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Moto Xoom at Best Buy Feb 24, with $799 price tag

Now that we've seen the Super Bowl commercial for the Motorola Xoom, it's time to get disappointed by the price tag.  Yes, the rumors of the Xoom being in the $800 dollar range are pretty much confirmed by a copy of Best Buy's sales ad showing the price at $799.99.  It also tells us that the Xoom will be in the stores on Feb 24, and gives us a breakdown of the data packages being offered by big red, which varies from 1 GB for $20 monthly all the way to 10 GB for $80 monthly. 

Still, the Motorola Xoom is one hell of a tablet, and hopefully we'll see a reasonable price on a WiFi only model soon. [Engadget]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • "To activate Wi-Fi functionality on this device, a minimum of 1 month data subscription is required." So, that sounds like: if you don't get a data plan with Verizon, you can't use wifi, either. If so, **** everything about that.
  • Not exactly. Sounds like the Ipad plans. You get a month to month plan and cancel after 1 month. So basically give Verizon $20 and off you go, or just wait for the wifi only model/
  • Or wait until there is a hack to activate Wi-Fi without having to get Verizon involved. You know it's only a matter of time before that will happen.
  • ooor.. wait until someone else offers a better deal on an android tablet w/honeycomb. it won't be long before you'll find them for half that price. Let Motorola suffer for their poor decisions.
  • Eh. I'd wait on this one. Android doesn't lock out wifi pending activation, so unless there was some heavy coding it won't be locked on the Xoom either. That being said, It's standard policy not to allow cell devices out of the store without being activated. This is done for a lot of reasons, but the biggest of which is that the activation ensures that no one else can "steal it" aka, I can't tell my customers to buy a xoom at best buy, let me activate it and I'll waive activation fees since I don't have any in stock.
  • Holy hell. Hopefully by the time the HTC tablets break cover, the tech is more common and the cost comes down a bit.
  • I really like the Xoom, but I'm not one of the Jones so for that price will not try and keep up. I'll stick with my Droid X. Or the book is looking much more cost sexier.
  • Hell, my last name is Jones and I do have the money to afford the Xoom and no way in Hell am I buying it for that price. Add $29 and I've got myself a 64G iPad. Or add $200 and I've got myself a Macbook. The price tag is not justifiable seeing as this is Android's first real foray into the tablet market. I don't wanna wish bad on Motorola, but I almost hope that this thing doesn't sell at all so they can see what a horrible mistakes those price and that "wifi w/o data plan" lock out are. Maybe when the iPad 2 gets released, it will force Motorola/Verizon (whoever came up with the price of $799) to lower the price. And hopefully someone will figure out a way to bypass the wifi lock. Until then, all eyes are on you LG, horribly huge bezel and all.
  • guess they have to come up with the funds somewhere to pay for their SB commericial.
    It will be a complete failure until a Wifi only version comes out for ~$500. I have no clue what these companies are doing by making a tablet that is only locked to a carrier and a 3G plan. Do they want people to buy an iPad?
  • Exactly
  • HeHe - LMFAO
  • are they freaking crazy!!!!! epic fail, bring on the next honeycomb tablet
  • Yea. Their freaking nuts. No Xoom Tab for me. I already have one with a data plan that has a smaller screen. It's called the EVO. Motorola has truly lost it's mind. Hello iPad 2, WiFi. EPIC FAIL, XOOM and Atrix.
  • Wow are they for real?
  • so much for honeycomb for the masses!!!! the tab is looking mighty good right about now!!!
  • I still find it funny that Motorola hasn't come out with any official details yet. February 24th is right around the corner...
  • That price is ridiculous. I'm out.
  • delete
  • for 800 dollars it better give me head!!!
  • LMFAO!
  • AHAHA!!: )
    then I would buy it!
  • I'm not sure what price people were expecting. And you can cancel the data plan before the one month is over and use it WiFi-only. I agree it's ridiculous to force people to buy a month's worth of data to activate WiFi. It's excessively greedy, and that's saying something for VZW.
  • Well I was hoping for $699, but never in my wildest dream did I think they would charge $799 AND make me buy data. I don't care if it's only a month. I'm out just on principal. Verizon thinks I'm their bitch. I don't think so. I want the Xoom bad, not bad enough to lower myself that much tho.
  • I was all ready to buy this at launch but forcing me to buy a one month data plan on top of the $799...I'm out...simply on principal. Screw Verizon. This makes it easy now to wait and see what iPad 2 or the HTC Flyer offers...and I freaking HATE Apple.
  • That's a bit much, IMHO.
  • Lol what a joke. I really shouldn't even be laughing because it's not funny. This is not even acceptable. Not that I was getting one anyway, I'm waiting to see what comes of the G Slate, but this concerns me.
  • I will be passing on a Xoom at that price. I really shouldn't be surprised at the price though. The Xoom exceeds the iPad in all catagories of spec and that is going to come at a price. A 32 gig 3g ipad is over $700 so I guess this price makes sense but its to rich for my blood. Oh well Honeycomb is coming along nicely for my Nook Color.
  • I was going to use my tax return to get one too. Not using that much of it though.
  • Makes the Adam, problems and all look more attractive. I mean I get it. Unsubsidized phones are $500-$600, so this is only 2 to 300 more. But ay caramba $800 is alot for the capabilities.
  • lol.....And everyone complained when the iPad came out how over priced it was. Glad to see everyone complaining about the Xoom iPad copy's price as well !!
  • Apple won!!
  • Well there goes its chances of being an iPad killer, saleswise.
  • verizon/motorola are keeping the ipad dominance with this price and data plan costs. 20 for 1gb?? really??? oh well, verizon just doesn't get that it can't charge w/e it wants for data and still stay on top. ATT and the Ipad are going to make the xoom a non-factor.
  • Wow, that's expensive. I just clicked over to Dell's web site for comparison, and you could get the very nice XPS 15 laptop _for the same price_. I'll wait a while, thanks.
  • I don't even wanna know how much they're going to try and sell it for in Canada (probably 6 months from now). I'll guess $999.
  • Not worth it.
  • Whyyyy?!?
  • Hmm i guess id rather pay much less for the slightly less useful iPad.
  • It looks like I might be waiting for the G-Slate
  • Is this subsidized? If so they are insane
  • Verizon is smoking Dope!! they crazy if they think they going to sell this. Don't get me wrong this Xoom is beautiful, I was looking to run my Htc Evo to it for tethering, but $800.00 is to much especially when you have other tablets coming out soon... Im still waiting to see what Htc drops and i gurantee it wont be this much. how can motorola compete with the ipad with this price?? I don't like apple but now i would like to see details of this ipad 2. motorola this is a hugh let down!!!!!!!
  • Except for the fact that the iPad 2 is coming out in a few months and will most likely still cost $729 (Apple rarely raises the price of their updated models of already existing products).
  • You people who are complaining about Xoom pricing are just validating the general statement that Android users are cheap. IMHO. The wi-fi/3G 32gb iPad on AT&T is $729. The wi-fi/3G/4G 32gb Xoom on Verizon is $799. Some things the iPad doesn't have that the Xoom does: 1ghz Dual-Core processor, Full gig of ram, 2mp FFC, gyroscope, barometer, and 4G connectivity. So the Xoom is $70 more expensive than the iPad. It is superior to the iPad. Seems justifiable and very reasonable to me. I've heard that there is a wi-fi only version coming, maybe it will have a 16gb option with it. I'm sure it will be in the $499 range for you who can't afford the this $799 version.
  • the whole 4g comparison is pretty much crap. most people dont even use 3g, so what makes you think they will want to pay 50-80 dollars a month extra for spotty coverage 4g that has a limit of 5 or 10gb. i can pretty much guarantee that no one wants to pay for that. how much will 5 or 10gb even last. watch a couple movies on netflix and your out 50 dollars on the month. not to mention that this is not a direct competitor to the ipad, its going to be a competitor to the ipad 2. even though the ipad 2 is still months from being released, the majority of the population will still hold out for it because they know its going to be released with the same specs if not more. and it will also be cheaper by about 70 dollars...
  • It is not a direct competitor to the iPad 2 because the iPad 2 isn't even out yet. And you don't know what pricing Apple will put on it. It isn't out yet and no one knows what the specs are. If the iPad was $729 with it's current specs one could propose that it will cost more with upgraded hardware. And 4G connectivity wasn't the only feature I mentioned that it has over current iPad. Again: 1ghz dual core processor, full gig of ram, 2mp FFC, gyroscope, barometer. Tablets are still a very new tech and new tech tends to come with a price tag that can hurt your wallet.
  • like i said, most people know when the ipad is going to come out and the price point because thats what apple does. they release all their hardware at the same time every year and at the same price. if you knew something cheaper that is made by a manufacturer that is trusted and has been on the forefront of mobile and portable technology was coming out with something, most people would be willing to wait the extra few months. like i said, the ipad 2 will most likely have all the same tech that the xoom has, and the xoom has useless tech like 3g/4g. no, im not a apple fanboy...ive never owned anything by them. this is just a bad move by both verizon and motorola.
  • The majority of the population don't know anything about iPads. When they walk into the store and see this against the current iPad, they won't think, Oh, I'll wait for the iPad version 2 to make a decision. They don't know that Apple releases a new version every year. And are we really sure that Apple will release a new version of the iPad exactly one year after the original? If they're still making money off version 1, hold back version 2 for a few more months. I'm sure the Xoom price will drop as soon as iPad 2 comes out. It will still cost more, because it will be a better device. There's no way the iPad 2 will compete because Xoom does things that Apple wouldn't even consider.
  • Yes the 3G/Wi-Fi 32gb iPad is comparable to the Xoom in price, but the iPad also has a version with less gigabytes and wifi only for a much cheaper price. The Xoom doesn't have that option for people who don't mind having less internal space, especially since you can just stick a SD card into the Xoom and be good to go. They also don't have an option for people who don't care about 3G or 4G. It's these reasons why currently the iPad is the better buy for a person on a budget. Verizon and Motorola really need to get their act together, and quickly if they want to trample over what is currently the iPad's territory.
  • You're doing it wrong if youre comparing it to the iPad though. (That's meant to be a joke, not hateful) The way I and other savvy users see it is price in comparison to laptop pricing. And most of us don't need 3G, 4G, or anyG; we have smartphones that can tether. I hate Apple, but coming out with wifi only iPads at first was a good choice IMO. That's what I'm waiting for in a tablet. Wifi ONLY.
  • I totally agree with you regarding the specs blowing the iPad away in every area. However, I'm thinking about this from a straight business standpoint. Apple has what's known as the first-mover advantage (look it up if you're not familiar)... they're already established in the tablet market. They also have way more mindshare than Android tablets... just look at how many people have bought iPads in the past year. I want Android to take market share away from Apple! To do that, they can't count on simply releasing a far superior product (and it is) to grab that market share... most laypeople don't see the big difference in specs that we do. They need to take measures to make Android look more attractive to more demographics than just us techies. Otherwise Android tablet sales will never catch up to Apple, plain and simple. From a marketing perspective, even pricing their tablets the same as the iPad won't get them there. They need to undercut Apple's price point to shift the majority of consumers' gaze away from the iPad.
  • This is exactly right. The only way to beat (meaning compete) with Apple in this market is to be cheaper. Period. Features count but to drive excitement you need to really turn heads. Motorola would be better served in the long term to sell these things at a loss like Microsoft did with the X-box. The consumer needs to hold the box and say: "Wow it has all this stuff AND it's cheaper than the iPad?" Think about it Motorola... if the Android die hards reading and commenting here are taken aback just what kind of reaction you think you're going to get from my mom when she's at Best buy looking tablets over?
  • Then I guess you can call me cheap! I'll stick with my rooted Nook Color for $250, thank you very much!
  • I'm really excited about this tablet, but I will not be getting it if this is the real price.
  • With the specs of the Xoom, I think if none of the other tablets look as good come April, I will still gladly pay the $70 premium ove the iPad. I have an iPad now, and the limitations are killing me, I use my Samsung Galaxy S (2.2) more often than the iPad simply because of the user interface. I'm still considering the LG tablet, HTC, Samsung, Asus, and last resort is the Adam (not a fan of the 1024x600 resolution). I'm willing to pay the $800, but I don't think a lot of other people are, Motorola made a big mistake pricing this one.
  • Going to get even more expensive when the ones with better specs come out in the future.. It all stinks...
  • Hopefully the Toshiba tablet is cheap, I really don't want to pay $800 and don't want a tablet based around the gimmick that is 3D.
  • Wow, It's a nice tablet, sure, but $800? Nah, not for me unfortunately
  • I concur.
  • Motorola makes me sick with that price. People will will buy this crap.
  • It doesn't have an Apple logo so I don't think so. The Droid which pretty much brought Android OS into mainstream as an iPhone competitor sold because it was priced like all other smartphones, not more than.
  • Wow, suck a dick, big red. That's ridiculous. They have literally screwed over the Honeycomb launch and any hope they had of competing with Apple.
  • competing with apple? They are now part of the franchise bro
  • The sticker price doesn't really bother me, it's VZW's BS. First, they throttle Android users to make room for Appletards. If it weren't for Android users, VZW's smartphone market percentage would be hovering between 1-5% (I regard Blackberrys as feature phones, not smartphones). Now, we HAVE TO activate this device to get one at all. The had this same police on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is why I didn't get one. I don't see a wifi only version as a solution; I would like the OPTION of 3G for when I travel. Sprint is looking more and more attractive by the day. I'll gladly pay the $10 extra data fee to get away from VZW.
  • wtf are you talking about throttling Android users? Frankly, if you hit 10GB in a month AND go over on a PHONE you are obviously breaking the terms of use and should be terminated anyway. I can't blame VZW for protecting their network and the experience of millions of other customers because some punks want to abuse the system. I use my phone A LOT, and I am lucky to hit over 2GB.
  • then you don't use your phone a lot.
  • Verizon started throttling the top 5% of data users this week. You do not have to hit 10 GB to reach that level. I generally use about 2 GB but have gone has high as 3.5. This policy began BEFORE VZW iphones shipped. Who is this policy going to hit the most? Android users. Throw your current customers under the bus in pursuit of new customer...great idea!
  • Actually what Verizon said was that you had to be in the top 5% AND use an "extraordinarily amount of data". I'm willing to bet 3.5gb won't qualify for this. Also the throttle is not for 100% of the time and is supposed to happen at peak times in peak locations.
  • Wow I was looking to the Xoom and bionic to leave blackberry but what a joke. I think I will hold off for awhile. HTC looks to be the killer combo for me.
  • Until you learn that the HTC will cost around the same price. These are tablet computers people, not CELLPHONES.
  • That may be, but what can this "tablet computer" do that our phones won't do?
  • If you have to ask that, you don't need one.
  • I'm being serious... web surfing, apps, pictures, video, games, etc. These tablets aren't any more computers than the high-end Android smartphones. My point is that they're "smart devices".
  • You fail to realize most people who don't lug around laptops today, won't be lugging around an iPad or Xoom either. Business people have long had the ability to use light, small, roaming internet laptops. Most don't, they use their smartphones instead. I have actually yet to see anyone carry around a tablet or laptop of any kind for that matter for serious business uses. The iPads are meant for fun, ability to stay connected and games, that sort of stuff. Sure, it CAN be used for serious stuff, as can the Motorola Xoom but the majority of the users don't buy one for that. Also, this is not even targeted at business users mainly, did you look at the advertisement? Serious enterprises and businesses will use Blackberry and the upcoming Playbook, no question about that regardless of how crappy it will be. The demographic Motorola needs to aim for is the Android fanbase, as well as the iPad fanbase maybe looking for a slightly more professional looking tablet with a more professional looking OS, that being Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The commercial suggests they actually are BUT, at an entirely wrong pricepoint. The majority of people who are considering this were expecting it to somewhat rival the cheap wifi iPad or perhaps even the 16gb 3G iPad but entirely miss the mark. All that being said, I am still interested and have no problems paying the price. Just consider though, Samsung and HTC will most likely be bringing something similar and much cheaper to market around summer anyway. The Galaxy Tab extremely cheap now, mostly because Samsung didn't bother to wait for Honeycomb. Guess what, I'd rather have the Galaxy Tab had it had honeycomb than this.
  • LTE is what gives this the advantage $800 is not cheap, but as far as the data plan for 1 month, they did the same thing with the Galaxy Tab. Tablets are luxury items right now. I am sure the WiFi model will be much cheaper.
  • not cheap hope i can hook the bionic to the bb playbook then
  • Dear Verizon: Please consider subsidizing the prices a bit. $800 is a bit more than I want to pay right now (but not terribly unreasonable). I'd be willing to sign up on a contract for half that, but your data plans are crazy. Charging per byte (kilobyte, megabyte, whatever) is stupid. It doesn't cost you any more to send more bytes. The hardware sits at your cell-site all the time. It does cost you to have people downloading FAST so charge for speed, not size. This is what costs YOU money, so make your prices reflect that.
    - Tier 1: I want to receive/send pictures and check email - $10/mo
    - Tier 2: I want to stream audio and use maps - $25/mo
    - Tier 3: I stream video on the go - $40/mo
    - Tier 4: I WANT IT ALL! MAX ME OUT! - $60/mo Signed:
    - The World P.S. Text messages don't cost you anything so get over it.
  • I love when people think bandwidth is free. Some just have absolutely no idea how things work, just what works in their little minds.
  • LOL at all these people that expect new technology to be cheap. You are obviously not the target demographic. You better stick to your cellphones and leave the powerhouse tablets to those who actually need them. $800 is very reasonable for what that thing is packing.
  • I agree. As someone said above tablets are still a luxury item. The iPad was/is crazy expensive for being just a big iPhone with more apps. The Xoom is the first real tablet computer in my opinion. It's justifiable. Although, Verizon could have been a bigger player in this launch and offered subsidized prices on contracts.
  • Correct, tablets are a luxury item right now. I think people here expect it to be cheap like a cellphone just because it has Android on it. The Xoom is a real tablet computer and not just a big glorified screen with a phone-based OS on it. VZ could have been a bigger player...but remember that this is Best Buy not VZ advertising it. There is nothing saying that VZ won't have a subsidy if bought through them on contract...though people here seem to be anti-VZ and will bitch about that - but whatever. We will see how it goes down shortly... additionally, it's annoying how everyone immediately compares it to the iPad. Sure, it's made to compete to some degree...but just because it's more expensive (depending on the model of iPad), doesn't mean it won't succeed. How many variations of laptops and desktop computers are there? There is always room for more than one brand to be successful for different demographics!
  • that's because the iPad set the bar on tablets. performance and price. And considering this is an android site, and that the majority of the messages here share dislike, THAT should be a concern for all android tablet manufacturers to acknowledge. If they can't even please the most dedicated and loyal android fans, prepare to flop. Considering even in Best Buy, apple products have a special placement for their products. Of course Motorola would like to out sell the next iPad, but they won't even out sell the existing iPad at these prices/conditions. good job Motorola!
  • Basically it's a slab with 2 cameras, a screen and Honeycomb. HTC and Samsung will have cheaper models exactly like the Xoom but at a cheaper price. You won't be able to tell any difference in performance since the specs will most likely be more or less the same and of course, running the same OS. If you market this as a "serious" device and price it as such, you automatically miss the vast majority of the intended demographic. It's an iPad with a different OS, simple as that.
  • I can buy a netbook that does more, weighs less, and costs 1/3 as much.
  • Too much.
  • I concur. Too much and no longer an iPad competitor. Perhaps there is some strategy here as in "why is this so expensive, let me check it out". I don't know.
  • I sure as heck hope not. I'm with Android because it's open source and therefor should be inexpensive. I will not be sheeped into buying ridiculously high priced hardware. Again, I'm comparing the hardware to laptops, that have dual core processors, and cams for video chat. I don't mind waiting for something in my price range, which may vary as time goes on.
  • How does the OS automatically devalue the hardware?? If it's expensive hardware you are going to pay a premium, the OS has nothing to do with it.
  • How is it no longer an iPad competitor? Because it doesn't fit in YOUR budget? How many brands of laptops and desktops are there? How many cell phones? There are many niches and markets for all kinds of brands. Xoom will succeed where it needs to. It obviously isn't being marketed for casual users want a new toy or pimply faced teenagers.
  • Just wait and the price will come down just like the Galaxy tab or anything else new to the market. If you want to be first on the block you have to pay the price.
  • Gee... my hacked Nook Color with Honeycomb is looking like a DAMNED good deal @$250.
  • If you think so, then you have no legitimate need for a tablet computer.
  • Really? A rooted Nook Color with Honeycomb can access the market, browse the web, read/write/send emails, view videos, and view pictures on a screen that is the same technology as an IPad (IPS). No it cannot take pictures or play HDMI out or have an internal gps but other than that......Ok so tell me why again it is not a legitimate tablet? Oh and at a price point of $250. At $800 for a laptop sans keyboard you don't think that is expensive? And tell me again the difference between a laptop/netbook and a tablet?
  • Really? A rooted Nook Color with Honeycomb can access the market, browse the web, read/write/send emails, view videos, and view pictures on a screen that is the same technology as an IPad (IPS). No it cannot take pictures or play HDMI out or have an internal gps but other than that......Ok so tell me why again it is not a legitimate tablet? Oh and at a price point of $250. At $800 for a laptop sans keyboard you don't think that is expensive? And tell me again the difference between a laptop/netbook and a tablet?
  • I think it's a fair price considering it's unsubsidized, and has a great feature set. My problem with it is this: I think it has more features than I want. I have a month to month data plan on my Verizon Tab right now, but only because I'm going to give it to my wife as soon as I settle on what my next tablet is going to be. She doesn't have a smartphone to tether with, so she'll need the connectivity. I, on the other hand, have an Evo I will tether to, so my next tablet needs nothing more than wifi. 3g, 4g, 10g... I just won't need it, so I'm going to hold off on this and not pay for it. It will be nice if rumors of a wifi only Xoom prove true at a lower price, however. Even in the ipad world, the wifi versions sell far better than the 3g ones.
  • Lame. Love my tab and dumbphome combo. Xda will get me honeycomb. Samsung will get me a tab 2 soon after for 600.
  • Thanks, but I'm going to take my $800 and buy an awesome gaming laptop that makes this thing look like a calculator. what a waste of money.
  • gaming laptop versus a business tablet...see where you priorities are. You are obviously not the demographic. A gaming laptop doesn't make this a 'calculator'.
  • LOL business tablet. You need a reality check. This is not a business device.
  • Umm ok. Tell me how it's not and maybe I will tell you how it is.
  • Productivity functionality for it (ie word processing and spreadsheets) is limited. Whats the name of the one MS Office like app in the android market? It doesn't have anywhere near the amount of features or functionality as actually running MS Office on a laptop. Email would probably be the only "business" feature worth mentioning for the business minded, but you could buy a Nook Color and have the same experience. How will the front facing camera make you more productive? How will the front facing camera make you more productive, especially when a basic phone call is much faster and of higher quality than video chatting? And besides features like multi tab internet browsing, how will Honeycomb make you more productive in the workplace? Any real business person is not going to be buying a tablet with the intention of phasing out his or her laptop/smartphone. Tablets are still in their infancy.
  • I'd also love to know how you consider this a business device when compared to a vastly more powerful laptops or netbooks, at cheaper pricepoints, with more features.
  • My used Panasonic Toughbook cost $600 and is a full computer that runs business apps, games, and anything I need to get work done and entertain myself. I don't need it to have 3G, 4G, or waste money on a second data plan because my EVO keeps me connected everywhere and my laptop connects me to Wifi when needed. Those who want to pay $800 for data plan connected Xoom, have fun with that, but that doesn't make you right or any of us wrong for not being willing to make Verizon rich. ANY TABLET that requires you to pay for a data plan in order to use WiFi is just a straight up rip off. There are suckers always willing to be ripped off. Most of us are not and Motorola will find that most simply won't bite at this. Apple will release the iPad2 WiFi only first and sell millions on day one and Verizon will have an epic fail on their hands with this while they sell tons of iPad2 and iPhone. Why do you think the Xoom is overprice? DUH!!!
  • Price fail.
  • Seems like a fair price to me. I'm still getting one.
  • Verizon is not going to automatically throttle the top 5%. They said they were just reserving the right to do so if your usage causes network slowdowns in your area. People are blowing it way out of proporton. That's what I hate about blog commenters, always want to bitch and blow things up, before knowing facts.
  • Haha I'm loving it moto's commercial is a fail and their price is an even bigger fail. MOTO's Facebook has blown up over both.
  • Oh wow - I guess Big Red / Moto gotta pay for the superbowl commercials....HeHe
  • I agree with the majority, $800 will not cut it in today's economy. I will not spend more than 500-600 on a tablet. Like it or not, apple has set the standard for what people expect to pay for a top tier tablet and motorola is definitely in no position to demand a premium. They will sell slightly more than the galaxy tab but that is it. Why not come out with a 16GB wifi version since it has an sdcard slot??? I'm not an apple fan but at least they came out with options for the customer not wanting to be tied to a carrier. Motorola coming out with a wifi only version 2 months down the road is not acceptable. Damn these manufacturers selling their soul to the carriers (violently waves fist in the air)
  • For that price I can get a quad core laptop with Windows 7 instead of a 1.2GHz dual-core thing running Android.
  • I think I'm just going to wait for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. At least that one will range at a decent price - $400 to $700.
  • I wish the iPad would support Flash. That's really holding me back from buying one. I don't really need the camera etc, but using Flash would be nice.I do not like the Xoom requiring a data subscription to get wifi access, that's ridiculous. I do hope that $799 is unsubsidized, but there's no indication it works like that. Seems like it will be $800 regardless. Sad me. The iPad is very cool, I've used one and want one. I just don't know if I can handle no flash support on it.
  • The price on this is nuts. Hope they don't plan competing with the ipad at this outrageous price.
  • 800 isn't worth it. It's awesome don't get me wrong, but I can get a pretty decent laptop for that. /Shrugs
  • Flash support will never come to ipad as long as Jobs is running things... he's said flat out "nein nein nein nein!!!"
  • Don't worry. When Jobs dies, the iPhones and IPads will get Flash support, and then Android is doomed. LOL
  • I'm sorry to rehash, but can I say this again?
    ARE ANY MANUFACTURER EXEC'S PAYING ATTENTION TO THE COMMENTS TO THIS ARTICLE? All of these people who follow and buy YOUR products are saying NO to $800. $800 WILL GET US A HIGH POWERED LAPTOP. Can you run Photoshop? Can you edit Video? Can you play DX9 level game graphics? WHY DO YOU THINK WE ARE GOING TO BITE ON THIS. The Galaxy Tab sales numbers should have taught you better. Originally priced at $750.99, the Tab is now $549.99 because NOONE is willing to drop down that kind of money. What a greedy waste of technological and consumer buying progress... Not when we can get an iPad, NEW for $425.00 online.
  • Has anyone heard any responses to all the negative feedback from Moto or Verizon??
  • Why do these gazillion dollar companies feel the need to bleed the consumer dry? Somebody please step in or stand up.
    Signed > Killing Me Softly.
  • I may not know what the heck I am talking and you can correct me if I am wrong...but everyone is talking about the amazing specs the XOOM has, yet I bought a NEW Viewsonic G Tablet off of Ebay (not available in Canada unfortunately) for $350 which has the EXACT same dual core TEGRA 2 processor and 16gb of internal memory and an SD slot for up to 32. Now currently I have heard that Sears is selling them for 279, so why were people so wrapped up in this tablet when it has very limited specs over something that is less than half the price and already out months ago? With the help of the community at XDA the SECOND that the XOOM or Android 3.0 is released on the net it will find its way to the G-TAB and it will be almost identical. Oh and lastly, when the benchmark came out and hit 1800 something I couldn't help but laugh because my G-Tab scored a 3031 running on an unoptimized (single core showing) kernal, imagine what it will do when nvidia releases the drivers
  • Lol...view sonic g tablet. What a piece of dog shit
  • The Gtab's hardware is sound from what I understand. Its the default viewsonic software that sucks a dead dogs ass. If I remember right a patch allows you to load in stock android.
  • The screen on the G-tab is terrible.
    Tablets really need a minimum of IPS screens, not just TFT...
  • lol 800$!
  • Hey, how bout that? Motorola's pulled a Sony. Now all we need is Kaz Hirai to come out on stage and proclaim "700 and 99 US Dollars!"
  • This is the Steve Jobs birthday edition (February 24, 1955).
  • Yeah, no. I'll wait. Thanks.
  • All Toshiba needs to do is release their tablet running stock HC at 499/599 and I will buy it tomorrow. Look up the specs, it is comparable to the Xoom
  • If you are worried about the price, wait a while. It will go down. I would love to get one, however, I am worried that it will have a locked bootloader like they have on their phones. If that is the case, no sale now or ever for me. And if you must have a tablet now with honeycomb, there seems to be some alternatives.
  • Tablets are grossly over rated anyway, what is all the hype for these over sized smartphones? Come one people, smartphones are taking a backseat to things things and it's silly. Now they are asking 800$ for one of them? LOLOL Get a freakin Laptop, it can do WAY more than a tablet.
  • Meh. I'll wait for the wifi version. It's unfortunate that the Android OEMs insist on launching with carrier-branded versions, since they'll never come close to outselling the iPad. In Q4 of 2010, AT&T activated 442K 3G iPads. I haven't been able to find Q4 sales numbers for the US, but in Q3, the most conservative estimate is 3.8M iPads sold. That means that if Q4 sales resembled Q3 (obviously, they were higher for the holiday season), then fewer than 12% of iPads sold in the US were 3G. It should be common sense that most people don't want to pay for a second contract, and it's pretty obvious most non-geeks don't know how to tether without paying for Mobile Hotspot service. It would have been in Google's and Moto's long term interest to launch wifi-only first to hit sales figures remotely comparable with the iPad, then leverage this credibility with carriers.
  • I'm with you gameboy. I can't see the major use for these tablets.. I know they are nice for some situations, but certainly not for 800$ and NO NO NO NO way am I EVER going to have ANOTHER retarded contract/monthly bill to a cellphone provider.. especially a nickel and dimer like Verizon.
  • Epic Fail!! I'm a apple hating, linux using techie who is going to be buying a tablet in the next few months. Obviously, the XOOM looked like it would be perfect! Not at $800. If Moto was serious, it would have been $399 with a 2 year contract and $599 with no contract. At $800, I'm looking to the iPad 2 (unless ASUS steps up). Apple products are twice as expensive as they should be across the board. That means competing products must be better at half the price if they have any hope of competing against apple's marketing (which is very good). FAIL FAIL FAIL Moto...
  • Why wouldn't they release all versions at the same time?. Doesn't seem like they want much market share. On release date it should be available everywhere. WalMart, Target, Best Buy and VZW if you want the 3g/4g version. Kinda stupid if you think about it. Maybe they don't feel absolutely solid about it and are doing this as some sort of Beta Test?
  • The price tells you they are not interested in market share. If they were they would be selling for less then comparable Ipads, not more.
  • $800 bucks and a mandatory sign up with Verizon? Yikes I'm going to have to pass on this then.
  • Thanks for adding more reasons to avoid Motorola up here in Canada when they come out, actually don't even bother releasing the tablet in Canada. Still waiting for the BB Playbook tablet.
  • I saw a comment concerning how a Nook Color is not a legitimate tablet. I posted this above but didn't want it to get lost in the messages. A rooted Nook Color with Honeycomb can access the market, browse the web, read/write/send emails, view videos, and view pictures on a screen that is the same technology as an IPad (IPS). No it cannot take pictures or play HDMI out or doesn't have an internal gps but other than that......Ok so tell me why again it is not a legitimate tablet? Oh, and at a price point of $250. At $800 for a laptop sans keyboard you don't think that is expensive? The only reason they are selling this high is because people will buy anything Apple and Apple knowing this, set a very high price on the IPad. Therefore, all the other tablet makers are saying if they will pay that then I can charge an exorbitant amount as well. If you are waiting for HTC, LG etc and expect theirs to be cheap(er), don't hold your breath. Finally, tell me again the difference between a laptop/netbook and a tablet?
  • first of all for 800 dollars plus tax i can get an hp laptop with blue ray capabilities and tons more features than this...i mean seriously motorola..and toshiba is coming out with a tablet with honeycomb and i bet its not going to cost half of this.
  • Great!! I'll make the most of this opportunity at any cost.
    Max Cleanse Pro
  • If the top of the line wifi version is around $600 - $650 then it will be great. But isn't Apples top of the line 64gig not 3 gig?
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