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More Pictures of Motorola Sholes Tablet Pop Up

The Motorola Sholes Tablet that popped up a few days ago has reared its (rather ugly) head again. The Sholes Tablet is actually looking less like a tablet and more like just a smartphone but any way you spin it, that odd bump on the lower right corner is unshapely and just plain weird. Considering the hard angles and clean lines of the DROID, it's rather odd that Motorola would build such an awkwardly designed phone. And why is the order of the Android Buttons on the Sholes Tablet not consistent with the DROID? For reference, the DROID buttons go Back, Menu, Home, Search.

In any case, the Sholes Tablet might just hit China as the XT701 with Android 2.1, a 3.7-inch screen, FM Radio, HDMI port, and 5 megapixel camera. Unless the design gets cleaned up, we're thinking it's best to not release in the States to protect the good DROID name.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer the kinder, gentler DROID to this Sholes Tablet? Or is it just regular old DROID all the way?

More pictures after the break!


  • I'd buy it if it made it's way to the US as long as it was on Verizon.
  • I like the sleek military grade look. Oh and the little love handle on the side looks like it will give a more natural feel. Nice nook for the thumb. Not bad. Has to go to VZW
  • why does it have to go to VZW? every carrier is gonna get android phones. actually, a document i saw had the sholes tablet going to T-Mobile. it looks like TMO may get a version of the Droid also (sholes umts)
  • It has a Xenon flash so I will buy it when release in the UK.
  • Missing a trackball and camera in the front but very close to what I've been waiting for. HDMI output, FM Radio, 3.7 inch screen +10! I wonder if I can connect a BlueTooth mouse and keyboard to it. If so, it's a laptop replacement which would be outstanding!
  • Hump is probably for: FM Radio, HDMI port... Hmmmm and no sliding keyboard..... Interesting.
  • "Clean lines of the Droid phone" huh? The Motorola Droid phone looks as crappy and clunky as those junk Sharp Contacts managers from the 80s. Not to mention the Droids out there are already starting to get a little flimsy in the slider area. WTF? I think it's funny that probably the real gem right now of Android phones is the HTC Eris....which side by side with Motorola's Droid phone you wonder if the price tags were switched. HTC's interface also makes you wonder more. The keyboard and layout of everything else is soooo much nicer.