Nest's new Cam Outdoor is now up for pre-order to keep your home safe

Nest has launched an outdoor version of its popular Cam. It's essentially the same product but with added weather proofing to ensure it'll last the days when attached to the side of your property. This is achieved by a combination of magnets and screw mounts, which will in turn enable you to direct the unit to face in an orientation of your choice.

As highlighted by Engadget, it's worth noting that this particular unit requires an outlet and does not run on batteries. It's said the use of mains power means the Nest Cam can continue recording and uploading footage for viewing without needing to turn itself off and activate once movement is detected (running the risk of missing out on the object that triggered the sensor). On the flip side, should you happen to lose power to your home, the camera becomes decoration.

There's no built-in storage either, so you'll need to make sure your Wi-Fi remains up and running. That said, the Nest Cam does boast 1080p recording with a 130-degree wide angle of view. A total of eight infrared LEDs light up the night and all video streamed is encrypted. Sound like the perfect solution to add to your security setup? You can pre-order it now for $199 with shipping expected to hit in the fall.

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Rich Edmonds