Moto G (2014) with LTE goes up for sale in Brazil

After first rearing its head roughly a month ago, the new LTE version of Motorola's second generation Moto G is now available for sale in Brazil.

Going for R$899 ($355 USD), the device is quite a bit pricier than the $179 price tag of the standard Moto G. However, this one is a little different in that it packs a slightly larger 2390mAh battery and 16GB of storage, as opposed to the original Moto G's 2070mAh battery and 8GB of storage.

For your money, you'll also pick up LTE capability, albeit limited to just one band — clearly making this a device that is intended for Brazil, and Brazil only. Additionally, the box for the device comes pre-packed with both black and yellow shells, so at least you'll save a slight bit of money there.

If you live in Brazil and want to give the LTE capable Moto G a shot, feel free to hit up that source link below to snag one for yourself.

Thanks, Colby, for the tip!

Source: Motorola Brazil

Dan Thorp-Lancaster