More pics of the Dell Streak 7 emerge, appears aimed at T-Mobile USA

The 5-inch Dell Streak (aka the Dell Mini 5) quickly became moot when it (a) took months and months to come to market and (b) launched with Android 1.6 and (c) had to compete with the likes of the 4.3 inch HTC Evo 4G and Motorola Droid X.

Will the aptly named 7-inch Dell Streak 7 fare better? We'll have to see. But in the meantime we have some new pictures to follow up the initial leaked television commercial walkthrough -- and what's more, there's a clearly visible T-Mobile (USA) logo. There's a decent chance we'll see this guy at CES -- and let's hope it brings more to the table than its predecessor. [Cell Phone Signal]

Phil Nickinson
  • Steps to success: Commit to having current software (2.1 is not current anymore). Make a WiFi only version.
  • I agree. There has to be a WiFi only version of these tabs. Motorola included. Otherwise they will fail.
  • I really do want to get a tablet, but I feel like 7 inches is a little too small. I look at the ipad, and I love the way it looks and the screen size, but I'm completely bored when it comes to the system and the way it runs. If or when this moto tab comes out with at least giingerbread, ill get it simply because of the screen size and its android. It'll accommodate my rooted G2 as well. Dell needs to go bigger with the size, or else its just an oversized dell streak..
  • I have an iPad and tried the Galaxy Tab for a week. The weight was a huge advantage over the iPad and the size made it a better e reader. Otherwise the software and browser experience was better over the Tab. So if Gingerbread has a killer tablet OS I could see a 7 inch tablet in my life. Another must would be wifi only to keep cost down.
  • I think that 7-9" is about right for size, but weight is also very important, otherwise why not just use your phone and call it good.
  • Love my dell streak, any tablet would be overkill for me I have mine all in one perfect size. I do think Dell should do a better job with this one though in terms of release and software included on release.
  • Has anyone picked up one of these phones?? It's too big to be a phone, and too small to be a tablet. What were they thinking?? Months ago, I saw a girl holding a Dell Streak up to her ear, and I had to constrain myself from laughing. It looked ridiculous holding a tablet up to your ear. It was like the Zack Morris of 2010! Course, I kinda think the whole tablet crazy is a little weird too. A laptop without a keyboard...hmm...I just don't get it.
  • I've tried to like these new tablets, but honestly, for the money, my X performs all of the functions that these tabs do. It has a decently large screen. I looked at all the available tablets before Christmas, and honestly just could not get excited about getting one. I feel like I already have one, in the X.
  • Well from what I see in these tablets are just another step in the evolution of technology, but I'll be looking more into the Dell 7 also the playbook by rim as well.