Motorola to run new 'Moto X' ad in major papers July 3

New advertising campaign focuses on device customizability and 'Made in the USA'

Following the unveiling of its new logo as "a Google company", Motorola is set to kick off a new advertising campaign for its upcoming "Moto X" device starting July 3rd. According to Ad Age, the full-page ad is set to run in The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, emphasizing the customizability of the upcoming device. Billed as "The first smartphone that you can design yourself.", the Moto X isn't pictured or further described in the ad, leaving a lot of questions unanswered.

The advertisement also prominently displays the fact that the phone will be designed and assembled in the USA, which makes sense considering its placement right before the July 4th national holiday. We have high hopes that the customizable features of the Moto X go beyond simply selecting colors, but we have to wonder how the logistics of offering anything deeper than that would play out in a consumer setting.

We'll certainly be looking forward to the advertising push that starts with this ad on Wednesday. You can see the full (extremely tall) advertisement after the break.

Source: Ad Age

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  • don't see the point in advertising it yet since it won't be available until the fall sometime.
  • Motorola has already said it will out this summer.
  • i don't think so, im hearing the fall. where did you see a summer release?
  • The (mid-range)Motorola X Phone will be out Late Summer, Motorola Flagship/ Hero device will be out in October Also I'd like a phone that I can upgrade myself. Since most phones are HD now with decent batteries, I'd like a device that I can swap out processors to upgrade and keep the device and save money instead of buyin a whole new unit, swap it our like an SD Card. Keep the phone up to date with hardware for only a fraction of the cost.
  • You want to be able to swap out the processor? Keep dreaming.
  • it is not a nexus..
  • Who said anything about a Nexus?
  • If you go listen to the D11 interview with Dennis Woodside, the explicitly say Summer.
  • Its all about mind share.
  • is about bulk...
  • so you are saying companies should advertise any product just before the release date. The whole point of advertising is to make more people buy it when it is released and after. They should start advertising now so that more people will be aware of it and buy it. PS3/Xbox are advertised now even though it will be released on december.
  • That's different. Both have already been announced. No one knows anything concrete about the Moto X, no matter how many rumors there are.
  • And yet here you are talking about it...
  • Motorola knows about the device, and they're the one advertising it. This isn't speculation, this is a company making the public aware of an upcoming device. Studios release trailers of upcoming films to make the public aware and draw the markets attention, which is precisely what Motorola is doing. You don't have to unveil a product immediately and entirely to be able to advertise it.
  • Assume the ad is to get people off contract to hold out and wait for the X
  • I agree. And trying to build hype.
  • It's all about building up anticipation. Plus, if someone has an upgrade available between tomorrow and launch day, they may be convinced to wait until this phone comes out, but, if they don't know about it and upgrade before its release, they won't be able to get it then, no matter how much they want it (well, unless they're willing to pay full retail, which most folks won't do).
  • yeah but its already been stated this wont be a high end device.
  • so?? they shouldn't build anticipation for low end devices?
  • How DARE they serve customers who are interested in phones rather than specs! HOW DARE THEY!
  • Motorola has already officially said it will be their flagship device. Typically flagship smartphones aren't low-end.
  • It's already been stated by who? Motorola? No.
  • it is gonna be said before
  • also, whats with the dude jumping? it should've been another girl
  • Amen brother. And what's with the lame two piece? I love a good bikini... Posted via Android Central App
  • I think he is suppose to look like an X and the girl either a 1 or a !. With her shadow she could be an exclamation mark. So it has something to do with the phone like is will be the X1. As to the comment on the 2 piece, I don't know, it looks pretty good. I would suggest that only an extremely attractive woman can get away with looking pretty good in one of those granny suits.
  • Sounds interesting tho. Just hope it lives up to the hype! Posted via Android Central App
  • Watch this turn out to be just for colors... something like It'd be interesting to see if they could pull off a custom built phone, in terms of hardware, but seems far fetched. Likely they'd only have 1 or maybe a few different 'phone designs' (hopefully they all don't look like crappy the aweful design of the RAZR series) to choose from and depending on what design you choose you'd be limited to options. This seems like a novel idea if it is indeed for customizing hardware, but I wonder if they'll actually be able to deliver on the customization and it not turn out to be superficial. Plus, I don't know about you, but Motorola hardware has typically been junk. Terrible cameras, terrible software, terrible everything except battery life. They'd have to prove they are beyond that to make any of this worth it anyway.
  • What are you talking about? The RAZR Maxx series is one of the highest rated brands on the market. Both phones have been editor's choice on several lists. It's not a hipster phone if that's what you mean. Posted via Android Central App
  • That was just a personal opinion. I could care less about ratings when buying a phone because that's also just a person's personal opinion. I just look for certain things in the review (performance issues, missing features, etc.) Personally, I find the RAZR series to be the ugliest phones in existence. They are uncomfortable to hold and just look hideous to me. Second, every one that I've used is slow. The performance is terrible. The cameras on Motorola devices are often times subpar compared to everything else and the screen quality left a lot to be desired. Really, for me, the only thing the Razr Maxx has going for it is the amazing battery life and I think Smart Actions is brilliant and is easier to use than things like Tasker.
  • If you could care less, that means you actually care... I think Motorola did a splendid job with the RAZR line, as do Verizon customers seeing as the RAZR line intermittently outsold the current iPhone model over the past couple years.
  • I love my Razr Maxx HD. It's sturdy and does the job. Not to mention it's a nice looking phone.
  • Wonder if they will come up with a customizable product like what Dell attempted with personal computers, where you can choose your own processor, screen size, battery size, etc. At the end of your choice options, they will total the cost of the phone. Now that would be interesting....
  • Seems unlikely. If they were to come up with something like that, you'd have an extremely limited range of options, due to the fact that super-slim smartphones are often custom machined to work with a specific part that is a specific size and shape. Manufacturing an assortment of spec'd parts of a specific size and shape would end up costing considerably more than just flooding the market with 9 different kinds of phone and hoping one tickles your fancy. I mean, I'd love to see that kind of customization level available, but I don't see it ever happening.
  • Assembled in the USA, by a machine made in Taiwan, with parts made exclusively in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea...
  • True. But, better than nothing Posted via Android Central App
  • true, but its a step in teh right direction IMO and more than ANY other smartphone maker can say! Dont be so negative. this is a good thing.
  • Ah... so i got this point right. "Assembled in ..." means nothing to me. I remember "Siemens" selling there Gigaset DSL-Router in Germany with a big label "Assembled in the EU" (IIRC in the Czech Republic). Anyway it was an all over chinese design and SMC sold the same device (in another case) as "Made in China" for half the money Siemens wanted...
  • I thought that whole "Made in USA" fervor went away in the 90's. America is no longer a manufacturing economy (odds are it will never become one again) and just because it's made in America does not mean the quality is going to be good. If that were the case then America would have the reputation with quality that Germany and Italy have, sadly that is not the case.
  • Made in America means it's creating American jobs, and keeping money in the American economy. Not necessarily that because it's manufactured here makes it better quality.
  • Guess that means I shouldn't purchase my assembled in the USA New Balance shoes which employee at least some US workers. There are some of us that like the option of purchasing products at least assembled here where there are others happy to buy products solely based on price.
  • I work for a very popular American Manufacturer. This is a good thing Motorola is attempting, to think otherwise is foolish. When a company is trying to create jobs in an economy that still isn't very good how can you not have a little respect for that? I really want to buy one, might be perfect for my needs. I just want to see if their next flagship is also assembled here in the states. Posted via Android Central App
  • " I just want to see if their next flagship is also assembled here in the states." The flagship after the Moto X? Because it is already known that the Moto X is their upcoming flagship device...
  • I don't buy products manufactured in in Southeast Asia unless that's absolutely the only choice. I try to distance myself as much as possible for exploitative labor. I'd much rather support a producer who cares more about ethics than profit margins. I'm also not the only person with this mindset. Also, this phone is not "Made in USA" it's "Assembled in USA" which means it uses components not manufactured in the the US.
  • Excuse me? Just an example...
  • Did you read those articles? Because the first one states that the new engine was both designed and is being built in Germany...also the focus is pretty low on the American made index for I'm not sure what you were trying to prove haha
  • If America ever fully loses it's manufacturing capability, we should all worry. Historically, economies that cease to be manufacturing economies, also cease to be strong economies over time. Add to that the idea of what would we do should we ever find ourselves in a major war again, and we will need that manufacturing base to survive.
  • Guy is an X and she is a 1. X1? I guess this means you'll get to pick your carrier bloatware. Options are a good thing.
  • Or maybe hinting an August 11th release?
  • XI in Roman numerals= 11, maybe a November release date. Posted via Android Central App
  • or maybe it's October 1st. But we can go all day on these speculation
  • Maybe it's an "I" for an Intel processor. Like in the RAZRi. THOSE aren't made in SE Asia, they're made stateside.
  • motorola has been removing almost all bloats from their phone starting with moto razr phones. so i expect least bloats in these phones
  • I like turtles.
  • THIS
  • What would be cool is if they do something similar to PCs and allow you to a list of options (different battery sizes, RAM, processor, color, etc.). Posted via Android Central App
  • Haters gonna hate. Personally, I can't wait to see what this handset brings.
  • No shit! Bring it on I say. 
  • Honestly, can we at least see the actual phone before we start hyping it up OR criticizing it? I'm just anxious to know what it's going to bring to the table.
  • No doubt! I've been waiting for Moto awesomeness!
  • Have we even seen the device? I'm all for promoting the product but I at least wanna see it first. Posted via Android Central App
  • I agree. All Motorola needs right now is to spend million on ads before launch, all for the phone to be a dud.
    It needs something arm grabbing, like dual front facing stereo speakers, or the ability to control it without touching the screen, or it being waterproof, or an Apple logo on the back (just giving examples, here), or else Moto is in some deep trouble.
  • Personally, I'm holding off buying a "Google Play" edition S4 or HTC ONE until I see what Moto is bringing to the table. I think it's good for them to start advertising the X, just hope they make some additional announcements instead of just vague teasers like this.
  • There is a big difference between "MADE IN USA" and "ASSEMBLED IN USA" !!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what this new phone will look like. Will there be a Verizon version named Droid? :)
  • heck, at this point...anything done in the USA is a thumb up for me.
  • Perhaps they are calling it the X1, A lot of their "Google Experience" phones with HTC and Samsung have taken on the "1" moniker and the people in the photo are forming the characters X and 1
  • Considering the lack of sophistication and quality feel of American cars, I don't see this phone and it's ads coming to Europe anytime soon, lol. Gotta love Motorola though, and I do love the new branding! Posted via Android Central App
  • Moto X, Assembled in the UK
  • Hit any two buttons or points on the screen at the same time, and it turns off?
  • Seriously! Have you driven any new American cars? .... They are very competitive to most imports - unless you are comparing a Ford Focus to a BMW M3... Good for Google to support American workers. I used to think, hey it's a competitive market, let the chips fall where they may. After years in management, I believe companies need to realize that consumers have to actually earn money to purchase their products and not everyone can be in a service industry. The fact is a healthy economy needs manufacturing. 150 job openings at the assembly location.
  • so the phone will be branded as moto x.....looking at the poster seeing how the woman "looks" like a could be that ur phone name is based on what u design? for example x1, x2, x3...
  • I want mine to be able to transform into a Laser Gun Pew Pew... A light saber would be acceptable as well. Zong Zong
  • And let the hype machine continue... Posted via my Galaxy S4 using the Android Central App
  • I think they're going to introduce something like a "build your own Moto X" where you can start with a base phone at maybe 50 or 100 dollars with base specs and then you can there can be different permutations with more storage, better processors, more ram, colors, screen quality, etc, so you can basically create your own unique phone. If they could pull this off, it would be incredible. It would be like having a ton of different types of devices (like how Samsung has the S4, S4 active, S4 mini, etc etc) but all in one device, which means more streamlined updates as well.
  • The problem with the whole customize your phone thing is gonna be price IMO. Lets face it MOST americans dont pay full price for a cell phone and think its crazy to do so. Thats not my view, but one i have heard many times. Unless they found a way to customize it through each carrier so you can either get it subsidized OR for those cool kids on tmo, still pay full price, but pay it off monthly (i love this strategy personally)i am not sure how well this will work. HOWEVER, i will say that the brain trust in google and moto SHOULD b able to make this all work some how! Cant wait to see specs!
  • that's right!
  • Jesus lord....electronic made in america.
    End of motorola is coming I guess.
  • Gimme DAT phone Posted via Android Central App
  • My wish lit for this phone is
    1)stock android
    2)long battery life similar to razr maxx hd
    3)elegant design I get all this and is immediate buy from me
  • Yeah I don't believe that they will be able to do too much as far as options. But it would be nice if Google could pull off (later down the road), setting it up when launching a new flagship device if you would have the options like when ordering a desktop computer! Now that would be nice, be able to pick your own color, display type, camera size, which kind of antenna/radios u would want (blue tooth /WiFi /3G 4G/NFC/etc) battery size, different types of processors, OS, or Overlays, even maybe different shapes of the phone (not to drastic of a change in the way it looks)! And then you could put together what ever is in your own price point. Man if Google could do this in the future, which this would take them hiring someone who has a crystal ball, everybody would start their answer to the question "Apple Who?"
  • Anyone remember Motorola's release event last year? It made me want to shove a spoon in my ear. I hope that Google can inject some excitement into their release event. A bit of showmanship is going to be necessary to make a dent in the market. That said, whatever they plan on releasing, there is a 99% chance I will be buying it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Moto/Goog is in an interesting position here. The # 3 OEM spot is wide open right now so if they play this thing correctly Google by way of Moto can establish it self as the clear frontrunner. Personally I hoping they pull it off since the device is manufactured the next town over from me(about 5 miles or so)
  • 1. Droid
    2. Droid X
    3. Droid 2
    4. Droid Pro
    5. Droid X2
    6. Droid 3
    7. Droid Bionic
    8. Droid Razr
    9. Droid Razr Maxx
    10. X (Alternatively, if the people represent XI:
    10. Droid Razr M
    11. X) /This means nothing.
  • There shadows are off. The girls is directly behind her, but the guys if off to the left. It is like the sun is in two places. Actually, his shadow makes no sense whatsoever. It looks more like the shadow of a lamp post.
  • thats one gay motorola logo. wtg google
  • Wow...Ignorance is bliss apparently!!!!
  • That is one happy logo, ignorance is bliss....Google ftw