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Motorola Atrix HD becomes official - HD display, LTE and 'Kevlar strong'

We all saw the leaks of a new Motorola smartphone apparently heading the way of AT&T, codename Dinara, and now the leaks have become an official device. Behold, the Motorola Atrix HD. And, it's a pretty handsome looking thing too, being available in two colors, titanium and modern white.

Once again from Motorola too, we've got a healthy dose of Kevlar in the construction. But, perhaps more impressive design wise, is the on-screen Android 4.x buttons. And, if the render shown here is anything to go by, they seem to blend into the homescreen pretty well, not like the solid black band we see on the Galaxy Nexus.

So, specs, what are we looking at? Quite a bit in truth, but we'll focus on the ones you're likely more interested in:

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4.5-inch 1280x720 HD Colorboost display
  • Gorilla Glass
  • 8GB on-board storage, with expandable microSD card slot
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 8MP rear camera with LED flash and 1080p video recording, 1.3MP front facing camera
  • 1780mAh battery
  • 1GB RAM
  • LTE

All in all, not too shabby. Nothing groundbreaking, but simply having expandable storage alone will be enough to sway many into purchasing the Atrix HD. Motorola also seems to be pushing this as a potential business purchase, by proudly declaring it as "business ready." The "Government grade encryption" promises to keep your data safe, while the VPN will keep you connected to the office whilst out on the road. 

As one would expect from Motorola, Webtop is also along for the ride. As too, is the usual array of OEM accessories. Theres a HD dock, a travel VGA adaptor, and a smart controller that gives you complete control of the phone remotely while it is connected to an external display. 

There's no word as yet on when the Atrix HD will be going on sale, but the AT&T branding seen here in the official render at least gives us a pretty hefty clue on where it will be going on sale. For now, interested potential buyers can head over to the official product page at Motorola, and sign up now. 

Source: Motorola (opens in new tab)

  • That At&t logo is really grinding my gears......
  • Yeah it's placed in a horribly obtrusive spot.
  • Agreed, It make the phone look really cheap for some reason.
  • At least it is not like the Atrix2 logo with both logo and text: "at&t". It is still annoying though.
  • Is really necessary to glue that ugly strip of kevlar on the back of every Moto device now? I just need the phone to be built solid, not take a bullet for me. Otherwise the Atrix HD looks nice. Maybe a preview that shows Moto can step in and build the next Nexus device the way Google wants it ?
  • Tell that to these people: :D
  • That thin layer of "kevlar" would have no chance of truly stopping a bullet, it is the other items in the phone that also adsorb AND dissipate the kinetic energy of the bullet. It is also ugly.
  • Shame it'll be locked down something stupid...
  • Looks like the Razr!
  • Yup, people might as well wait for the Atrix HD Maxx that they will probably make because it looks almost identical. Especially all that empty space where they filled it with battery in the Razr Maxx.
  • +1
  • On the plus side compared to the Razor editions we got to skip Atrix 3 and went stright to Atrix HD so all we have to wait for is Atrix HD Maxx where with the Razor there are 3 different editions. Still sad from what looked like a possible Atrix 3 leak eariler this year stating it would have a Tegra 3 chip in it. But because of LTE we are stuck with the little SnapDragon processor. *shrugs* -Motorola Atrix 4G and Motorola Atrix 2 owner-
  • Yes, the "little" Snapdragon S4... the one that is FASTER and more power efficient than the Tegra3. Yup, that one.
  • I use my phone mostly to play games. That's why I prefer the T3. The SnapDragon is an awesome processor in itself. But for gaming I want T3. ^_^ Yay for Sonic and zombie games!!!
  • Ignorance is bliss huh... S4 >= Tegra 3 Europeans are stuck w/Tegra 3 & Exynos devices actually, S4 is in such high demand that Qualcomm has actually subcontracted Samsung and one other foundry in Taiwan to manufacture S4 for all the upcoming phones that will use it in the US plus the deluge of Win8 tablets/phones that will use it in the fall. Samsung/NV made a calculated move to give up the US market thru most of this year by not building in LTE radios, it wasn't any sort of mistake. They simply had no choice, Qualcomm has more control over how they implement ARM designs than any other SoC maker so they got a jump start on everyone this year w/an all new A15-ish design and built-in LTE on a smaller node process.
  • Agreed. No way would I have a phone without the battery of my Maxx now. Especially a Reg. Razr look a like. Fool'm once, shame on company. Fool'm twice shame on the consumer.
  • Yea instead of kevlar give them a bigger battery. Lte will surly suck this one dry in no time.
  • It depends on the type of LTE chip they used. If it's using 28nm litography then it'll be much more efficient than the 45nm chips from a year ago...
  • It's the same chip in the One X and SGS3. I really wanted to swap out my One X for this phone, but it doesn't have the maxx battery.
  • If interested in this phone, I'd wait for the Atrix HD maxx as well..hopefully, larger battery.
  • LOL, that is exactly what I thought. The Atrix HD Maxx will be released three months after this. What is Moto doing? They stumble upon an amazing marriage of hardware and battery life with the Razr Maxx and then they follow it up with this? 1780 MAH battery will be bare minimum. They had great success with the Maxx. Boggles the mind.
  • Marketing genius good sir...Marketing genuis! Motorola delivers different versions of the SAME phone with just a single change in each edition and then sells them at different times. People come and buy them and some will even go out and buy the next edition of the phone. More money in good ol' Moto's pocket. It's not Moto who has an issue, it's the retarted consumer willing to make the purchases or inability to wait and are chomping at the bits just to get the latest and greatest. Good work Moto, hats off to you on your marketing skills! +1 -Motorola Atrix 4G and Motorola Atrix 2 Owner-
  • It might be considered smart if this was the first time Moto was doing this. But they angered alot of early buyers on the Razr when the released the maxx shortly after. Moto found its niche with the Razr Maxx and for them to take a step back with a similar looking phone on another network, to me, represents a huge blown opportunity. Especially when you consider the heavy weights on ATT with the GS3 and the HOX. The Atrix 3 could have been an amazing success had they just released it with a 3300 mah battery. I guess thats why Moto has the market share they have.
  • Yeah, with the SGS3 and the HOX already out, it makes little sense for Moto to do two staggered releases... As it is, this phone doesn't offer anything beyond the SGS3 unless you're really against Samsung's design/software (or lackluster support), and the SGS3 has a larger battery. Hell the original Atrix was innovative because much like the MAXX it had a larger battery than the norm (tho not as large of a jump as the MAXX), this phone pumps up the specs everywhere but has a slightly smaller battery than the first Atrix, really?
  • Seems like they wanted to keep with the atrix theme for AT&T instead of the big battery like vzw razr style. I bet vzw would've sued AT&T lol. Looks attractive tho, guess we have to wait for the review to see battery life.
  • Is it just me or do those buttons look way too close together?
  • If Moto was able to stuff a 3300 mAh batt into the Maxx and keep the 9mm slim profile, WHY did they NOT do the same to this phone!? C'mon now!!!
  • I see a date of July 26th on the clock widget. Potential release date? We've seen that done before.
  • What happened to like the 14MP camera that the Chinese Motorolas have been getting? Why do we get the scraps?
  • So does motorola not believe in NFC or what?
  • I like onscreen buttons as long as the display is not AMOLED. Otherwise the burn it makes the buttons not worth it. Also, why not use that wasted bezel on capacitive buttons instead?
  • because some marketing genius probably said that it would be better to not have any capactive buttons because "on screen buttons are the wave of the future man"
  • Meh...looks like a razr
  • Someone please wake me when Motorola gets real. Bored of these clone toys
  • Yea...current Atrix OG owner and I'm definitely skipping this one. Nothing attractive about is phone nothing that catches my eyes.
  • The og atrix was pretty bad, but your comment is like me saying I had the htc aria, skipping the One X.
  • What's the name of this widget?
  • One More Clock, free and paid versions available on Google Play.
  • I tried on my Maxx and it looks pretty cool but it runs a bit of ram. Some of the reviews call it a battery hog. Not saying don't try it, just recommending you keep an eye on those things. Enjoy.
  • Yeah, I'm taking a test run of it right now. It doesn't look *quite* the same as in that also seems to be using quite a bit of battery life right now.
  • Will it be coming with Corning Gorilla Glass 2?
  • Hopefully it keeps in line with the last 2 atrix phones at $99. It'd be a steal!
  • Looks like Moto has pulled the page.
  • I wonder if it will have as many problems as I do on my Atrix2? And probably crappy motoblur of some nature maybe?
  • Hopefully this means a droid5HD+ model is coming And maybe a GSM. / UMTS 3G version for europe? I have yet to see googarola start to take on the european market properly. Nor have I seen an improvement in attitude to rooters and customisers who want unlocked bootloaders etc.
  • I picked my white one today! I have been debating the HTC OneX and GS3 for quite some time. This phone appeared to combine the best of both worlds for me and it was lighter on my pocketbook. Pros
    1. It has great build quality. Not as sexy as the OneX but much better than the GS3.
    2. It has the same S4 processor.
    3. A beautiful screen. GS3 owners should be jealous. For me it's hard to tell the difference with the HTC OneX.
    4. Expandable memory. I have a 32GB card in it now.
    5. Benchmarks are on par if not higher than some on the OneX and GS3
    6. A dedicated HDMI out port.
    7. I also have to agree with Jerry about the nearly pure ICS experience. The few UI tweaks are the best I have seen so far.
    8. For a limited time at&t gives you a Motorola Car Dock for free. It's built specifically for this phone and it's worth at least $40.
    9. I really like the Circles app and the information it provides.
    10. The rear speaker is the best I have heard on any phone period! It's a beast.
    11. There is a setting for the video camera that is for concerts. I'm looking forward to trying this out. I see a lot of live music and every Android phone I have used the audio is so distorted I can't watch the video. I'm looking forward to seeing how this performs. I'll try it out this weekend.
    12. Speaking of sound, calls sound great.
    13. I really enjoy swiping up on some of the apps to get a quick look at calls, messages, calendar, etc.. Cons
    1. Sealed battery like the OneX. I was aware and already keep chargers in the car, at home and at work.
    2. It gets quite hot if you are doing a lot of work.
    3. It's easy to cover the camera with your finger.
    4. The camera isn't up to par with the HTC OneX, GS3, or iPhone4s.
    5. There is wasted real estate around the bezel. A larger screen or smaller form factor could have been used. I'm a big guy at 6'2 so it fits me perfectly. I'll update more if I find anything else I like or dislike.