New in-hand Google Pixel 2 leak confirms design elements, missing headphone jack

We got our first look at the Google Pixel 2 last week, and now we have a fresh pair of photos showing both sides of the phone that corroborate with the first set. The photos show an early development unit — laden with barcodes, naturally — but in much better lighting with the context of being in-hand.

There's nothing particularly new or shocking about the hardware here, but it does help confirm that this is what the smaller Google Pixel 2 is going to look like. The glass portion of the back is much smaller now, with a more pronounced camera housing and that tried-and-true rear fingerprint sensor. On the front, we see pretty distinct openings at the top and bottom, presumably for proper stereo sound.

GSMArena's source that provided the images confirmed that this phone has no headphone jack, which unfortunately matches earlier rumors. If the decision stands past these dev units, people will undoubtedly be upset with this move, particularly as the Pixel 2 doesn't seem to be going for some futuristic thin, narrow, or compact look.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • That is an unattractive phone. Hopefully the XL2 is better than this thing.
  • It is.
  • Honestly the Pixel and Pixel XL are nothing special to look at. But it has grown on most. I can most about the function and my phone still functions flawlessly. With consistent monthly security updates.
  • Yeah, that's one ugly sucker!!
  • Well at least it's design /look is original
  • Yeah that thing is Fugly. Looks like the forehead and chin is even bigger now.
  • The front is just similar to the 6P so it doesn't bother me much as long as I get front facing speakers.
  • Like everyone else, I'm dying to see how Google rationalizes their aboutface on the headphone jack. Apart from that, the phone looks fine. You've got a 6P on the front and a Pixel around back. It's a Pixus (becuz that sounds better than Nexel)!
  • I like Nexel
  • I'm more a fan Nexel as well.
  • "We are trying to be brave and do something different. The headphone jack is a legacy port, and we are moving towards new generation of technology". Phone does not have microSD slot nor a headphone jack, and bezels look huge like it's from 2014. There goes $900 down the toilet.
  • I love how someone had down-voted you. Because it's so offensive to want manufacturers to give you options and let you decide, rather than deciding for us and expecting $1000 for their troubles. Give me the option and I'll decide. That's why I buy Android and not Apple.
  • I don't see anything brave about not having a 3.5 mm headphone jack , it is nothing more than a device with one less useful feature , and you can bet Google will have the ordacity to charge more for an already exhorbitantly priced phone .
  • As long as they go from micro USB to USB-C, you can do audio from the USB-C port using a USB-C to audio converter or buying wired headphones with USB-C. If you need to charge at the same time you can charge by wireless. I was using Bluetooth earbuds before even Apple did away with the audio jack so I haven't used a headphone jack in 4 years. It might be a problem if you accept payments with a paypal here or square card reader though that used the audio jack until they adapt to USB-C or encrypted Bluetooth.
  • Google already went from micro USB to USB-C. I doubt this will have wireless charging.
  • If they used that new real estate to make the phone thinner or sport a bigger battery I'd be on board. I picked up wireless headphones earlier this year and honestly it's hard to go back.
  • Pixus is a medical device for housing and dispensing medications. I like Pixus best too.
  • Correct, but we spell the dispensers Pyxis. I like Pixus for the phone though :)
  • The sad part is they bashed Apple for not having headphone jacks yet they remove the same feature they frowned down on!
  • This is a total skip year for me. NOTHING interesting about this phone from leaks shown. Hopefully, there's a big deception going on. This will easily save me a grand. I guess I put that money into my car stereo that ****s.
  • I hope and pray your right, that's an ugly phone and the leaks are not making it sound like anything special at all. Google may be hurting itself here. I'm certainly not paying a grand for that thing!!
  • Most people said last year's pixel was ugly too so what's the difference. Dual front facing speakers looks pretty good to me... Miss that about my 6P!
  • Not even front facing stereo speakers? Or stock android? Or quick updates? Or an expansive developer community?
  • I too will be sticking to my OG Pixel and waiting this one out. This helps because I wanted to save money anyway.
  • buying the pixel xl2 then. cant deal that bezel in 2017. if it was at least a bit small i would have been ok with it(not asking for edge to edge).
    xl2 seems to be similar in size compared to xl
  • Wow, that it's one ugly phone. That camera sensor placement is just horrifying. I won't be able to sleep for months now.
  • Wow that is ugly. I hope this phone kills the brand. It doesn't deserve anyone buying it.
  • Kill the brand because you find the looks unappealing? There are those that do not use a phone to show off or stare at the way it looks. FUNCTION is my priority in a phone. I do not care what color or what others think and certainly do not stare at it mesmerized by it's looks.
  • Exactly!! Give me functionality over form any day. It's comments like this why we have extremely thin phones with no battery life or phones missing half the features people want.
  • It has nothing to do with the looks alone. This phone, if that's really it, will have huge top and bottom bezels. It looks anything but modern and is by far a less convenient design than something with less bezels on top and bottom. You can hate the trend with no bezels based on functionality, but be consistent in your criticism when it's the other way around and there is too much of it. This looks like a half-a$$ed design of a phone that was put together in 10 minutes cause they know fan boys will buy them since there's a Google logo on it... it's almost like this other company I know that pulls out phone with less features that sell cause of then brand... mmm...
  • There isn't a trend of no bezels. Every phone has bezels. They may be thin but they're still there. The GS8 silhouette has visible sides, for example.
  • You certainly have a point, but for the price that Google asks for these, I'd say they could deliver a more complete package.
  • You're talking about funcionality and yet, this phone doesn't even have audio jack or MicroSD slot. How is this functional?
  • First of all, I said I want functionality in A PHONE. I did not say I wanted THIS phone. The comment that I replied to used LOOKS as a reason to kill the brand. Please read what I write, not what you THINK I mean. I also prefer a jack and card expansion and am using a phone with those things regardless of the looks.
  • He's right. The bezels look humongous for a 2017/2018 phone.
  • Is it just me or does the front look A LOT like the nexus 6p.
  • A screen flanked by stereo front-facing speakers. Not too many ways to differentiate when making a front like that, I guess.
  • I understand what you’re saying to an extent, but then I look at the Moto X Pure 2015 that I have in a desk drawer. That being said, I’ll probably get it anyway. This cycle I’m leaning heavily toward the one handed ease of use and pocketable mode.
  • The Moto X Pure and the Nexus 6P look pretty similar from the front, to my eye. But yeah, I'd probably get the Pixel 2 if I were planning to upgrade. I'm still happy enough with the original Pixel that I don't see myself spending $700-ish on a new phone any time soon. Maybe I'll change my mind when the end-of-year bonus comes through and I'm desperately looking for irresponsible ways to spend it.
  • 👍🏻
  • That didn't post properly.
  • Sorry, it ‘s a thumbs up.
  • Nexus 6P and the Pixel XL had a baby.
  • Nice.
  • No headphone jack, no buy. Not until there is a solid standard for usb audio.
  • Agreed. They should have 2 USB ports at least.
  • No headphone AND no micro SD slot. I wonder where the 2 'speakers' will be, will they be oriented to the vertical or the horizontal so if watching a movie you'd get stereo, or like in an old tablet I have both speakers would be to one side while I watched a program. And its ugly?
  • I could deal with omission of the headphone jack (though I'd prefer it's inclusion) IF they finally fix the issue that plagues the current generation of Pixels wherein Bluetooth audio lags about a second behind video...
  • robk84, I totally agree no headphone jack and no micro s/d expansion makes this a no go for me!
  • Looks pretty much the same just with some added HTC style bezels and unattractive camera set up. Should be a pretty good device but hopefully cheaper.
  • Haha, all of you that hate the looks sound like a bunch of iPhone owners. All of a sudden looks are the most important thing, never mind performance will be top notch. So vain.
  • Shallowness. And unsurprising. The phone as a fashion statement is some people's priority.
  • Hello 6P
  • Need to see more. Wife and sons lines are due for upgrade...which means wife and I get new phones and he inherits mine. Pixel 2XL, Note 8 are the most likely canidates
  • The Note 8 looks like the 8+ with a S S Pen, I'll pass..
    This phone doesn't look like much either, I'm hoping the 2XL is Great phone, if not it's the V30 or a switch in carrier and the U11!
  • I was just looking at the G6 and the V20 in the store yesterday. I would consider the V30 as well...
  • Google is stupid. I don't understand what they're doing with the pixel this year. They're basically doing what they did with the Nexus 6P and 5X by using two different manufacturers to build the phones except this pixel 2 is ugly as all get out and they're removing features but not adding any useful ones either! It's mind boggling. I don't see the point of the Pixel phones honestly if they're basically doing the same thing they did with Nexus but charging an arm and leg now for phones that are gimped more than the Nexus phones were.
  • I'm starting to think there doing it to purposely to make people buy the more expensive better model. Make the cheaper option OK but give the bigger model all the bells and whistles which will encourage people to spend more.
  • Oof. Bezel. Gross.
  • Reality check. Millions of people bought the iPhone SE and iPhone 7. Double reality check. Millions more will purchase the iPhone 7S despite it retaining the same design. Tripe reality check. Just because a phone doesn't follow a specific trend does not make it a non-starter or have we forgotten the high praise devices like the OnePlus 5 and U11 recently received?
  • Still a lot of people holding on to their iPhone 6 or 6s OR buying brand new iPhone 6s phones, no headphone jack plus rumor has it the iPhone 8 isn't going to have a fingerprint scanner AT ALL. Letting go of the headphone jack is a hard pill to swallow for some. It's not the matter of people not caring, it's the fact that they have no choice.
  • No, they have a choice. There's an abundance of choice, actually, IF the removal of a headphone jack is as earth-shattering as many are making it out to be. I'm not saying there aren't people holding on to their phone because of the lack of a headphone jack on the latest iPhone models, but those numbers are definitely but a drop in the bucket compared to the plethora of people who upgraded to the iPhone 7 last year.
  • Reality check. There weren't millions buying the original Pixel. Sure as heck aren't going to see a lift in sales with archaic crap like this.
  • There actually were millions buying the Pixels, just not as many millions as the iPhones.
  • Hate to say it but at most 1 mil were sold...
  • At minimum a million were sold, based on faulty analysis of the Play Store listing for the launcher by Ron Amedeo. The range based on his post was between 1 and 5 million. As of June, Google was estimating about 6 million total sales. They passed the 2 million mark before the end of 2016.
  • Reality check millions of people buy iPhones cause they are blind followers. They also help lots of broke thugs feel rich and sophisticated cause it has a apple with a bite taken out of it on the back.
  • That or because they make really good devices. 2016 iPhones had the best display on a mobile, are among the best for battery life of any flagships, aren't made out of glass, come with an industry leading SoC backed by performance as expected, a 256 GB storage option, etc. Apple also makes it really easy to upgrade with their annual program and supports their devices longer than anyone else in the industry. They're in the top 5 devices for security and software support and also are the easiest to resolve repair/warranty issues with, because you can walk into a store and exchange it with almost no questions asked. There is a value proposition to all that and it's not explained away by mere "fanboyism".
  • There's also the Genius Bar experience that makes people feel comfortable buying the device and knowing they can get help or service in person when needed.
  • Does it bother you that bad that people like the iPhone? Anyone that says the iP isn't a good phone is the one that is blind. You don't sell phones like Apple does for 10 straight years now just bc they're Apple. It may sound silly, but iP's do just work. Rarely have issues, great support and service, constant updates. Security is awesome. Many things to like about iOS and the iP. Doesn't mean it's for everyone. Both iOS and Android have their pros and cons and both will get the job done at the end of the day. Ppl spend too much time worry about what others like. Just enjoy what makes you happy and worry less about other ppl's taste.
  • Ahh hell.
  • Haha here comes the Pixel fanboys accepting and defending the removal of the headphone jack! A great phone, though enjoy it without a microSD slot and headphone jack!
  • SD card no problem, haven't had one in ages
  • Google has repeatedly stated that they believe SD card slot is meant only for budget devices in developing markets. Expecting that broken feature in their flagship doesn't make sense.
  • I assume you mean the "flawed" (security, speed) hardware design of using removable storage, not the software side which does work fine. Just because an option is aimed at a low cost hardware situation doesn't make it broken. It is an acceptable tradeoff. Flagship devices with sufficient internal storage (at least 64 in 2016, at least 128 in 2017, imo) can operate fine without it. Adoptable storage has worked fine for family members who've had moto 8gb or 16gb devices.
  • Adoptable storage is better than anything we've had before, but many OEM's are either not including it or are changing aspects of it to try to make it more user friendly and that means, every time there is a major firmware update, the way that it works changes. Most consumers don't understand that using a card as internal storage means 1) when you factory reset, it's unreadable and 2) you can't put it in another device and read it. The lower speed, unstable performance and security risks are enough of a reason to eschew the card, but Android still sucks at using removable storage and we need a better fix soon.
  • A card is only unreadable in another device, if it's encrypted. But, that's the small tradeoff. Anyone that travels knows the value of a SD card for both photos and music. One of the values of (unencrypted) SD cards is easily transferring backups (music, apps, data, etc.) from an older device to a newer phone.
  • Right, that encryption is what i meant by adoptable storage. Unencrypted is still ok for media, but apps can't be put there and it's the least secure form of storage available. Android sucks at SD, but if they were able to fix the problems and would start using it coupled with acceptable storage sizes, such as 128, 256, etc.
  • hey Google listen you're not Apple .....🤥🤥
  • I own a Pixel XL and I don't like the idea of no headphone jack but fingers crossed that they'll bring a pair of headphones that plug into the charging port and the only thing I like about the new design is the fact the finger print scanner isn't on the glass no more I think I'll hold back till the pixel 3 hopefully they'll be enough changes to warrant a new Pixel
  • If this is true, this is another major letdown in the smartphone evolution. Not only do manufacturers think it's ok to treat the smaller versions as mid-range phones, Google had one thing going for it with it's first Pixel phones: recognizable and uniform in 2 sizes without drawbacks. Now the rumors are that the XL2 will have all the hotness and the Pixel 2 is turning out to be a ****. Combine that with the fact that you can't get anything Google outside of the USA unless you wait a year or import it for a ridiculous amount, I'm kind of outraged. I really wanted this phone to be my holy Grail, modern design with small bezels, small size, great hardware and camera and yes with a grand price, but worth it. Leave it to HTC to get stuck in 2014...shame on you Google (and all the other manufacturers) for forcing me to consider the iPhone again after more than 5 years of being a very happy Android user.
  • What's midrange about it? The small one and the XL have the same features and specs except for display size/res and battery size.
  • Based on what we saw with the last model of the Pixel, i'm sure their removal of yet another feature of the device will probably mean that they increase the price even more. Since last year we got nearly a $1000 device with no water resistance, sd card slot, ability to get it from any carrier (don't talk to me about the 68% financing option through Google Play), or wireless charging.
  • 0% through Google play.
  • You missed the fine print, I see.
  • No you did not read correctly. I have read it many times. Twenty four equal payments with 0%. Miss a payment or late payment then yes interest will be charged. Pretty standard fair.
  • If you you were offered 68% financing, your credit rating must be the lowest in the history of credit. It was ZERO percent financing. Not liking a phone is one thing. Making stuff up loses all credibility.
  • 68% financing... XD
  • I never went through with it to the point of having my credit ran. 68% was an obvious exaggeration, but maybe you should have read the fine print. Google themselves weren't going to charge any interest, but the company they outsourced to sure did, and if I recall correctly, it was in the 20% range. Again, that had nothing to do with my credit because I never wanted the Pixel enough to even get that far into the process. That was in the fine print.
  • Thankfully neither last year not this year have the stupid sd slot. Everyone else pointed out the lie about financing rate. The first gen pixel was certified water resistant. No phones are waterproof, that's simply not a thing that exists yet.
  • I didn't say waterproof, did I. And the Pixel's level of water resistance was basically that it would survive if held on a certain pre-determined angle while walking as quickly as possible through a very fine "mist machine" at Disneyland. Nothing like IP-68. Also, the financing rate isn't a lie, just the percentage I gave was an exaggeration. But if you read the fine print, it was in the 20% range with the company who serviced the "loan" after you signed the contract. But no one reads the fine print, so i'm not surprised none of you saw that and just heard that GOOGLE wasn't going to charge a finance rate. Which is true, they wouldn't. It was the bank who serviced the loan.
  • It's a zero percent financing plan. Same as cash within 12, 18 or 24 months, depending on which plan you sign up for. I have no idea what is is if you choose not to make payments on time. You said that it was not water resistant, "Since last year we got nearly a $1000 device with no water resistance". It is. I missed in the first post, you also said it's not available from any carriers. "ability to get it from any carrier (don't talk to me about the 68% financing option through Google Play)". I'm sure by now you've heard that Verizon was selling it directly and that T-Mobile is/was giving a bill credit to customers who brought the device to T-Mobile.
  • I'm a bit torn on the lack of headphne jack. I previously failed at being able to run my bluetooth headphones reliably and always used my regular wired headset. That being said I'll trade that if the new phone is waterproof and that's one less external port that need to be insulated.
  • No phone is waterproof.
  • Bring on the dual front facing speakers. I also like some bezel too, so at least this year's Pixel will have some use for them. As for no headphone jack, and I never thought I'd ever say this, but I'm used to it now.
  • I don't mind the looks. But I've said it once and I'll say it as many times as necessary: no headphone jack is a deal breaker until there is some sort of standard for usb-c audio. Until the quality of Bluetooth earphones and earbuds catches up to the 3.5mm jack, it is NOT a solution.
  • There is a USB audio standard now.
  • Too bad there is no guarantee of compliance or a place that sells accessories that are guaranteed to work and be compliant with the standard. There is also a USB-C charging's that working out for the industry?
  • No Pixel XL 2 for me. Bezels are too big. Plus my 6P is still going strong. The stereo speakers were nice before I got my Jaybird X2's. Now I don't even use the speakers on my 6P. If I'm watching something that I want to sound good I just use my headphones.
  • The bezels on the XL 2 (2 XL? Whatever) are leaked to be smaller. This is not the XL in the images, so if your initial statement is your reasoning, you are jumping the gun with a mistaken assumption.
  • Who is telling the makers of phones that we don't want headphone jacks.
  • Me
  • The fact that Bluetooth 5.x and USB audio standard exist = it's a redundant for the vast majority of people. But they're not doing a popularity poll, they're saving space and providing better functionality with less waste.
  • Do you work for Google? My lord you just hover on these articles defending everything Pixel. I know I've seen your username for years around here but while reading your comments I keep having to double check that I haven't accidentally gone over to iMore somehow.
  • lol? I almost never read the blog articles here anymore, when I do it's because one of the AC volunteers sent a link. There are a lot of statements made by people that are showing their misunderstanding of some of the things going on with Google, Blackberry, Nokia and so most of my comments are trying to help people understand the reasoning for some of these things. The comment you're replying to doesn't say anything about Pixels, it is explaining why OEM's (Lenovo, HTC, Apple, Google, etc) might want to get rid of a redundant feature. Do you actually read the words of the posts you're replying to or just see a username and start trolling?
  • I already decided that since Google has abandoned wireless charging, I'll not be getting one.
  • Doesn't look to exciting but it should be slick and quick. Don't care about the headphone jack, but the bezels I thought would be smaller. As for being ugly a case will cover it for safety's sake anyway. And....I wouldn't pay a grand or more for any phone until they all cost that much and I have no choice, right now choice is good.
    Oh well, I'm not getting it anyway. ;)
  • I don't mind no headphone jack. Ill just get a suiting pair of bluetooth headphones.
  • When going for a walk/run bluetooth still gives me occasional stutters or cut outs. I've tried multiple headsets from 20 bucks to 150 bucks. Tried it on several phone generations (currently using Galaxy S8 Plus). My phone is always in my pocket and I still get stutters some times. Specifically going down one neighborhood near corner. Not sure what goes on at that intersection but bluetooth reliability really sucks there ( must be a lot of EM interference). Not sure about you but I HATE it when my audio stutters or cuts out. It reminds me of the old Walkman disc days where movement made the CD skip. Or even further when jarring movement made my portable cassette player warble a bit. Digital audio playback was suppose to eliminate that crap forever. I refuse to subject myself to a technology that brings back "the good old days" of audio cutting out randomly. I use bluetooth for convenience, but when I want to get into the zone with my music and not get interrupted, I reach for my wired earbuds every time.
  • I thought it was just my Bluetooth that did that in my s8. Stutters alot during my bike rides.
  • You'll still be able to do that. It comes with an adapter that can simply be left connected to the headphones. Dame thing worked with Moto and HTC. Zero issues.
  • 100$ jaybirds stutter as well on S8+ when running or biking, thought it was the jaybirds but returned them for another pair and they do the same thing, now I know it is simply the technology of bluetooth that sucks. My waterproof bluetooth speaker also stutters in the shower every morning with my Galaxy Note 4 sitting directly next to it.
  • LOL. No thanks. I'd take a U11 any day over this for better features.
  • Which features?
  • Google the two phones and look for yourself. Then guess as to what he might be referencing. He doesn't have to explain himself to you.
  • I know the details of the U11 and the Pixel 2. I'm unaware of any features that the U11 has that the Pixel 2 lacks except for the TBD quality of audio DAC in the USB C adapter. The same is not true in reverse, Google does have more features than the U11. So I'm asking the person who posted what they mean by their post. Seems like you're having fun trolling/harassing and downvoting comments today. Why so much interest in complaining about a phone that, for the second generation in a row, you've flatly stated you have no interest in?
  • WHY
  • Well as I've thought about before 1st time around until now, things aren't really shaping up well to justify Pixel's command for a premium? I mean what's what? Complete vertically integrated and engineered core components such as an own designed SoC? Nope. IP ratings? Nope. Over 3500mAh battery? Not even. Then what? Oh....yes the much ballyhooed prowess of the back camera. Hell for that matter there isn't even Tango in it from the get go? Only reason for the current ones' RRPs to be floating as high as it is, are due to the usual Google style of inventory stuff-up which artificially boosted the demand way higher than it should over supply. And you would have thought that this being 2017, they'd want to properly sell internationally seems like they can't or won't? I'm still at that position where if Pixels ver 2.0 is just another "off the shelf" picked Snapdragon 835 phone with an amped up camera, then I tell you what fellas; hold that leftover cash set for the premium, just wait it out a bit and ffs buy the S8 Active once that gets out of exclusivity.
  • No headphone jack = no buy It's that simple.
  • The lack of innovative design marches on. I guess Google is happy making iPhone looking devices. Thank God my Nexus 6 still works like a champ.
  • with the top and bottom chin. Its the same size as the bezel less XL2.
  • Having no headphone jack is a stupid move. Android is supposed to be different from Apple. I know Motorola was the first but nobody cared because it was stupid then and still stupid now.
  • Google is going no headphone jack to push USB-C, but more importantly, improved the Bluetooth audio codecs from Sony now built into Android O. I like the legacy audio hardware on this one, but by 2019, this will be a moot point.
  • No headphone jack...then I'm not interested.
  • I can't remember the last time I needed headphones while charging, but people might I suppose, you could use BT headphones?
    I don't get why people buy phones with looks as a major factor but big screens in smaller handsets sounds sensible...
  • Business types that do a lot of conference calls use headsets all the time, and most of them don't want to have to worry about charging a BT headset. I was surprised at just how many wired headsets I saw being used when I started working for a large company. I asked a few people why they don't use BT. They didn't want to have to worry about forgetting to charge it and then not having a headset to use for calls. I have seen quite a few dongle trees with iPhones since then, and I even got one or two people to switch to Pixel. Gonna be interesting to say the least.
  • Actually, the headphone jack on a phone is not that old a design to consider obsolete.
    Phones like my Sony Ericsson K810i used the proprietary charging/PC Suite port as a headphone jack.
    However, although not safe to use a phone while charging, I could plug on the headphone while the phone is charging (thanks to a simple but nifty feature). The downside was we were stuck with the proprietary headphones.
    Going by the trend, all future smartphones need a small adapter that can allow anyone to charge the phone and plug in an 3.5 mm audio jack.
    In the future, all headphone may come with a USB - C adapter or jack
  • Please. SMALLER screen and phone.
    Even the 5" screens are unmanageable with one handed operation. I don't want a phone that requires me to use 2 hands all the time and takes up so much space in my pocket when a case is on it (you have to have a case). Let the big phone users have their phone, but give us users who prefer smaller phones, smaller than what's on the market. Apple sees the market. Why can't any of the major Android phone makers see it?
  • You could just buy a older Android phone. Also iPhones are not small anymore, they are comparable in size nowadays. You can find smaller phones but they aren't going to be high end because the mass majority of people want the size big enough to enjoy videos and other media content. Bottom line is that as mobile devices become more capable of doing all computer needs the more screen size is increasing. But mainly your comment made little to no sense because of the iPhone statement...
  • He or she could also buy a midrange or low-end phone. Many of those have smaller screens. This year's midrange is comparable to last year's flagship with a more recent O/S installed, too!
  • I don't understand how the headphone jack is such a burden for these companies. It's small and unobtrusive. Samsung seems to be able to implement it fine even with a near bezel- less design and curved screen. Having the headphone jack comes in handy when I have no Bluetooth headphones readily available and I can find or borrow a cheap pair of standard headphones.
  • As phone components go, it's enormous. It's over half an inch long and over a quarter of an inch thick and it has to be placed at the top or bottom of the device and break up the metal edge of the device. It requires extra wiring and competes for space with the camera modules, speaker modules and/or charging port, depending on if it's on the top or bottom. And two ports with redundant functionality is not a good thing for design.
  • Wow. Google really needs to eliminate every member of their Pixel team. This design is atrocious and it's if they are intentionally trying to fail.
  • For the first time in forever I can say I will skip this upgrade year. This Pixel XL is too good to be thrown to the side after 12 months. Maybe.... LOL
  • I kinda dig it. But, I won't be buying it because I have a thing against laying down $700+ for a piece of tech that depreciates faster than a new Chrysler. Bezels are fine. At least they're doing something with the space with stereo speakers.
  • The thing here is, Apple at least had products in place to support the no-3.5mm jack decision. They launched airpods (a little late) and had just acquired beats. From a business perspective, I get it (but don't agree with it). If google doesn't include a headphone jack, do they expect everyone to go by Bluetooth headphones from Beats (apple) or ANKER, or whatever? There isn't a single pair of Bluetooth headphones on the google store, its just a poor decision for the consumer and for the business.
  • Adapters exist. Many companies include one in the box. At least there is an alternative to Google expecting "everyone to buy Bluetooth".
  • "Ports are stupid" Andy Rubin. There is a lot of Truth in that statement. The Pixel 2 will be a hit, and I am sure it will sell, there are a lot of Nexus owners out there ready to buy something new and with Bluetooth 5.0 at some point headphones will come out to take advantage of that new technology and one day you will tell you grandkids about when you had to plug them into your phone. Ahhh the good old days.
  • No sd support or headphone jack.. They can keep it.
  • Headphone jacks obsolete
  • How?
  • The headphone jack is a passive connector... it normally does not degrade the audio signal passing through it. Likewise, it also does not improve the signal. It's just an electrical connector. For the person who has invested in their favorite headphones, it makes sense to have it. The big caveat there is that, while the person will enjoy listening like they always have, they will also miss out on advances. Unfortunately, HTC is the only company offering something better at the moment, but it is drastically better than any earbuds you can possibly plug into a 3.5 jack. I would venture to say they are better than most full sized headphones. But, I only say that because I have not listened to $55,000.00 headphones with custom marble amps and specially mixed music, so I can't honestly claim to know how every headphone sounds. I will say that they are better than any headphones I have used, either at home, in the studio, or when mixing live concerts as FOH engineer. For someone who loves mindblowing detail, USonic is the only game in town right now, and it's not likely they will just give the technology to Google.
  • Someone better let Samsung know! My S8+ has one
  • That is a gorgeous phone for 2015.
  • This trend is BULLSHIT and I hope it sells terribly due to it's lack of a common, ubiquitous interface for music playback! Screw this.
  • Yeah, Apple did it because of profits. There's absolutely no reason for Android manufacturers to remove a feature that majority of people use.
  • Do you think Android manufacturers are against profits?
  • The ugly part is just another good reason to put a case on it. The lack of a Headphone jack sucks, but the V30 with it's high end DAC will fix that.
  • I'm curious what Google will say this year about the lack of a headphone jack. Last year they bashed Apple and said "At least our Pixel has one!" Hypocrisy at it's finest.
  • Seriously if you can't live without the headphone jack then there are plenty of alternative options. How long are companies supposed to make legacy tech because people are to cheap to buy Bluetooth headphones. C'mon people get over it and spend some money on new headphones... Lol
  • Jeez, tell me about it. To think, door makers KEEP putting those legacy door knobs on their products... Don't they realize that, well I mean we all still have hands with opposable thumbs, but don't they realize that hipsters like change for the sake of change...?
  • I loved my Pixel at first and slowly I got bored of it. I sort of wish I had purchased the HTC U11. Nothing wrong with the PIxel but I just feel I didn't get my money's worth compared to other phones out there.
  • The U11 is far, far superior to the Pixel.
  • How so?
  • It doesn't just sit there!
  • i would have even said the htc 10 was a better device in many ways , sturdier build , better audio , optical image stabilization on the selfie camera (which the 11 does not have ) and you can pick up a 10 now for half the price of a pixel .
  • There are only four reasons (AFAIK) for removing the headphone jack, and only one of those benefits the consumer:
    1. To save money.
    2. To make money.
    3. Because the device physically is too thin.
    4. To replace it with something better. Google's reason is to save money. Granted, there are a lot of people who use wireless and will never use the jack on their current phones. This won't matter to them, and that's fine.
  • I'll grant that removing the headphone jack saves money, but it doesn't make money. It's not like a company receives an additional dollar every time they make a phone without the jack, they're just stopped from spending some amount.
  • You are correct, but Apple would be the exception. By removing the headphone jack, Apple forces accessory makers to use the Lighting port, and anybody that makes an accessory for the Lightning port must pay Apple a licensing fee. And if a company makes an accessory that comes in five colors, they have to pay Apple five fees... one for each color, even though they are identical products. So Apple saves a bit by not including the traditional jack, and also make some money in licensing fees. It's actually pretty clever from a business perspective, but it still sucks for everyone else ;)
  • i would argue on that point mate , for example , if it costs $ 3.00 in manufacturing costs to add a headphone jack to every unit and google sells one million phones , how much money do you think google just put in the bank ????
    the device is going to get USB C or whatever its called anyway , so any feature deleted that can be done without is less cost and money in the bank .
  • Yeah, I was considering the Pixel XL 2 until I heard about the gimmicky squeezable sides and potentially no headphone jack. The lgv30 is looking like a strong front runner for my next phone, especially with the possibility of water resistance, larger OLED screen, headphone jack, SD 835, and possibly the first phone to have Android O ootb, not to mention a cheaper price tag and sooner release date. I'll be coming from the g6 so it'll be a smooth transition. And I had such high hopes for the new Pixel XL 2. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what exactly each device has to offer!
  • PatrickClark41 - The edge sensors can be turned off and completely forgotten about, unlike other options (cough, Bixby, cough). But once you get used to them, they are a pretty useful feature. No rumors that I know of about deleting the headphone jack on the XL, but even if the XL does have a headphone jack, it won't be as good as the V30.
  • Although the bixby button itself cannot be turned off , you can choose to disable 99% of its functions , if by accident you hit the bix button , a quick hit again gets you out of it, any inconvenience factor is minimal , and on the plus side if by some chance one day sammy pulls his finger out ,
    it may just be useful one day , and i`m speaking on an Australian model that has almost zero useful bixby functionality onboard anyway , it seem US and S
    Korea get all the bixby love to speak :) .
  • Exactly. I find it useful now tbh
  • There's some good news: at least that will free up some space to make a bigger screen with smaller bezels. Oh...
  • Screens are thin, removing a headphone jack in no way contributes to the size of the screen.
  • What a design disaster! So glad I'm rocking that sexy Samsung Galaxy S8+ 👍😊 Google absolutely lacks imagination when it comes to design. It's the same worn out and tired look 👎
  • Yikes. Looks like I might be the only person in the universe that likes the new Pixel. I have USB headphones, so I don't care about no 3.5mm. You are going to get a Snapdragon 835, 64GB or more of storage, stereo speakers and unlimited photo and video storage at the highest resolution. Yeah there are bezels, but I don't care because I'm getting stereo speakers. When I had my first pixel, the software was flawless. This is a better phone than you think.
  • I also like it. I don't mind the bezels, though chances are that the XL will have tiny ones. I do somewhat care about the 3.5mm jack being gone, but I can live with it if it's the only compromise. What I really want to see are water resistance and OIS for the camera, if it has those I'm going to shell out the dough and upgrade from my Nexus 6 at some point soon.
  • No jack is a huge step backward. Just because the fruit did it doesn't mean manufacturers will just stop making wired headphones.
  • I was seriously going to buy one of these too. I'm on a refurbished Nexus 6P after I had to RMA it. I'm afraid the same thing that happened to my original device may happen to this one so I was planning on going with the Pixel 2. I can't do it now. Sorry Google, I don't just on Apple bandwagons like you do. There are a lot of reasons why the manufacturer can benefit from this and many are covered in other comments. However, I do believe that once this becomes the norm and everyone gets used to not having a headphone jack you will start to see things like. "Wait 15 minutes to play for $.99 or pay $1.99 to play now" and other such nefarious schemes that make use of exclusive contracts and such. Like requiring a specific brand of handphones to play something, etc.
  • Question. How do you connect wired headphones? I know there are adapter for USB, but then how do you charge a phone while using headphones?
  • With the adapter, you cannot charge your phone and connect wired headphones at the same time. It sucks, I know.
  • I own the Pixel XL and besides low lag, and fastest updates, the thing that I liked is they really dug in with having a headphone jack and just one year later they have already jumped ship. I am a 3yr guy anyway so I wont be updating for a while but the Pixel is going in the wrong direction.
  • no headphone socket, not buying one it is a critical thing to have and i wont buy a phone that doesnt have one
  • You know what, people said the same thing about removable batteries and keyboards. I just wish USBC DACs would explode onto the scene. Car audio head units would be perfect for that as they could put in amazing DACs and it would charge the phone (plug in one cord for aux and charging in the car instead of needing two). The problem is that there needs to be a market for that kind of tech. If the majority of android phones only use USBC for audio - then car head unit makers would start catering to that market.
  • Not buying a phone without a head phone jack. People say I can use dongles, but why go through that inconvenience and the likelihood of losing. Additionally, some people, like myself use phones for media events and want to offer be able to test equipment and monitor audio which requires 3.5mm
  • Soon you may not have a choice