The Motorola One 5G UW Ace debuts with Verizon's spatial audio

Motorola One 5G Ace
Motorola One 5G Ace (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Motorola One 5G UW Ace is coming to Verizon from July 8.
  • It will also come with Verizon's Adaptive Sound to set itself apart from the older model.
  • The One 5G UW Ace is priced at $300.

Verizon today announced the debut of the Motorola One 5G UW Ace. This is a more affordable version of the previously released Motorola One 5G Ace from earlier in year. As all with all Verizon 5G phones, this will be mmWave capable, hence the UW, or ultra-wideband suffix the company has fixed to the phone's name. This means that it'll have the blazing fast speeds users would want from 5G.

As one of the cheap Android phones to launch this year, the Motorola One 5G Ace is a known quantity. Reviewing it in January, we found the Motorola One 5G Ace to be a phone that was less than ace and "challenging to recommend." It ran smooth and fast with long-lasting battery life, but the camera was lacking, the speaker was meh, and Motorola's software support remains atrocious.

Looking at the spec sheet, it does not appear that Verizon has done much to it make it better, other than the addition of mmWave. You'll find the same 6.7-inch Full HD+ screen, a 48MP primary camera paired with an 8MP ultra-wide and 2MP macro, and a 5G capable Snapdragon 750G processor with 6GB of RAM. Verizon has also added some in-box "Verizon Adaptive Sound software." It's essentially a spatial surround sound experience that's a lot like Dolby Atmos. It can be expected to land on older Verizon models via an OTA update, the company says.

You can grab the Motorola One 5G UW Ace from Verizon from $299.99 retail, or from $12.49 a month if you opt for a Verizon Device Payment plan. If you join one of the Unlimited plans, Verizon says you can get it free. I'll be available on Verizon's web store from July 8 for interested customers.

Michael Allison