Motorola Droid X project in the works -- is it Gingerbread?

Members of Motorola's Owner User Groups who have a Droid X are getting invitations to participate in a new and (cough) confidential project.  While the invitation doesn't come right out and say it, when you sign up you get a little more information about a May 2011 soak (a fancy term for beta testing), and everyone seems pretty sure it's going to be Gingerbread.  This would make sense, as we're under the impression that Gingerbread is ready to go, and we've been expecting it the past few Fridays

If this project follows along with the timeline of previous projects, expect some sort of OS update in about a week.  If we're lucky, expect it to be Gingerbread.

Source: Android Central forumsThanks to everyone who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Unlocking the bootloader? That would be cool.
  • I am actually thinking it could be the version of Froyo that comes loaded on the X2. I can't believe that they would launch a new device with an "old" OS and update the old device with a "new" OS first. Just a thought.
  • I am actually thinking it could be the version of Froyo that comes loaded on the X2. I can't believe that they would launch a new device with an "old" OS and update the old device with a "new" OS first. Just a thought.
  • Hum... participate in a beta where I will lose root or stay on a leaked Gingerbread build that probably isn't much different? I choose leaked build!
  • I believe its going to be Gingerbread possibly due to Netflix releasing its app with the streaming feature. From what I understand is that everyone running the leaked Gingerbread is able to stream with no problems like I am, and everyone else is unable to because their rom doesnt support it.
  • Yes! I heard fer sure we're getting Netflix and Hulu and Icecream Sandwich this Friday. Everybody hurry up do 3 factory resets and stand on your head, and you'll get what you deserve. lol
  • I have no problems running Netflix on my X and Im still on FroYo.. :) BKVic
  • Same here.
  • Isn't it rather irresponsible to publish stories on confidential notices?
  • No
  • I would absolutely have to disagree. As a software developer who's watched this happen more often in the last few years, I'm getting really sick of people who sign agreements for confidentiality and just break them because they feel like it. And I'm also pretty sick of so-called-responsible-journalists or bloggers who think this is perfectly acceptable.
  • hmmm. Maybe I'm missing something, but my impression is that this article is about an invitation to DroidX owners, which was not confidential. It was basically a blanket invitation. The project itself is labeled confidential... but the article doesn't go there other than common speculation among the community. I guess I'm not clear where the foul is on this one. Again, maybe I'm missing something.
  • In order to get the invitation, you need to agree to confidentiality. When you sign up for the feedback network, it's part of the agreement. Heck, just look at the picture posted - where it says "don't post information about this" ... IN THE PICTURE THAT WAS POSTED! Sheesh.
  • Actually, it says don't post information about it on any public sites. Well, they emailed it to various bloggers/journalists/whatever you want to call them, which isn't really public. And then the bloggers/journalists/etc. posted it to the website. I guess you could considerer that to be a loophole. Although yes, I do find it interesting that all of these people are willing to brake the NDAs they signed.
  • Not quite though - it was an invitation only sent to MFN members - to be part of that you need to sign an NDA.
  • I signed no NDA.
  • No, but you are encouraging it by posting and thanking people for sending it in.
  • Indeed. So I think you should point your crusade at the people who are actually breaking an agreement to be a guinea pig and not talk about it, instead of someone who doesn't care, and never would.