A few retailers are running the same promotion today, so take your pick from Dell, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Beats Studio Buds in red

(Image credit: Beats)

Looking for an alternative to the expensive AirPods or Sony's XM4 earbuds? Then don't miss out on this big price cut on the Beats Studio Buds as Walmart has them going for $115 down from $150. This $35 discount is available on the red or white versions and is the best price we've ever seen on the popular earbuds that are a great match for both Android and Apple mobile users. 

The noise-canceling is as good as you'll find given the low price and more than capable of giving you a bit of peace and quiet at the office or drowning out traffic if you're using them for running. They're a comfortable fit too and much more affordable than the arguably more exercise-friendly (but $200) Beats Fit Pro.

lenovo chromebook 82BA001FUS

(Image credit: Lenovo)

If you need the cheapest laptop going today then surely you won't do better than this $79 deal on this Lenovo Chromebook. That's $60 off the already very affordable previous $139 pricetag. You'll have to be quick though as this 4th of July sale special ends today.

Sure, it's far from stylish with bezels for days and a small 11.6-inch display and 4GB of RAM means multitasking capabilities will be modest to say the least. We're not tech snobs here at Android Central though and know that sometimes you just need something that will get the job done for as little money as possible. 

As cheap laptop options go, this is great for the basics like doing emails, browsing the web or working on documents. In short, more than enough for most students or home working. Just go easy on the number of Chrome tabs running at once and you should be fine.

Amazon 55-Inch UHD TV

(Image credit: Amazon)

For the first time ever, Amazon is selling this Toshiba 55-inch UHD Smart TV for just $349.99. That's a total price drop of $450 and a hefty discount of 56%. Not too shabby when you look at the the specs, plus it's unlikely that the retail price will drop lower than this any time soon.

The Toshiba M550 Series TV boasts 480 Motion Rate and Auto Latency Mode technology for incredibly smooth and rich visuals, plus Alexa-compatibility makes hands-free control a breeze. 

Toshiba has made several other enhancements to the M550 as well, such as ultra-thin bezels to maximize screen space and high-end DTS audio processing for extra immersive sound. Sure, it's not the best smart TV on the market, but if you want to spend under $500, this deal is tough to beat. 

G15 Gaming Laptop

(Image credit: Dell)

If you're on the hunt for a new gaming laptop, take a look at this offer from Dell. Just in time for the fourth of July, the tech giant is selling their popular G15 Gaming Laptop for just $799.99, a considerable $369 drop from its usual retail price. 

The G15 features a generous 15.6-inch display, 11th-gen Intel Core processor, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX card for those deeply immersive graphics that you so desire. The Alienware-inspired design also means that the G15 features an advanced venting system so you never need to worry about the laptop overheating.

Although the laptop is perfectly-suited for gaming, the specs above mean that the laptop can handle just about any task you throw at it. So what are you waiting for? If you got the cash and you're looking for a new laptop, this might be the deal you were waiting for.