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Motorola XOOM WiFi only version coming to Sprint May 8?

You all remember that Sprint branded Motorola Xoom right? Of course you do -- back then, we had no idea of when it would be showing up on Sprint for people to purchase but now, that's a slightly different story if the info seen in this image is any sort of accurate. May 8, is the expected release date for the WiFi only Motorola Xoom on Sprint but again that $599 price tag is lingering. With other tablets such as the HTC Flyer and the ASUS EeePad Transformer now or soon to be on the scene, is anyone still going to be picking up a Xoom from Sprint?

Source: Spantechular

  • if it's wifi only, why is it coming to sprint? why would i wnat to but a wifi only from sprint rather than costco or bestbuy?
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  • That's my question too. Also why so expensive if it is wifi only? Ok, I understand that some think Moto is better quality than other brands, but when you compare this to the Acer Iconia A500, I'd have a hard time justifying the extra $150. Bias/full disclosure: I don't have to wait, my A500 arrived yesterday. ;-)
  • Yeah rumors are saying first sprint will sell the wifi only version, maybe with subsidies if you get a mobile hotspot, then later a 3G/4G version.
  • Motorola should take advantage of the Transformer's shortage and bring the price down to $499.
  • Agreed they should drop that price quickly, but the Acer Iconia in available and also beats or matches the xoom specs so it needs to go down to $448 to become relevant anymore. Moto played their hand too early in this game and being the first tablet was important, but being the first android tablet is the last thing you want to be
  • Still too expensive.
  • I they dropped the price to $450 right now they would clean up
  • The Xoom is a great device except for the display. I know there is a lot of discussion on it on some forums. I recently was at Bestbuy to check out the Acer and the PlayBook. Both have better screens than the Xoom. I returned my Xoom because I just could not get past the display's quality. I could get past all it's other shortcomings.
  • I guess if they bundle with a mifi for the same price but..... I still think ill just tether my evo to the transformer.
  • At this point the Xoom and its pricing are irrelevant, now that the Transformers is on the market. Why would anyone drop an extra two Benjamins on this?
  • So, no discount for letting Sprint stamp its logo onto your Xoom? Pass.