More Samsung Galaxy S4 units 'now floating into' Sprint sales channels

Samsung is 'ramping up production' for Sprint

Samsung Galaxy S4 supplies have been lower than expected at launch, which has affected multiple carriers -- with Sprint being no exception. In a recent note we received from Sprint, we learned that the carrier's Galaxy S4 orders would be limited mainly to online and over-the-phone orders, with in-store supplies being very scarce due to low supplies.

The new note we received from Sprint today contains much better news: increased Galaxy S4 inventory is now starting to make its way into Sprint sales channels, thanks to increased production from Samsung. New shipments are expected on a daily basis, which will make things much easier on those looking to score one of the year's hottest phones. If supplies continued to be replenished, it shouldn't be hard to find one of these phones in a Sprint store relatively shortly.

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  • Umm, why would anyone want to be with
    Sprint, sitting around waaaaaiting for LTE
    when T-Mobile has HSPA 21/42, and 200m
    covered with LTE by years end. Sprint is slow
    with their LTE roll out. You'll see how fast T-Mobile
    rolls out LTE in the next 6-8mo's.
  • All depends where you are. Here in the Chicago area LTE is rocking pretty hard. Plus I still have unlimited data.
  • I don't know where you live but I just left T-Mobile for Sprint after 12 years with T-Mobile, and the only reason I left was T-Mobile was the only carrier in my town that was still using 2g. couldn't use have the features on my phone unless I connected to wifi.
  • Sprint is building a whole new network. Not just slapping on some lte towers. It takes awhile to build out a whole cellular network. T mobile is horrible, I used to have them, but their lack of coverage and crap data made me switch to sprint. Plus they were really janky with their billing practices.
  • With my experience, sprint 3g and T-Mobile 2g speeds were about the same. Now T-Mobile H+....that's a whole different story. I'm happy with T-Mobile right now. I will however, look at sprint again when they upgrade the network in my area. Oh....I have unlimited data too.
  • My sprint store had a bunch on saturday.
  • I'm working in Livonia, MI, Sprint rock above 32Mbps on my HTC One. And I love it.
  • Well that's funny, several coworkers of mine who are Sprint customers were either told, to get the S4 they had to be a new customer or have an available upgrade. I do not know what is going on at Sprint corporate stores, it seems store policy (usually a directive from the DM) trumps company policy.
  • Is Sprint ever going to get the 32 GB model? If so, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  • I went into an AT&T store today just to play with the HTC One display unit and one of the store reps tried to sell me on how good AT&T would be for me. He asked about my monthly bill for one line and he had to admit Sprint is about $10 cheaper. He tried to tell me I'd have better service and then I showed him my monthly data usage. It's nice to see a salesperson crushed when they realize they can't offer you a better deal.
  • Went into Best Buy Saturday to buy the GS4 and was told they didn't have any but were expecting them later that day. I preordered two(one for me and one for my wife) and asked them to give me a call when they came in. No Saturday delivery on the Sprint GS4's, only AT&T ones. One of the BB guys said it will come on Sunday. NOPE! Don't worry they say, "It will come on Monday." I call today and ask if they came in yet? NOPE! The BB guy says, "The computer says it is coming on tomorrow's (Tuesday) truck. The computer can't lie." I am not holding my breath... hoping this phone is worth the run around and the $500 plus $70 for connection fees or whatever they are called. Never worked so damn hard to give someone almost $600. *SPRINT CUSTOMER with his FINGERS CROSSED*