Is the Mysterious HTC Dragon the Verizon HTC Passion ?

It looks like the mystery of the HTC Android device above is about to get solved. When we first spotted the device, it was rocking the 1GHz Snapdragon processor (that's about to re-define speed on a mobile device) and was called the HTC Dragon. Now, as more information comes about, it looks like the device above is the HTC Dragon but in CDMA form, re-named the HTC Passion. It looks like the HTC Passion is headed to Verizon to join the Droid and Droid Eris to make one heck of an Android lineup on Big Red.

Basically, the HTC Passion will become the Android equivalent to the WinMob HTC HD2 and will arrive sometime in Q4 2009 running Android 2.0. We're not sure it will come with HTC Sense but if this is all true, Verizon is about to take over the Android market with some of the most dynamic Android phones to date. Hopefully, we'll hear more about Verizon's Android plans at their October 28th event!


Casey Chan
  • BEAUTIFUL.... inside and out!! I was in love with the HTC Hero's looks, but the phone was a bit sluggish (especially the accelerometer) and the battery drained too quickly, but the outside was absolutely perfect!! I'm hoping that this phone will improve on the Hero. If so, and going to Verizon as stated, SIGN ME UP!!
  • wow. if that phone is seriously coming out, I want to wait on my droid purchase because i have heard that processor is amazing!!!
  • Spelling, spelling, spelling! (Check the headline.)
  • as soon as i heard about the passion i decided to delay the purchase of an htc mobile phone until it came out on the market. im so excited i can hardly contain myself.