New Android devices headed to Sprint, according to Q3 roadmap rumor

When referring to carrier roadmaps, you always have to kind of take them with a grain of salt as they can and often do change on the fly. That said, Sprint's Q3 lineup has just been broken down a little in rumor form, and it does have some Android devices on it that may be of interest.

The first item on the list is said to be the Samsung Epic 2, which will bring a 4-inch display, 1.2GHz single-core Hummingbird processor and a 8MP camera, all wrapped up in a nice QWERTY keyboard form factor. Next up, a full-touch 4G device from Samsung -- details here are lacking but given that the Samsung Within aka Samsung Galaxy S II fits this description nicely it'd come as now surprise if that's exactly what it was when it gets an official announcement.

If this roadmap turns to reality, that means two new Android devices on Sprint between July and September. Seems rather low to us but Sprint did just roll out the HTC EVO 3D as well and who knows what else could be added in the meantime -- or maybe they'll just ride out the EVO 3D through the summer.

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  • Don't forget the Motorola Photon!
  • Sprint has really gotten its act together. I tell you what. I thought they might fade into the sunset but recently I would say they have an advantage if A) they keep unlimited data plans and B) stay out of VZ's arms. It will be really bad for consumers if VZ gets their hands on them. Say goodbye to grandfather unlimited data then and higher rates for everything.
  • I agree, they've worked so hard to improve their negative image that it would be a complete shame if they sold out to Verizon now.
  • They are not selling out to verizon
  • I think they'll be riding the EVO through the summer. Really hoping to catch a glympse of the GS2 on Sprint though.... I'm just hoping it will have NFC built in.
  • I guess they are holding the Kingdom til Q4.
  • I hope the Kingdom comes out before then
  • This will keep on Sprint... just have to try and wait it out....
    I have seen absolutely NO news from Samsung in regards to a GS2-Pro... like they did, around this time, last year... So we are all playing the waiting game... I just hope and pray, Sprint does not remove the HDMI...
  • Think I may hold out for the next Nexus device. I'd love to have a powerful stock Android phone. Got a year left on my contract, so we'll see when the time comes.
  • The spec bump described for the Epic 2 is pretty lame - you would be better off just getting a used Epic for cheaper from people upgrading to the Evo 3D, Photon, or Galaxy S II. I'd be pretty disappointed if I were looking to get a high end phone with a physical keyboard this year.
  • its not like the Epic 2's specs are anything to sneeze at they are pretty good.
  • The Epic running Gingerbread is really smooth, the Epic 2 will only be better
  • And Verizon has... the Bionic. What a joke.
  • Epic 2 is lame. All they did is overclock the single core processor. Why can't there be any keyboard phones with all the high end specs. Don't say Droid 3 because that only has 512mb of RAM and no LTE.
  • Do you even use your keyboard? I've probably cracked open my Epic's keyboard about 10 times, max. My next phone will definitely be a slab. Just not the Evo 3D, I don't think. I'll try it out in the store, but I just don't think I want a 3D phone. Maybe the Photon will be the winner? But I hate Motoblur, so maybe not. Oh well, good to know that we'll have some great options this year.
  • ur missing out
  • Missing out on what?
  • I use my Epic's keyboard a LOT. Just about every time I pick it up to type more than a word or two. I would have serious reservations about purchasing any phone that lacks a keyboard. I've had my Epic for almost a year and it's STILL the best keyboard phone available today. I'd really like my next phone to be HTC but they don't have anything I am interested in anymore. They are all "slabs" or they have very old and slow processors in them. It's a shame, really. They had the form factor basically PERFECT with the Touch Pro 2 and they haven't made anything as good since then.
  • amen, amen, amen. the touch pro 2 set the standard for perfection in form factor. what a shame they couldn't see it the same way we did...
  • All day, every day. I was hoping the Epic 2 or whatever would be an SGS2 with a keyboard, this is disappointing news. I will not use a phone without a KB, and I want the highest end device available.
  • Agreed! All the phsyical keyboard phones are not high end, their a distant cousin. Some of us do like the ability of typying with a phsyical qwerty keyboard. All the highend phones look the same, and if it is a keyboard it's a landscape one!
  • "full-touch 4G device from Samsung -- details here are lacking but given that the Samsung Within aka Samsung Galaxy S II fits this description nicely" the SGSII is not large enough to be a 4G device. It is too thin to fit the 4G radios. Therefore, it cannot be the SGSII the map is talking about.
  • Expect all the US carrier versions of the SGS2 to be a little different than the international version. I'm sure they'd increase the thickness to add a Wimax radio.
  • you can't just simply "add thickness" the internals would have to be moved about all over the place. And lets be honest here, all 4G phones, Thunderbolt, Charge etc are all THICK (rather heavyish phones). Adding a 4G radio is NOT a minor overhaul. I say no way, can it be the within.
  • Actually the Charge is rather thin,much thinner than the Bolt.And the Revolution is as thin as a number of 36 devices.
  • Keep in mind that the Galaxy SII line features a big 4.3 inch screen, Also, unlike the LTE 4G technology, WiMax modem is builtin with the phone chipset, so I wouldnt be surprised if Samsung and Sprint pull off a thin WiMax Galaxy SII device.
  • I imagine Samsung will do as they did with the original Galaxy S series and have carrier based changes made. Hopefully it will have the same specs and close to as thin as the GS2 if a 4G radio is added.
  • I would imagine that an Evo Shift 2 is in the works and will be released late Q4 (in time for Christmas) or early Q1 2012. Hopefully, it will include a 1.2 GHz processor, front-facing camera, and 1GB internal memory. It's the least of what needs to be done to keep up with the competition.
  • I'm sticking with my og EVO and going with the Samsung GS2! Hopefully the variance will be for the better... LTE would be everything! Not gonna happen...
  • I'm in the same boat. Holding on to the Evo 4G until the GS2 comes out. I hope it does get 4G!
  • Ditto. EVO 4G user waiting for the GS2.
  • Probably not the Galaxy S2 there was another midrange samsung device rumored with 4g no qwerty and an epic 2 doesnt sound like a good idea if its not a variant of the S2 but there are a lot of other samsung phones that are just a galxy s with the super amoled plus and an overclocked single core
  • exactly, the SGSII (Attain) was pictured in the dock with four capacitive buttons earlier....but exact same form factor as the international SGSII. No way would it look the same with large/bukly 4g radios.
  • I repair phones and 4g phone motherboards are not any thicker just the idea is kind of funny three reason them phones
    Are heavy and thick is the frames are metal and are built better because you can't have any flex or them large screens would crack...
  • Maybe for sprint, for Verizon the thunderbolt is massive by necessity. The phone has 2 different radios and 3 different antennae. The motherboard is gigantic. The nexus s 4g gained thickness for a wimax radio and it was hardly thin.
  • Korea quit hogging Evo 4g+!
  • You have those new Androids and the possibility of an iPhone announcement. I'm holding off on the Evo 3D to see what happens this fall with other Androids or the iPhone on Sprint. Some days I want to get another Android phone (Current Evo owner) and others I want an iPhone.
  • I don't want the iphone on sprint, I don't want apple to start controlling everything.
  • I'm holding on to my EVO 4G, in hopes that Sprint will get the EVO 4G+. I hate slabs, but if I want a high end Android device, that's the only option available to me. The 4G+ looks good, has the toggle switch between video cam and still cam, and have the same specs as the EVO 3D. I think that 3D crap is gimmick that will grow tiresome soon. It's still my dream to have an EVO 4G+ like device, with a slider portrait keyboard... Why must we all be subjected to the same freaking form factor, if we want a high end Android device? The EVO shift, Epic, and other landscape sliders are not really high end phones, their distant cousins... And that sucks!
  • I thought the Epic had the same specs as the other Galaxy S variants?
  • Same processor speed and graphics, I think, but it's not supported yet by Cyanogenmod and the other Galaxy S variants are... :(
  • How is the Epic not a high end device??
  • So what you want is the HP Pre 3! :P I still have my launch day Pre Minus lying in a drawer somewhere. Not sure whether I prefer landscape or portrait for a physical keyboard. All I know is the SwiftKey kicks complete ass over either physical keyboard configuration for me.
  • LOL! I'm still using my first-month Pre Minus until SGS2 comes out on Sprint. I'm going to miss the portrait keyboard, but hopefully the huge bump in screen size will make the on-screen keyboard bearable.
  • Holding onto my EVO and holding out for the Photon. CDMA + GSM is what I'm after and so far, the Photon and the XPRT are the only ones that have that. We'll see what else they come up with.
  • The Photon looks very nice.
  • "it'd come as now surprise"
    "it'd come as no surprise" #grammarpolice
  • That would be more of a "typo" than a grammar issue.
  • Meh, if it takes that damn long to get the Galaxy SII on Sprint, I'll probably just wait the extra couple of months and get Google's new Ice Cream Sandwich phone in the winter.
  • I dont mind the on screen keyboards for typing but i really want a (high end) landscape slider in order to use the keyboard as a gamepad for emulators. Or if someone besides sony would release a phone (preferrably on sprint) with an actual gamepad slider, that would be awesome. And i dont even care about 4g either. Not until its available in my area anyway.
  • I believe they might be out soon because if we notice, when the evo came out, everyone wanted that and used their upgrades. Epic came out a few months later and it wasn't a big hit because most people had gotten the evo couple months back. This time around, smart thing to do would be release ASAP after evo 3d as to not lose to its fellow competition, HTC. My Guess, July would be launch month, and yes, Photon is probably going to release first. Your Friendly neighborhood Sprint Rep
  • Sprint & Verizon? Noooooooooo! Why not just merge all the "Baby Bells" back together into AT&T like it was before the court-ordered "break-up" decades ago? They're pretty much doing it anyhow through mergers & acquisitions. VZW blows where I live. 20+ years and not a stitch of service at my house DESPITE a coverage map that is ALL RED. Really only T-Mo and Sprint have been reliable IMHO. Now Sprint get that LTE network rolling and start offering phones with radios covering CDMA, GSM, LTE & WiMax!