A new Google wireless streaming device clears the FCC's certification

Chromecast With Google TV
Chromecast With Google TV (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A new wireless streaming device from Google passed through the FCC.
  • The device could be a new Chromecast, but it's unlikely.
  • The mysterious device could be released alongside the upcoming Google Pixel phones.

Every device that gets to consumers' hands passes through the Federal Communications Commission first, with most of the filings bearing little to no information at all about their functionality. The latest such device is one made by Google, and it's believed to be a new Chromecast.

First spotted by Android Police, the new FCC filing reveals a wireless streaming device with the model number GJQ9T. It was filed on July 20 and received the FCC's clearance on August 5. There's actually nothing in the document that points to anything close to the description of the Chromecast, so the device remains a mystery at the moment.

Nonetheless, if the timing of the document's release is any indication, it could be a new iteration of one of the best Chromecast devices. Around this time last year, some FCC filings revealed two Google device models, with one bearing the model number GZRNL and described as an "Interactive Media Streaming Device." The other had a model number G9N9N, described as a "Wireless Device." A month later, Google announced the Chromecast with Google TV.

It is likely that the mysterious device is a wireless security camera since Google just recently unveiled the Nest Cam along with other Nest products. The announcement came a few months after a Google device bearing the model number G3AL9 had made a pit stop at the FCC earlier this year. That said, only time will tell what the new FCC listing is for, and it's speculated to hit the market alongside the Google Pixel 6 series.

Chromecast With Google TV Sky

Chromecast with Google TV

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