Black Friday is the best time of year to score amazing tech deals, and this Nest Secure Black Friday sale is at the lowest price we've ever seen for the system. Nest Secure might be officially discontinued by Google, but that doesn't mean this amazing DIY alarm system will stop working — just that it's incredibly hard to find new. Home Depot is liquidating their stock, and that means you can get one of the best DIY home alarm systems for the lowest price ever!

Nest Secure Alarm System

As secure as it is easy: Nest Secure Starter Kit | $310 off at Home Depot

An amazing DIY home security system for $310 off the normal price? Yes, you read that right. Google's Nest Secure DIY alarm system is easy to install and setup, and its deep integration with Google Home means it pairs perfectly with every Nest device you've already got.

$90 at Home Depot

Nest SecureSource: Google

The Nest Secure Starter Kit includes one Nest Secure keypad, which also acts as the base station to sync everything up, as well as two Nest Tag keyfobs and two Nest Detect window/door units. While this kit is likely only enough to cover your main entrances, Google will be making additional Nest Detect units available at the end of the year so that you can cover additional windows and doors with Nest Secure protection.

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Nest Detects typically retail for $50 each. If nothing, you may want to buy a few of these starter kits from Home Depot just to cover your whole house since it's $10 less than just two Nest Detect units would cost!

Given just how good Nest Secure is, many people and current owners were surprised to learn that Google would no longer be selling the starter kit after October 2020. Thankfully, that means that Google just isn't selling the full system any longer and owners of Nest Secure units will still be able to purchase additional Nest Tags and Nest Detect units for the foreseeable future. That also means that Nest Secure will continue to operate as it always has, giving owners peace of mind when they leave their home knowing that Nest has their back.

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