Motorola Droid X2 now live on Verizon site

The Xperia Play isn't the only phone to go live on tonight, the Motorola Droid X2 has also appeared, ready to order.  $199.99 (with a new agreement) gets you Big Red's first dual-core phone, (Paging Mr. Bionic.  Please pick up the white courtesy phone), or if you prefer to buy things without getting tangled up in a contract it will set you back $449.99.

The DX2 is catching a lot of heat for not having an LTE radio, but for those who don't live or work in an area that will see any LTE love in the near future, it should make for a great phone.  It's all about the choices.

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab)Thanks, THEURBANblend!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • unrelated ... why isn't the G2X for free on best buys midnight sale not making front page. If a free Tegra 2 device isn't worth posting .... ugh.....confused.
  • Um, probably because the X2 is not part of their midnight sale and not even on their website at all?
  • I'm so upset about no 4g, booooo
  • Hmmm I have the anything can happen to my phone insurance on VZW for my Droid X...I wonder if it were to "break" if I could get a Droid X2 as a replacement...
  • Considering the fact that they're still currently selling the Droid X online, I highly doubt that. That's also a very dishonest way to try to get the X2. Hope you were kidding about doing that.
  • Jeez, paging the integrity police...when has anyone ever made it to the top in this world but doing the honest thing? I say bravo for thinking outside the box.
  • That's a great question! Please post if you find out and if that impact's your upgrade date.
  • Turns out they have plenty of Droid Xs laying around to replace mine should it "break"...However I am more than welcome to upgrade at the full retail price, but then I won't have the money for the updated Droid Bionic...and of course I was kidding...or was I...
  • "Operating System
    Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS with Motorola Application Platform" from Verizon's site. Dissapointing...
  • Hooray for brand new phone with year old software.
  • Um the droid 2 global is a dual core phone is it not? Therefore I wouldn't qualify this as the"first dual core phone on big red"
  • The Droid 2 is not dual core. Its a 1.2ghz single core
  • It's showing up as $149 for me. I'm eligible for an upgrade and I have a employee discount linked to my account. This is getting harder and harder to pass up. My OG Droid is just not cutting it these days.
  • I am on the fence as well. I have the OG Droid and she's getting slower by the day and the reception is getting worse (not sure why). Bought my wife the VZ iPhone and her reception is stellar. I don't really care that much about LTE and this phone has everything else that I would ask for subject to an update to Gingerbread which is forthcoming. Only thing that is hanging me up is the internal RAM. I would like more so I am thinking to wait until Samsung Galaxy S II comes along. Decisions decisions!
  • Anyone else notice the wrong spec on the verizon website? Keyboard * Touch screen QWERTY Keyboard
    * Physical slide out QWERTY Keyboard
    * backlit keys Would be cool to have a slide out keyboard with blacklit keys, but pretty sure it is not on this thin device. Maybe a future feature on a phone to be released yet?