Is the Moto G7 waterproof?

Moto G7
Moto G7 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Best answer: No, the Moto G7 is not waterproof. However, it is "splash-resistant", meaning that it should be able to withstand the elements if you get caught in the rain.

No waterproofing here

In 2019, it's pretty common for high-end phones to have some type of IP waterproof rating. But because it comes with certification costs and a boatload of additional engineering, it ramps up the cost — something a budget phone like the G7 can't afford.

None of the devices in the G7 lineup have an IP rating, but instead, Motorola states that the G7 features a "water repellent design with P2i nano-coating". In the fine print, the company says that the "advanced water-repellent design creates a barrier to help protect against moderate exposure to water".

Essentially this means that the Moto G7 should be fine if you get caught in the rain or if your hands a kind of wet, but anything more than that will begin to cause issues. This isn't the phone that you can take for a swim while you're with the family, and you'll even need to be careful if you get caught in any type of rainstorm.

What is P2i nano-coating?

You likely haven't heard much about the P2i nano-coating or what it does, but this has been around for quite some time. The company, P2i, has been partnering with various smartphone and tech accessory brands including Motorola, Xiaomi, Plantronics and others.

When a device has the P2i nano-coating, this means that it has been coated to help provide protection against splashes, humidity in the air, or "accidental submersions". The company claims that the coating is found throughout these products in order to make sure that your device stays protected from accidents.

This by no means is comparable to the official IP rating offered on many flagship handsets nowadays. For example, with an IP68 water resistance rating, devices can withstand water submersion with a maximum depth of up to 1.5m (~4.9 feet). This is much better than just being splashproof, along with being dust resistant.

There's nothing wrong with the P2i nano-coating on the Moto G7, potential owners just need to be aware of what their phones can, and cannot withstand. And with the Moto G7, taking it in the shower is probably a bad idea.

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