Google's Nest Secure alarm system has been officially discontinued

Nest Secure Alarm System
Nest Secure Alarm System (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google has discontinued its Nest Secure alarm system.
  • The Nest Secure was launched three years back for $499.
  • While the Nest Secure is no longer available through the Google Store, it is still available from some retailers.

Google has discontinued the Nest Secure alarm system, three years after its introduction. The Nest Secure listing on the Google Store now says the product is "no longer available."

While Google will no longer sell the Nest Secure, it has promised that it will continue to support the product (via Android Police). Unfortunately, Google hasn't revealed the reasons behind the move, and it doesn't look like the company has any plans of launching a successor to the Nest Secure.

The Nest Secure was launched in September 2017 for $499, but its price dropped to $399 less than a year later. Although it has been officially discontinued, it's still in stock at some retailers such as Best Buy and B&H. However, we don't expect the Nest Secure to continue to be available from other retailers for a long time. So if you're interested in getting one, you should place your order as soon as possible.

Nest Secure Alarm System

Nest Secure

The Nest Secure is a smart home security solution that comes with multi-purpose sensors that can detect motion. It integrates with other Nest products in your home and doesn't require any long-term commitment. You can use the Google Home app to activate the alarm and get alerts when your doors and windows are opened.

Babu Mohan
News Writer