Minuum 3.0 arrives with new themes and multilingual typing mode

Minuum has hit 3.0, with a number of enhancements and fixes, and a new Material Design look. Minuum has also added a number of new themes, and made enhancements to typing, including multilingual typing support.

In addition to the new design, Minuum also as new themes for the holidays, as well as new textured theme. There's even a new theme designed for Lollipop that changes its color depending on what app you're using.

There are also important enhancements to the typing experience. The major addition is multilingual typing mode, which lets you type in multiple languages at once and has been a favorite request from users. There have also been major improvements to Minuum's autocorrect.

You can download Minuum's latest update from the Google Play Store now.

Source: Minuum