We know that Xiaomi is working on a foldable phone, and today we have a teaser video of the device in question courtesy of Xiaomi president Lin Bin. Bin showed off the phone in a Weibo post, claiming that it is the world's first "double folding" phone. The video starts off with Bin using a tablet-sized device that then folds away on either side to create a phone form factor.

Bin says MIUI has been tailored to seamlessly switch the device orientation based on what mode it is in, and that the device itself is currently in prototype stage. But if there's enough interest from the community, the device could head into mass production and become available to customers. We've already seen foldable tech in action in the form of the Royole FlexPai, but the execution was far from perfect. Xiaomi's offering looks more polished in comparison, but we'll have to see if it ever sees the light of day.

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