Motorola's back-to-school promo takes $50 off of Moto X's affordable price

Come tomorrow when Motorola offers everyone the chance to buy this year's latest Moto X for $499 contract-free, students and educators can save a cool $50 off of the price of the phone with educational pricing. This would take the Moto X's cost down to just $449.99, making Motorola's latest flagship just a little bit more affordable in the spirit of back-to-school savings.

The best news about the offer is that it's not valid just for current students and staff, but Motorola is extending the sale and savings to anyone with an .EDU email account. Alumni and others will also be able to order the Moto X for $50 less than retail, which could extend the appeal of this already affordable phone to recent grads as well as incoming freshmen.

The $449.99 is the starting price for the handset, depending on how you customize it; wood and leather back plates would likely cost more than the standard plastic models.

Will you be using your education discount to score a contract-free Moto X and customize it for a starting price of $449.99? Let us know how you'll be customizing your Moto X.

Thanks to Jeffrey W. for the tip.

Source: Motorola

Chuong H Nguyen