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NASA TV for Android launches just in time for shuttle launch (and delay)

Although today's launch attempt of the STS-134 has been scrubbed and rescheduled, we still wanted to let Android users know that NASA has been working on its NASA TV live streams so that they do work on Android devices. Today was set to be a beta test of those streams and while some did have issues with playback, others had no problems at all.

NASA is looking into the matter so that when STS-134 is ready to launch we'll all be able to tune in and enjoy it. If you head on over to the NASA mobile page you can click on Watch NASA TV Live and the stream will open up for you. If not, let them know in the comments. Part of the issue they are having is they can't test all possible versions of Android so dropping some comments may help them sort it all out.

Source: NASA. Thanks, Sam for sending this in!

  • I've been watching NASA TV on my stock EVO for quite a while using the USTREAM app. The vidio stream from Nasa's mobile site looks and sounds great!
  • Not working on my GSM Desire with CM7. I've been using Vplayer and the iphone stream. Also, I had the developer of Mirage beta put a link in to Nasa tv that can be tried.
  • Not working on my Nexus S using CM7.0.2 (Android 2.3.3 I think).
  • link works on their mobile site for stock Motorola problems at all
  • I cant find the app on the Market or App Brain :/ I even did a barcode scan and it says that it cannot be found.
  • Its not an app, you have to go onto the NASA website to view
  • Didn't work straight away on Xperia X10 mini pro, Android 2.1, but tried again and worked after a few attempts Video works perfect, but no sound :-( Better than nothing I suppose