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Motorola One and One Power officially announced, both running Android One

Earlier this year, we heard rumors that Motorola was working on a couple new phones that ditched the now-iconic Moto branding and were powered by Android One. At IFA 2018, the company confirmed (opens in new tab) those rumors by announcing the Motorola One and Motorola One Power.

Starting first with the regular Motorola One, the phone features a 5.9-inch LCD display with a resolution of 720 x 1520. A Snapdragon 625 and 4GB RAM power the phone, in addition to a respectable 3,000 mAh battery. There's a 13MP + 2MP rear camera combo, 8MP front-facing camera, 64GB of expandable storage, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a rear fingerprint sensor.

Moving up to the Motorola One Power, we've got a nearly identical design with upgraded specs across the board. The display is larger and crispier at 6.2-inches and 1080 x 2246, the Snapdragon 636 is snappier, and the 5,000 mAh battery should offer considerably better runtime. The cameras are also improved with the rear shooters being 16MP + 5MP while the selfie camera is 12MP.

Aside from that, RAM, storage, ports, and software are all the same compared to the Motorola One.

Both phones are running Android One and ship with 8.1 Oreo out of the box. Motorola's promising two big software updates for each device, meaning they should be supported through Android Q. They're also getting a guaranteed three years of monthly security patches.

In regards to pricing and availability, the Motorola One is launching throughout various countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America for €299. As for Motorola One Power, it's coming to India in October for an unknown price.

What's your take on the new phones?

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  • This makes me laugh, Qualcomm produces a 660processer chip. Yet Lenovo & HTC are going with the 636chip in their latest releases. This definitely does not make any sense. For myself, I would prefer the 660chip. This is 2018 isn't it!
  • HTC and Lenovo are stuck in the past.
  • No USA release?
  • Oh, the US isn't getting them, huh?
    I reckon I can stop asking Lenovorola if they'll have CDMA freqs...
    They couldn't answer the question. \_0_/
  • Is this the start of a new design direction?
  • These phones have notches???
  • Yet another decent phone with a 5000 mah battery that isn't coming to the US, why???
  • Probably because it is a darn near carbon copy of the iphone x and apple would be all over to sue them. 
  • I really don't get why great unlocked midrange phones with Snapdragon 660 chips (and soon to be 700-series) never get released for the US or have full US LTE bands. If OnePlus can do it with a Snapdragon 845-equipped phone and every conceivable US LTE for $500, why can't we have abundant options in the $250-400 range like the rest of the world?
  • Which One Plus phone supports Verizon frequency brands, please?
  • The US isn't getting them? Even if they do, it's $350-- which would be a *huge* flop in the budget market these phones belong in.
  • I'd rather have my Moto X4. Virtually no difference between a SD 630 and a 660. At least, not that you're gonna notice. Plus, I'd rather have bezel than a notch.
  • More iPhone clones.. Keep em, we don't want them.
  • Eh was slightly interested now not anymore I'll stick with this Nokia 6.1 and sell the G5Splus cause I can't stand lenovora
  • what they have done to Motorola. once they were pioneers
  • Why put android one on these phones? They should be capable of running the full version of Android with these specs.