Motorola sending the Sage to AT&T?

Motorola has done an excellent job with its Android handsets on Verizon. Case in point, the Droid X, Moto's latest to hit the market.  Now, an FCC filing has shown up to suggest that they could be sending one named the Sage to AT&T. 

All of the specifications suggest that this is an AT&T phone. Other than that? No real details yet, but remember that we've seen the Flipout with AT&T apps loaded. AT&T was late to the high-end Android handset game, but has released the HTC Aria and Samsung Captivate lately, with the Dell Streak soon to follow. AT&T finally appears committed to releasing quality Android phones. [via Engadget]

  • Since no one's going to comment I guess I'll say Thats cool. Even though I'm not a fan of at&t.
  • Hopefully this will be another flagship Android Phone for AT&T. I want another android phone already, but I'm just not feeling Streak or Captivate. It would be nice to see them really pushing Android Phone as they do for Iphone the upcoming months.
  • What aren't you feeling about the Captivate? It's got a gorgeous screen, no flash or front facing camera but Samsung seems committed not to repeat past mistakes w/their Galaxy S line... I'm still wondering where's the other HTC phone that AT&T was supposedly bringing out tho, according to their February press release, which claimed something like 6 Android phones by mid-year including 2 HTCs. So much for that, they've released three since then (Backflip/Aria/Captivate) and announced the release of two others by Dell (Streak and the very obsolete Aero). Personally I got tired of waiting and I switched to Sprint the day the EVO came out, used up 1GB of bandwith on my first month w/o even doing anything fancy. No video chat, no streaming, no big downloads, no tethering, nada... I start doing any of that and I'll blow past 2GB faster a dress falls on prom night. Either way, I'm paying less and coverage has been fine. AT&T has a lot of work to do if they're really gonna compete w/Verizon and attract Android fans... VZW's currently got high-end 3.7" and 4.3" Android phones (Inc/X), and they'll soon have a landscape slider (D2) and 4.0" (Fascinate), pretty much the most complete lineup you could have.
  • Don't get me wrong. I love the specs of the captivate. I just don't like how the captivate look. Initially, I like the look but now when I see it, it's just not that appealing to me. Personally I would prefer the look of the european version. I totally see where u are coming from, and I wish I was on verizon. However, my company only provide att service.
  • Android on AT&T...the iPhone will have a slow, painful death...
  • So far, the "Android" phones on AT&T seem to have been designed to make Android look like total crap.
  • All.of you evo owners enjoy your freedom no b/c its only a matter of time before Sprint caps your data plans. Like at&t/VZW
  • Not so sure about that. If Sprint takes the "data cap or throttle" route they're going to have major issues with all us EVO (and soon to be Epic 4G) owners who are paying an additional $10 per month for 4G service we don't yet have. I think Sprint took this route so that they could avoid throttling their data plans. Make everyone pay up front whether they get enhanced data services or not. Hopefully they're using this increased revenue wisely. (Are you listening Sprint?).