My first smartphone was from HTC — the Treo 750. Over the years I've used more HTC devices than I can even remember, from the Nexus One up through today's flagship, the U11. Not every phone has been a winner, but more often than not I (and others, of course) came to the conclusion that basically went "This is a hell of a phone. It's a shame they never manage to sell better."

HTC has a company has changed a lot since then. And I don't have the slightest idea if the U11 will spark some massive turnaround in a business sense. Or if it even needs to, for that matter. But this much is clear: Look at this phone. That mirror finish is ridiculously cool, and makes me not care about fingerprints. It's the first phone you wipe off because you want to show it off — not just because it's gotten smudged. The cameras are VERY good. The best? I dunno — but certainly right up there with anything else you can buy today. The software is fast and nearly flawless. Yeah, it's still full of features I might well not use — pretty much any smartphone is at this point — but none of that bogs it down or gets in the way.

The biggest hangup may be the price. It'll fluctuate with sales, of course. But it's $100 more than the LG G6 and nearly $200 more than the OnePlus 5 — both of which are extremely capable in their own rights. Even the excellent Galaxy S8 comes in $25 cheaper. The U11 is going to be a tough sell for folks. (It's also right in line with a base-model iPhone 7, if that's how you roll.)

But none of that actually change anything about the phone, of course. It's excellent. Looks great. Feels great. Works great.

Now HTC just has to sell it.

Modern Dad