More Atrix 2 ICS details leak, here's your version numbers

Earlier today we talked about the Motorola Atrix 2 soak test, with the assurance from some insiders that it would indeed be the Ice Cream Sandwich update everyone has been waiting for. One of our helpful ninjas took a few minutes to send us this screen cap, showing some of the build numbers and software versions. 

Soak tests are Motorola's way of doing final beta testing, and they are often a good sign that things are ready to roll out to the masses, barring any last minute show-stopping bugs. This one's still too early to judge how well it's going, but we will remain optimistic until we hear differently. 

There's not much left to say about it, we just wanted to let developers and hackers have a look at the version numbers.

More: Atrix 2 forums; Thanks, Anon! 

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Are there any news on ICS for ATRIX 4G? Hope they roll that out too soon!
  • Sadly, no. If anything, we've been pushed back since their page changed "Q3" to "Further plans coming soon" on the US model and outright canceled on the Canadian one. Hopefully at least one region gets it, because then everyone with an unlocked bootloader gets it. But considering (admittedly, old) Motorola's track record on anything that isnt a Droid... kinda hard to be anything but pessimistic.
  • Glad I sold both of mine.
  • I hate to throw cold water on this. I know it's significant, but even if Motorola releases an ICS update fairly soon, it will still be behind most of their competition's devices that are going to be receiving Jelly Bean in the coming weeks. If Motorola hadn't dragged their feet on this update, and waited until now to start the soak tests, it might have made a difference. As it stands, if they release the update, it is to stop massive numbers of angry customers from abandoning them. At this point it is a big "if."
  • "massive numbers" is a bit of a stretch don't you think? I mean massive numbers never bought the Atrix 2 in the first place... And as far as I know, when it comes to jellybean, the best Samsung can offer for the Galaxy SII is "soon" for devices outside of europe, which means sweet jack all in android land. HTC doesn't seem to have said anything officially regarding jellybean for any of the its Atrix 2/Bionic/Photon contemporaries, just the One series. And it's prettymuch the same story for every OEM, I dunno where that massive number of people will flee, but that's pretty much an out of the frying pan and into the fire situation if you ask me.
  • Perhaps I overstated it. Punit Soni got enough responses on Google+ to shut down the discussion thread. Most of responses I saw was trying to pin down a specific date for an upgrade. On their support forum, there are plenty of people who aren't happy being left out in the cold. For Motorola to post "Further plans coming soon" is rather vague and, perhaps for many, only adds insult to injury, so to speak.
  • Totally disagree. It matters to those of us who have this phone, and it is significant to us. I'm not going to get rid of a wonderful phone that does everything that I ask it to, simply because the system didn't get upgraded soon enough. If that were such a priority, a person would be a fool to buy it, with the promise that you'd be getting it "someday", or "in the coming weeks", as we former webOS people heard a million times! Am I looking forward to having ICS? Absolutely. Am I staying awake nights, waiting for the signal? Hardly. It's a phone.
  • +1