Motorola may be working on a Verizon-exclusive flagship called the Edge+

Motorola One Action
Motorola One Action (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • New leaks point to a new Motorola phone in the making.
  • Like the RAZR, it's set to be a Verizon exclusive.
  • It could be one of the new flagships Motorola promised to reveal this year.

Much like the wildly popular and recently resurrected RAZR, Motorola is cooking up yet another Verizon exclusive to go with the likes of its Moto Z4. However, unlike those phones, this one may be a proper flagship with top-of-the-line specs, as per the company's announcement last year that it plans to return to the premium segment of the smartphone space in 2020.

A cryptic new tweet from the venerable Evan Blass (@evleaks) refers to a Motorola Edge+. Blass doesn't give too many other details about the phone, but he does mention the likelihood of it being a Verizon exclusive and adopting the hole-punch camera craze that's sweeping smartphone makers the world over.

Motorola already makes some of the best phones in the budget segment. It's G series, in particular, has become not only a fan favorite among budget-conscious buyers but has also helped ensure the company remains profitable in the increasingly competitive smartphone market.

Yet, the lack of a true flagship has meant the company often gets ignored by tech enthusiasts, who'd rather salivate over the latest Samsung or Huawei beauty with six cameras and a screen so pixel-rich, it'd make your eyes bleed.

Seeing all the buzz surrounding the RAZR release may have finally alerted the bosses at Motorola to the power and prestige a well-made flagship can grant a company, even if it doesn't sell as well as alternatives from the big players.

Hopefully, the Edge+ does all that, and more, for Motorola. I, for one, would certainly like to see Motorola make a $1,000+ phone that boasts the internals to back that price up, unlike the RAZR with its befuddling juxtaposition of a $1,500 asking price and a processor that even budget phones from last year would feel uneasy with.

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