Moto G Power vs. Samsung Galaxy A20s: Which should you buy?

Moto G Power 2020 Hands On
Moto G Power 2020 Hands On (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Moto G Power

Moto G Power

When we think of a top-notch budget phone, the Moto G Power is what comes to mind. Whether we're talking hardware or software, the phone delivers on all fronts with excellent results. It has a very good Full HD+ display, performance is plenty fast, the battery lasts forever, and Motorola's custom Android interface is among the best on the market.

Moto G Power

All the right notes

Good performance
Fun camera system
Three-day battery life
Clean, powerful software
Works with all carriers
Slow charge speeds
Only promised one software update

Samsung Galaxy A20s

Samsung Galaxy A20S

Shot-for-shot, the Galaxy A20s is a lot less impressive than the Moto G Power. Just about all of its specs are lesser to some degree, but in turn, it comes with a price tag that's even more affordable. This makes the Galaxy A20s a worthy contender if money is tight. If all you need is a basic smartphone that can perform your daily tasks, it'll get the job done.

Samsung Galaxy A20s

Best for less

Available in multiple colors
Large battery
Faster charging
One UI is filled with features
Wonderfully low price
Slower processor
Display is only HD+

Overall, we have to give this comparison win to the Moto G Power. The phone has better specs in virtually every category, all while retaining an accessible price and supporting all U.S. carriers. Although the Samsung Galaxy A20s isn't as impressive, it does deliver a decent Android experience if you just want something to do the basics while spending as little as possible.

The Moto G Power wins this comparison

We already mentioned above that the Moto G Power is the winner of this comparison, and have noted that it's one of the best budget Android phones and best overall Android phones on the market right now, but why exactly is that? There are a lot of reasons that flesh out that conclusion, and it all starts with the Moto G Power's hallmark feature — battery life.

The Moto G Power is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery, and when paired with its power-efficient processor, results in some of the best battery life you can get on a phone right now. You can expect at least two days of use per charge, and if you aren't constantly on your phone, it's very possible to get three days. In a world where some much more expensive flagships can barely make it through a single day, that's awfully impressive.

Looking at the rest of the Moto G Power's hardware, it's just as good. The Full HD+ display looks excellent given just how cheap the G Power is, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor paired with 4GB of RAM delivers reliable performance for just about every task. There are some slight stutters here and there, but it's nothing game-breaking.

When it comes to the cameras, the Moto G Power delivers a solid experience for the price. The 16MP primary camera takes reliable shots most of the time, though low-light settings do make it struggle. The ultra-wide and macro cameras take a dip in overall quality, but they're undeniably fun to mess around with.

Then there's the Moto G Power's software, which is currently running Android 10 and is promised to get Android 11 at some point down the road. Motorola's take on Android is one of the best out there, offering a super clean user interface and genuinely helpful features that don't bog down the rest of the phone. Throw in the fact that the G Power also works with every carrier in the U.S. (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon), and you end up with one heck of a phone.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Moto G PowerSamsung Galaxy A20S
Operating SystemAndroid 10Android 10 with One UI
Display6.4-inchLCD2300 x 10806.5-inchLCD1560 x 720
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 665Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
Memory4GB RAM3 or 4GB RAM
Storage64GB32 or 64GB
Rear Camera 116MP primaryf/1.713MP primaryf/1.8
Rear Camera 28MP ultra-widef/2.28MP ultra-widef/2.2
Rear Camera 32MP macrof/2.25MP depthf/2.2
Video Recording4K @ 30fps1080p @ 30 and 60fps1080p @ 30fps
Front Camera16MPf/2.08MPf/2.0
Battery5,000 mAh4,000 mAh
Charging10W wiredUSB-C15W wiredUSB-C
AudioStereo speakers3.5mm headphone jackMono speaker3.5mm headphone jack
SecurityFingerprint sensorFingerprint sensor
Dimensions159.85 x 75.84 x 9.63mm163.3 x 77.5 x 8mm
Carrier CompatibilityAT&TSprintT-MobileVerizonAT&TT-Mobile

But the Galaxy A20s may be better for some shoppers

Galaxy A20S

Source: Samsung (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

If the Moto G Power is so great, why should anyone still consider the Galaxy A20s? Simple — price. The Moto G Power is not an expensive phone by any means, but the fact of the matter is that the A20s is cheaper. If you're shopping with an especially tight budget, it'll be the more appealing option.

You get lower specs across the board with the A20S, but if you're just using it to make calls, send texts, and run a few apps like Twitter and Gmail, it's more than capable of handling all that. The display isn't as crisp and performance is a bit slower, but at the end of the day, it stands out as a working Android phone that comes in at a stellar price.

The Moto G Power may not be an expensive phone to you, but to someone else, it could be out of their spending range. Everyone's wants and needs are different, and if your main goal is to get a smartphone that'll keep you connected while keeping costs to a bare minimum, the Galaxy A20S fits the bill just fine.

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