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Motorola Droid X forums - chat about it here

From the Forums is a great way for you, our readers, to get in on the hottest topics being discussed and today it is all about the Motorola Droid X. But you must be a registered member and becoming a member is a simple process. So if you have not already already done so, head on over and register now!

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  • Just pre-ordered at Best Buy only reason being, Asurion Insurance won't cover me any more, so Best Buy Insurance will have to do. I think NFL package and Blockbuster on a 4.3" screen is what sold me on the DX. Ya the Evo is good and call but Sprint is terrible.Thanks Phil for the Bench marks, really proved how the DX is a beast even without Froyo.
  • The best android phone now, I dont why some fans are talkin about EVO just cause of the useless video call camera and 4G which is some places is slower than the 3G of other companies. Ill get mine when they release a GSM version in EUROPE
  • According to a friend who is a Verizon employee, the Droid X will have 4G capability, and he seemed pretty darned certain of that. He also said their 4G network will be in place this year. I haven't yet confirmed these things myself.
  • According to a man who has one in his hands now, and is using it as his day to day phone (if you can't guess I mean Phil :p) it's a 3G phone.